Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A college song come true

It's been a while, I haven't been blogging much.  I'm thinking about getting a boob job for Christmas.
Back in college, some friends sang a song "I'm getting a boob job for Christmas."  I don't remember the tune, but it's become a running gag.  Until now.  Now it's coming true.

I've tried to take back my health this year, since turning 40.   We joined the Y.  Since joining I've made it down there at least once a week.  This month, I joined a support group that has me drinking almost a gallon of water a day, walking at least a mile, and studying Colossians.  I've lost 5 pounds!   I'm so excited!   This exercising business isn't hurting me as much as I thought it would.

But something else has been gnawing at me.  When I turned 40, I made doctor's appts for myself.  I got into the OB in May, but my GP couldn't see me until August. In July, they changed the appt to a different doctor, because my usual guy wasn't available.   It had been years since I'd had a physical.  I didn't mind seeing a new person.  So I did.  I got a fasting blood sugar, and liver check, and some other vials of blood taken.  I weighed in and that was disappointing.  I weighed as much as I did when I was 9 months pregnant.  Time to do something more!  The weight wasn't bothering me, because as long as I was moving my body periodically I wasn't having as much back pain.   But I want to get on a steady downward streak.  It's time to take back my health!

While I was in there, I mentioned to her that now that Jacob was practically weaned, but not quite.   And I wanted to know what the next steps would be towards getting a Breast Reduction surgery.  I have been telling myself for years that when I'm 40 I'm getting a Boob Job.  I realized that we would be done having our family by the time I was 40.  Turned out it was 38 since I got so sick with Jacob.  But since he is such a boobaholic, I didn't expect to be still nursing at 40.   Just the same, it was time.  She told me it wouldn't be a problem.  Great!  And 2 hours after I got home, I had a phone call from a surgeon's office telling me I needed to sign a release to get my records sent, and all this stuff was tremendously overwhelming.  I hadn't expected it to move so quickly.  So I took no actions.
Did I really even want this surgery?

In the mean time, it looks like we're done.  Jacob nursed for the last time Friday afternoon, the 11th.  28 1/2 months of nursing!  That's gotta be a record.  It's sad to be done.  So I'm trying to look forward to happier thoughts, like being able to button my shirts again, or being able to buy a bra in a regular store like Victoria's Secret, or even Walmart.  I've never been able to buy a cheap bra.  I've always been hard to fit.  What if, having this actually means a reduction of pain in my neck, shoulders, and spine?!  That blows my mind the biggest of all.  I hesitate to get too hopeful about that perk.  But it might be nice to actually have my boobs be up back up where they belong.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


A couple weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned on FB that she was going to be doing an online challenge with her church, 1 mile a day during the month of September, STEPtember.  I signed up, and found that on top of 1 mile a day, and a study of Colossians, we were going to drink a lot of water.  What a wonderful opportunity for me to take back my health.  I'd been working on it slowly since the boys went back to school.  Through August, I've been getting over the Y about twice a week.  That has been feeling great.  But it hasn't made enough of a difference for my weight loss, and I'm weighing what I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant with Jacob!
Forget that!  
So, this week, I started getting out to exercise once a day, and drink 1/3-1/2 my body weight in ounces of water.  For me, that's about a Gallon!  It's a lot of water.  I've been using my old Ningxia red bottles and downing about 25 ounces at a time, so 5 of those in a day gets me my gallon.  I'm good with 4 of them, plus other cups all over the house.  I have to pee all  the time.  I've also noticed my back doesn't hurt as much as usual. Huh.   And the best compliment of all, my friend Cindi saw my Thursday afternoon, and asked me if I could be Pregnant.  Not to doubt the powers of God, but that would be a pretty huge Miracle. So, No.  But she said I glowed.  I didn't walk Thursday, but according to the rules, I'm allowed a day of rest, so I guess that was it.  Apparently, the triple cocktail, of getting into the Word daily, drinking lots of water, and moving my butt everyday is quite good for me.  I kind of love it.