Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mr Mouse


It's Mickey!  
How cute is this onesie?  
How cute is this kid, IN this onesie?  
And I couldn't find any good pants to go with it, so I just left him in the onesie, and put some socks on  him and left him like that on Friday.  
And he was pretty precious.  
It's October, I like to dress him up in October. 

I thought I'd break out some mouse ears (say cheers!) to see how he'd do with them. 

Yeah, he wasn't really a fan. 

This would have been my favorite shot if he hadn't still been moving so much.  

Close enough.  
He was mildly tolerant of Mommy and her picture taking. 
But boy, he makes a cute Mouse, I can't wait to take him to Walt Disney World!