Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boo - it's ZooBoo!


Today was a weird day. 
We're on Fall Break, so we napped Jacob early and went to the Zoo for ZooBoo. 
My Pirate Crew was pretty stoked about it.  

I was pretty stoked to meet my friend Lori and her little one Emily.  Em just turned 2 in August, and she was dressed as a fall fairy, but being seated with our pirate crew, suddenly she became a Pirate Fairy.  Dreadfully appropriate, I thought.  

We doubled up the littles in the stroller and made the rounds at ZooBoo. 

My boys were on a mission for candy, the animals were a bonus.  

Jacob was having a great time with his sword.  
Although sometimes he clocked Em in the head.  
Being late afternoon, I was surprised at how much moving around, and what a great mood the animals were in.  The lions were chatting, clearing their throats.  The cheetahs were doing laps. 

The crowd around the bears was so busy, it was amazing.  
My big boys were so excited to go into see the Orangutan exhibit.  They hadn't been in yet.  

At first there wasn't much to see, one ape looked like it was resting on another shelf.  But the kids liked to spot them.  Then we got close to the one.  He was just checking out the kids.  Jake was just the right height to be seriously examined.  

There was another one across the way that the boys were glancing at too. 

Then he started moving.  Really swinging.  
It was Awesome! 

On our way out, we bumped into a friend of Sam's from school, while in line for the backwards carousel.  I was thankful that this year Chris and Sam were big enough to ride it themselves.  I didn't want to do it with Jake.  That going backwards thing weirds me out.  But the kids had a great time! 

We watched the Frisbee dog show, and the boys had a great time watching, though they were starting to get hungry, and we were getting a bit chilly.  We watched Flight of the Navigator last weekend, and their favorite part was the frisbee dogs at the beginning of the movie in slow motion.  As we were fixing to surrender, Eric met us, so we caught a couple more animals with Daddy in Forests before really hitting the road.  We didn't avoid the crowds while we were there, but the boys had a great time, and Chris said it was his Other Favorite thing he did over fall break.  The Haunted House being his first favorite fall break activity.  It's a great week to be doing all our fun fall activities!