Monday, January 11, 2016

Like lightning striking again

My shoulder hurts.  It's gotten worse as the day progresses.  And now I'm nauseous.
But am I nauseous because of the pain, or because of what I fear it could be.  Another neuropathy.
I've had a mildly annoying cough for the last 4-5 days.  I don't say we're sick, because I've still been able to function.  I have been drinking my Ningxia Red, and loading up on my Inner Defense, and blasting Thieves and Purification.  But still, I hurt.
And I'm trying not to freak out.   I've had three shoulder neuropathies, and they all start out the same way, with being slightly sick for a long time, then blammo!  I wake up and can't move, and am in massive amounts of pain.  This morning was like that.  I oiled up, but it's not working.
I've made an appointment at the chiropractor to get checked out.
The orthopedist I saw when the it happened with Chris, after my c-section told me it couldn't happen again.  It's called Brachial Plexus Neuritis, and it's this freak thing, that usually only hits a person once.  He told me that I could feel free to have another c-section, because it's not the kind of thing that repeats.  But that he would've also said that after the first neuropathy, because Lightning doesn't normally strike twice.  But I just pray that Lightning hasn't struck again.