Thursday, October 30, 2014



My Boo.  
Get it? His shirt says Boo. :)  

Well, he was cohort in crime yesterday, so we didn't take much time in getting ready for Trunk or Treat at our church.  My friends L and J put it on every year, and they always go bonkers.  The kids have such a wonderful time.   I try to keep up, but fail miserably.  Honestly, this happens to me every time.  Every year, I get distracted, and don't bother doing anything with my car's trunk until minutes before we leave.  This year I got lucky, with the blanket and pumpkin bucket I grabbed, I grabbed the chain of pumpkin lights that I bought in college.  Those things have worked for 20 years, I didn't think they still would.  But they did! 

So we had the Pirate Crew at our car.  It was getting really chilly, so I put long sleeves under their costumes, and we were all still quite cold.    Chris was Captain Hook.  Sam was Peter Pan, and Jake was Jake of the Neverland Pirates.  

Captain Hook initially didn't want to go around for candy.  he wanted to help me give out candy. 
He was a good helper... except hooks are not he best for handing out candy. :) 

We had a great time seeing friends, and they were all so kind giving the boys all kinds of great candy. Sam was even good about asking if things had red 40 in them.  

This was one of my favorite moments of the evening - a duel of Hooks.  
The two Captain Hooks had to take each other on! 

It was cold out, but we all had a wonderful time.