Thursday, September 30, 2010

Basket O' Boy


Sam has been feeling floopsy. Can't really pinpoint whether it's teething, or reactions to flu shots, or just growing pains. Last night he was up Every Hour, until 3:30 when I couldn't take anymore and pulled him into bed with me.

Yeah, he slept great after that. And I slept like butt. But today he was acting like he felt better. Guess he just needed an evening of mama cuddles. And there aren't going to be that many more nights where he'll sleep with me, or where I get to wake to his hand reaching over to pat me in the middle of the night. Not much sleep, but lots of Sweetness.

More Potty Talk


I never thought my world would center so much about what goes in and out of my children. But it does.

And I never thought my world would be so Potty Training Centered. But it is.

They keep telling me that eventually Chris will figure it out, his muscles should be strong enough to train, to potty train.

Well, this week SAM is the one that's been hopping on the potty willingly. Yesterday he peed and pooped on the potty. And it was equally amazing because he wanted to join brother, so I had dueling boys on the potty.

And as an added bonus, while both boys were pottying yesterday morning, we got to chat online with Aunt Amy. The combination totally made my day. See how happy that made Chris?

By the way, we miss you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First House Tour


This was the view I encountered when I pulled up to the house this evening. Holy Cow! Suddenly we've become the BIGGEST HOUSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!! That's A Good thing right?

Check that out! You know what those are? Roof Trusses. (Yeah I didn't know that's what they were either, but they Sure are Pretty.)

After all the activities of the day, we decided to meet up at the lot. Eric's parents had the opportunity to meet us too, and we stood there for a while watching "The Guys" pack up for the day staring at the beauty that is our house with a new roof on it.

So we went inside, and we gave Mom and Dad the First House Tour. Very Neat.

Tell you what cracked me up most, was Christopher imitating Daddy's demo. Eric's a quiet guy normally, but once you get him going about the house, he starts talking up a storm and waving his hands about in great demonstration. And to see Chris jumping right in there, was so adorable!

And as funny as he is, and as crazy as this whole process is driving me, this day is the sort that makes me remember what it's all about: little boys picking their new rooms and this big boy awfully cute smiling and peeking out his new bedroom window.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bounding in the Leaves


A Beautiful Fall Day to play with nieces.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

View Haloo


Yesterday we got a super bonus, "The Guys" were working on the house. On a Saturday!!! We kind of hoped they'd work today, giving us opportunity to do a few things, like put the master bathtub in, something that will be So Much Easier to do when we don't have walls. Unfortunately, we don't have Stairs yet either.

But the guys did manage to put the subfloor up on the second story and about 2/3 of the exterior walls yesterday. Today we took the kids over to check it out.
It's weird to walk through these rooms...well, what will be rooms.

I've heard some great ideas of things to do with the Elevator shaft, like a fire pole, a ladder, a slide, storage. Many good things. Bur for right now, we just want to keep Chris out of it.

Later this evening, Eric popped over to the lot to do a few things; he took his ladder, and ventured up onto the new "Second Floor". You know what got me the most excited? This View!

This is going to be the view from window right above my garden bath tub. Without tree stumps, of course. But How AWESOME!!! See the pond/lake through the trees. I find myself relaxing already, and the water isn't even running.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spaceship Jammies


Play Day for boys. My boys love them some matching Jammies.

Me too.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Boys in Da House


This evening we took the boys on their first walk through the new house.

It's so pretty it brings tears to my eyes.

The boys got a kick out of the view from the window in the garage. Peeks!

Wish I had felt more enjoying it, or enjoying a lovely evening in our new neighborhood. But this evening, and I had a monster headache and pukies this evening...kind of kills the mood. :(

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Progression of Autumn


Today was the Autumnal Equinox, the first official day of autumn. How did we celebrate the change of seasons?

A pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

And the external walls of the first floor of the new house!

Here's to a New Season!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Going Neighborly


What a great day to start building the framework of a house. We got a bit of rain, so some of our framing was a bit delayed today. Also got a lovely muscle spasm in my back...After overdoing it on a visit to the chiropractor. He's got this crazy notion that I need to exercise more...something about fixing my bones isn't going to do much good if my muscles are still weak. He has a good point.

Well, you bet your bippy I turned right around and went back when I started having trouble breathing deeply. Now, part of me was thinking, oh no, he broke me...and Grr...But no, he helps. Helped. But I'm still sore.

The boys and I were on our own this evening, so we popped by the lot to check Progress, of which there was much, and Chris got his shoes all gooby, and it was gorgeous, a lovely fall evening, fresh after a much needed rain. So we went for a walk. In our new neighborhood.

Everyone there says hello, it's kind of fun saying hi to all these people we are going to get to know. Chris met some older boys who wanted to play on our mountain of dirt...even though it was Mud. It's so nifty meeting our neighbors. We see someone pass by, on a bike, or scooter, and Chris would ask, Who's That. A new neighbor. Everyone smiles and waves as we pass and the trees keep out so much noise. And I got a whole smidgeon of exercise in spite of being Tender. It's really lovely there.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Special Delivery today!
The framework of our house was delivered today! Woohoo!

Chris wanted to climb the frame.

If he has this much fun on the framework as it sits on the lot, he's going to have so much fun when it's a real house!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Musical Clutter


My sister brought my nieces over today. Over to play. Well, they played, and we packed up clutter.

And boxed up a few goofy things. Like this wig. ;)

Still a big mess around here. Ahh...remember the days when we moved every year when we were first married. In the 9 years since the last time we moved, we've aquired a lot of crap. Feels kind of like all we did is move crap from one place to another. I have too much stuff. Stuff I don't know where to begin to deal with. But today, we packed up half dozen boxes, got the living room to a mostly showable state, we made progress. Slow but sure.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Heroes


I guess the characters named in this photo today were best chosen by Chris: SuperSweetboy, and his sidekicks SuperGrover and SuperSunny.

Chris was being extra sweet this morning. I was sitting on the floor, and he just came up, and gave me a hug. I guess he could tell Mommy didn't feel good. He asked if my back hurt, he's so smart, he just knows. He gave me another hug. Best Hugs. I wonder, can you get a concussion from bouncing down the stairs on your butt and back a few times? I don't remember hitting my head, though it hurt, but so did the rest of me. Today I've felt achy, floopsy, nauseated, kind of gross all round. Luckily, I have me a few boys who take good care of me. These boys let me nap, and let me stay home when I need to. However, we did take a trip to the park for a picnic lunch, and I sat in the shade. I wished I could've taken a picture or video of Eric pushing both boys in swings, as they giggled madly. It was beautiful.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Bigger Mess


Well, today we decided to get more Serious about decluttering, in order to get the house ready to put on the market. Funny thing about that, in an effort to clear out our basement, we emptied and took apart the entertainment center, to make more space, and box up crap, but the process seems to have taken up more space than it's cleared.

And I feel like I can't enter a room without encountering some half done project, so I'll work on it for a minute or two, and find something that needs to go in another room, and leave to find another half done project...all over the house. I didn't complete one project...except finishing labeling jars.

Yeah so, In Addition, I was coming down the stairs to write this; my foot gave out and I bounced down the stairs. Literally. Bounced Down the Stairs. And Eric asked me if I was ok, and I was like, Sure, I'm Fine. I knew my back wasn't broken because I could feel my toes, and they hurt. Thought I was good, I could stand, walk, all that, but as I sit here, I feel Less than Good. So now, not only do we have a bigger mess in the house, I'm a bigger mess too. Ugh.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Out


Well, today was a big day for getting out. First we started off the morning headed to a friend's house for the MOPS Breakfast Club. Chris had a great time playing Dress Up...yeah that's Chris the scary skeleton guy who kept chasing poor Shaylee around terrifying her.

And Sam just Rocked On!

After a highly nutritious lunch of doughnuts and naps, we played out front for a while as the weather was GORGEOUS! The boys are actually beginning to play Together! Dogs and Cats!

Chris fancied himself Syndrome from the Incredibles, with a cape and special boots (on loan from a friend)...and super strong to move a car!

But then he decided playing Traffic Jam was even better!

This evening we popped by our lot to see the new slabs poured on the garage and basement floor today. So Pretty. If you think concrete can't be pretty, you gotta see these floors...they are Pretty Concrete!

My boys are pretty cute too. It was the first time all 4 of us didn't have anything cooking and wecould just chill out, all week. We visited the lot, then brought McD's home for dinner and a movie on the couch, which was really nice. I love to get out, but sometimes I love hanging out at home just as much.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Play Time


We had friends over for lunch today. Just an impromptu casual thing, but sometimes it's those that end up being the most fun: A box of Macaroni and Cheese and Iced Brownies, and giggles with friends.

Rachel got sucked into playing Darth Tater with Chris. Bet you didn't know that Darth liked the occasional bit of Bling, did you?

And Nathanael really had fun with Fina. And Vice Versa

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper


Christopher is Very Persuasive. My sister says he's destined to be a lawyer with as argumentative as he is. I've said for years he should study the bible, because he always seemed to be debating with Pastor during sermons. Either way, he can make many a valid point. I didn't think at 4 1/2 he'd have me whipped in some arguements. Good thing today, I just started a Bible Study with my Mom 2 Mom group called "Making Children Mind without Losing Yours" by Dr. Kevin Leman. He says, you don't have to be a Great Parent, just a Good Parent to have a Great Child. Interesting theory, we discussed how flawed we so often feel as parents, my weakness seems to be Consistency. Still working on strengths. Already I feel calmer. We discussed Ephesians 6:1-4, "1Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2"Honor your father and mother"—which is the first commandment with a promise— 3"that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth."[a] 4Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord." Now I can't wait to discuss this with Chris.

Tonight he talked me into letting him help me get apples ready for Saucing. And in my new calm loving state, where I wanted to be a Good Parent, I caved. He wanted to Cut, but Ummm...No. So I put him on Washing duty. He LOVED it!

Tell you what, even though I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about him "helping" me, he had so much fun, and was so anxious to wash apples and help me push the corer down, that even I (old curmudgeon that I am) couldn't help but have fun with his assistance.

Camping: Monday, The Last Day :(


It just figures, it takes us three nights to work out all the kinks on staying Warm AND Dry, and the boys wake up in a great mood, and it's the day we have to leave.


1. The Cuddles - I did not want to get out of bed. So I didn't. Chris crawled in with me, and we tipped Sam's pack-n-play to pour him out. I had sweetboys crawling all over me and it was going to be a gorgeous day. I could've stayed there forever...but my bladder disagrees.

2. Shashight - Sam remembered the fun from the previous evenings, when he got out of the pack and play, he spotted my flashlight, grabbed it and came over and attacked us with it. What a ray of sunshine he can be in the mornings.

3. Packing Up - Chris promised he'd be helpful. And he was, he packed up his own packing chair...three times.

4. Not Helpful - As packup progressed, and the boys becames less and less helpful and more and more in the way, I got mad and told Chris if he didn't obey I'd lock him in the tent. Sam went in willingly, initially, while I did more packing up around them. But then it became clear, they weren't going to be any use in there either.

5. On Guard - Sam finds the pile of Tentpoles. I had been trying to keep Chris out of them, because he was charging them all over the campsite. I guess it was an improvement when Sam simply wanted to bang them on each other.

6. Sweetbread Girl - Since there was a morning of packing, a proper hot breakfast was not made. No problem for Annie, her Mom brought Cinnamon Bread, which she thought was fabulous.

7. Sweetbread Boy - Chris wanted anything that Annie had, and that included cinnamon bread...apparently. It really was Miracle Sweetbread as my sister called it. Everyone seemed happier eating it. I was just glad he was happy and stayed out of my hair while I packed.

8. Sweetbread Baby - Yup, that stuff was Magic, Chris ate 3 pieces, and even Sam wanted to join in the fun, and that meant leaving the sticks alone, which surprisingly he was willing to do.

9. The Four Grandkids - I think this may be the first time we got a decent picture of all four of the cousins, with no one asleep or crying.

10. The End - The End of FamCamp 2010. From R-L: My sister Lisa, baby Charlie, her hubs James, my Mom Nana, my Uncle Ron (Grunkle) and Me, and the kids on the cooler Sam, Chris, and cousin Annie.

sniff sniff

Camping: Sunday - At The Beach


Now THAT'S More Like It! At last, the weather was nice enough and warm enough to go to the Beach!

1. Hand-ker-holds - Chris took Annie's hand and led her down to the beach. When they reached the water, he made sure she was safe, and told her "Annie, Don't Go where it's Deep!"

2. Water Time - The 'big kids' head for the water! Though Sam was distracted by sand, nothing was stopping Annie.

3. Tootsies - The kids go in, up to their ankles...all by themselves.

4. Boy in Lake - Chris, fearless, ventures out and checks out the entire lake. He loves it.

5. The Whole Crew - While the kids and I commence to getting wet, the rest of our crew stakes out a great area up the beach. Uncle Ron brought a bunch of inner tubes, they got Charlie all set up in the shade of a giant umbrella...and there may have been beer.

6. Resting Up - Chris takes a break from swimming to just rest with Nana on her inner tube. He wasn't really sleeping, but just being sweet.

7. Kicking it Up - Chris kicks off hanging with Nana on the Inner Tube!

8. Water Baby - Chris is having a wonderful time.

9. Wet and Wild - Chris ganks, ok borrows, his cousin Annie's floatation device. And once he was floating, man, he was Off! (Mostly just chasing Annie and Uncle James around the lake.)

10. Sandy Bottoms - Sam wasn't too big a fan of the lake, he only hung out there a moment or two. So I parked him with Aunt Lisa and Charlie in the shade...only he didn't want shade, he wanted to play in the sand. He liked the Sand.

And when we left, it became clear he needed an immediate shower, he stood up and sand just POURED out the bottom of his swimsuit, and in his hair, and Everywhere. But it was a Good Time. Wish it wasn't naptime when we went, the boys were quick to meltdown, so we headed back for a nap, while other sleep deprived family members played on. Chris has kept asking to go for a "Nice Swim" ever since.