Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sockin' up lockal color


There's an episode of I Love Lucy, where they were traveling, and she was up to no good, so she told Ricky, she was going to go out and 'Soak up some local color'.  Ricky repeated it, and he sounded like he said, "sockin' up lockal color".  My family uses the phrase 'sock up lockal color' to mean that we are up to no good in the neighborhood.  This was me yesterday.  Every boy in my house was up to no good, sockin' up lockal color.

Jacob found a hat.  
He gets very frustrated that he cannot put hats on his own head. 
He is very vocal in his frustration. 
But man, he's cute when he gets the hat on. 

Finally, a coat of Spirit Blue on the front door!  
Although I must say, it looks Purple to me.  
But that was the name of the game, I wanted something between blue (Butler bulldogs) and purple (Brownsburg bulldogs) and the paint chip was right where I thought it should be.  It's coming out a little more purple than the paint slip though. 

Jake and I went on a yarn mission.  For orange yarn. 
I hate driving to Avon.  JoAnn's has bunches of yarn and craft supplies, but I hate the crowds of driving around there.  So I checked Micheal's Tuesday, no dice.  So we tried to find orange yarn at Wal-mart.  SCORE!  They had multiple flavors of orange yarn, AND the other colors I needed.  Who'd have thought?!  But Jacob's favorite was clearly the orange.   He's such a good shopper. 

Eric didn't have anything to take for lunch in the morning.  And Jake and I didn't have plans, so I offered to kidnap him and take him to lunch.  We went to The Tamale Place.  If you have never been there, Go! If you've never had tamales that don't come in a jar, Go!  It's like little mexican grandmas in the back making tamales all day long, and when they are done, they are done.  And when they run out, then the store closes.  It's a good place to go for lunch!  In addition to my chicken verde which I can never seem to stray from, I ventured so far as to try a fish taco (I know, tacos at a tamale place, but it was Yummy!) and a pumpkin tamale for dessert (which was really good, and not as sweet as you'd think it would be).  I love this place!  Plus it was really nice to have lunch with Daddy, in the middle of the week.  We're crazy like that.