Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The 90s are back

How strange is it that all the things from the 90s are cool again?
I'm sitting here re-watching Friends, the entire series from front to finish.
I giggle at some of the flowery outfits.  And I laugh because plaid and flannel are cool again.
And I still have a few of my favorite flannels.  I'm vintage now.
I just wanted to record this moment because what was old is new again, and what was cool in high school and college for me, which has become just comfortable, is now coming out cool again.
Now I'm off to go watch Friends, sit here in my flannel shirt, with my hair in a scrunchy, like the last 20 years haven't happened at all.

Monday, October 5, 2015


I had the best coaching partner to help me do Day 2 of my run yesterday afternoon.  

Check out my sweetboy!

On Thursday night, I didn't have the wherewithal to document Kathleen and I starting up the Couch to 5K program again after Book Club.  Though hard, we did a good job.  I think though, running this Day 2 was actually harder than doing Day 1.  My body objected.  About halfway through Chris and I had technical difficulties with the ipod. I downloaded a podcast (check me out, so 21st century!) to tell us when to start and stop running.  We had a little trouble with it.  Plus we were sharing headphones, one ear for me and one for Chris, so that kept us close and hopping.  And I sweated.  It had gotten back up to 75 degrees yesterday, and I was in long sleeves and pants for running.  It had been different weather when I had left for church at 8 in the morning for my Vendor Blender event, chilly.  And I'd slept since then.  We worked it.  But Chris wanted to come with me, and he is already talking about when we're going to run again.  He doesn't have any fat to make angry by sweating, but he was an enthusiastic partner, and just what I needed.  I'm so Thankful!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sweat once a day!

This week I've made huge strides in taking back my health.  Kathleen and I started the Couch 2 5K.  I've been tired of being a lump, a couch potato.  And as much as I hate running, it does the trick, it gets me healthier, and helps me loose weight.   Time to get serious!

I started a support group last month and lost 8 pounds.  We did a study of Colossians, and I drank a gallon of water day, and walked at least a mile for about 2/3 of the day.  I lost a week there at the end due to allergies gone wild.   But I still felt good, and realized sweating once a day was working for me.  My friend Karin used to say Sweat Once A Day.  That was her key to good health.   And I can see why.   This month I started a different group, but it's small business based, so it's a little harder to do it without purchasing a bunch of products.  I've been using Young Living Products instead.  There's a protein drink mix I'd like to order, but don't have yet.  Maybe I'll get there next month.  This round, I'm drinking my Ningxia daily, and Eric and I just started the Cleansing Trio on the 1st.   So far so good, it's pretty gentle, I was worried about being on the pot all day, and it's not like that.  

 So I wanted to kick up my exercise regimen, and so did Kathleen.  So we're doing it.  We're running again.  Just like old times!  Too bad we don't have this to think about while we run.

 Running the 5K under the ball was our focus point when we trained in 2011/12.   This time we're simply running for our health.  Perhaps there's a Thanksgiving 5K I may be up for... maybe.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A college song come true

It's been a while, I haven't been blogging much.  I'm thinking about getting a boob job for Christmas.
Back in college, some friends sang a song "I'm getting a boob job for Christmas."  I don't remember the tune, but it's become a running gag.  Until now.  Now it's coming true.

I've tried to take back my health this year, since turning 40.   We joined the Y.  Since joining I've made it down there at least once a week.  This month, I joined a support group that has me drinking almost a gallon of water a day, walking at least a mile, and studying Colossians.  I've lost 5 pounds!   I'm so excited!   This exercising business isn't hurting me as much as I thought it would.

But something else has been gnawing at me.  When I turned 40, I made doctor's appts for myself.  I got into the OB in May, but my GP couldn't see me until August. In July, they changed the appt to a different doctor, because my usual guy wasn't available.   It had been years since I'd had a physical.  I didn't mind seeing a new person.  So I did.  I got a fasting blood sugar, and liver check, and some other vials of blood taken.  I weighed in and that was disappointing.  I weighed as much as I did when I was 9 months pregnant.  Time to do something more!  The weight wasn't bothering me, because as long as I was moving my body periodically I wasn't having as much back pain.   But I want to get on a steady downward streak.  It's time to take back my health!

While I was in there, I mentioned to her that now that Jacob was practically weaned, but not quite.   And I wanted to know what the next steps would be towards getting a Breast Reduction surgery.  I have been telling myself for years that when I'm 40 I'm getting a Boob Job.  I realized that we would be done having our family by the time I was 40.  Turned out it was 38 since I got so sick with Jacob.  But since he is such a boobaholic, I didn't expect to be still nursing at 40.   Just the same, it was time.  She told me it wouldn't be a problem.  Great!  And 2 hours after I got home, I had a phone call from a surgeon's office telling me I needed to sign a release to get my records sent, and all this stuff was tremendously overwhelming.  I hadn't expected it to move so quickly.  So I took no actions.
Did I really even want this surgery?

In the mean time, it looks like we're done.  Jacob nursed for the last time Friday afternoon, the 11th.  28 1/2 months of nursing!  That's gotta be a record.  It's sad to be done.  So I'm trying to look forward to happier thoughts, like being able to button my shirts again, or being able to buy a bra in a regular store like Victoria's Secret, or even Walmart.  I've never been able to buy a cheap bra.  I've always been hard to fit.  What if, having this actually means a reduction of pain in my neck, shoulders, and spine?!  That blows my mind the biggest of all.  I hesitate to get too hopeful about that perk.  But it might be nice to actually have my boobs be up back up where they belong.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


A couple weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned on FB that she was going to be doing an online challenge with her church, 1 mile a day during the month of September, STEPtember.  I signed up, and found that on top of 1 mile a day, and a study of Colossians, we were going to drink a lot of water.  What a wonderful opportunity for me to take back my health.  I'd been working on it slowly since the boys went back to school.  Through August, I've been getting over the Y about twice a week.  That has been feeling great.  But it hasn't made enough of a difference for my weight loss, and I'm weighing what I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant with Jacob!
Forget that!  
So, this week, I started getting out to exercise once a day, and drink 1/3-1/2 my body weight in ounces of water.  For me, that's about a Gallon!  It's a lot of water.  I've been using my old Ningxia red bottles and downing about 25 ounces at a time, so 5 of those in a day gets me my gallon.  I'm good with 4 of them, plus other cups all over the house.  I have to pee all  the time.  I've also noticed my back doesn't hurt as much as usual. Huh.   And the best compliment of all, my friend Cindi saw my Thursday afternoon, and asked me if I could be Pregnant.  Not to doubt the powers of God, but that would be a pretty huge Miracle. So, No.  But she said I glowed.  I didn't walk Thursday, but according to the rules, I'm allowed a day of rest, so I guess that was it.  Apparently, the triple cocktail, of getting into the Word daily, drinking lots of water, and moving my butt everyday is quite good for me.  I kind of love it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Epic Vacation, Day 16 - Going Home

We weren't in an enormous rush.  We actually took our sweet time getting ready in the morning.   We slept in until 9.  We barely made it to breakfast in time.   Then we moseyed back to the room.  Man, that Ramada was nice!

We let the boys go back downstairs for one last swim before we packed up.
Packing up didn't take long.  We were not in a hurry to get back home.  
But we needed to.  Lunch was Subway, and I was getting excited to see my little dog.  

I love driving at naptime.  It's quiet.  I listened to my Book on playaway, Paper Towns, it's a nifty young adult book about a Florida and Road Trip, and I had no idea when I picked it up from Book Club how perfect it would be to be listening to it on this trip. But I got a big kick out of it.  

They are building a new bridge as we cross the Ohio, going Back Home Again in Indiana.  
I had to take some pictures.  Because it's going to be completely different the next time we travel to Florida.  This trip was so huge, so epic, it will be a long while before we tackle another one like it.   

But it was so good to get home. Jacob ran around the house, chasing Princess, yelling "Isa Daw!"  He missed her.  Initially I don't think she missed us, she was skitchy about all our noise.  But then she came around let Jake do all his mischief, and she didn't leave.  She may have been happy to see us come home too.   It was evident she got a little spoiled, she looks a little thicker than when we left 2 weeks ago.  But she was good while we were gone for Miss Macey, so it's ok if she got a little spoiled.   Then the boys didn't want to go to bed at a reasonable hour, or go in their own beds.  They were crazy, they may have been spoiled too.  School Starting may be a rough adjustment for them!   But I'm happy to be back and sleeping in our own beds.  After 2 weeks of varying levels of good and bad and horrible beds, I find there really is no place like Home.  

Epic Vacation, Day 15 - The Space Center

What a great day!
We focused on spending most of the day at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. 
And the boys were so excited when we drove towards it, and we could see rockets from the highway. 

A nice gal offered to take our picture.  She had the Nikon equivalent of my camera, so I knew she wouldn't mess it up, and she didn't.  I like to find folks that are not intimidated by my camera when we ask for photo help.  Of course, I set it all on automatic, so it does the work, but sometimes, that's not enough.  But this gal was really nice, and we ended up following each other all morning.  

I was really thriled that our Indiana State Museum partner pass got us in here for free.  As soon as we entered, the boys wanted to see this exhibit, The Robot Zoo!   I wasn't sure if our free pass would allow for it.  Luckily it did!   So the kids were thrilled right from the getgo.  Frankly, I think that if I had paid full price to get in here, I'd have been less than festive.   But for what we paid, the price was right!  The restrooms were two stairs down unless we went outside.  I'd feel bad for someone in a wheelchair here.  We had enough trouble with just a stroller.  

Still, the boys thought it was really cool to go outside in the heat and check out all the real rockets.  Most of them are real, some just outsides, a nice mix, and real enough.  

I tried to take pictures of the boys with the rocket, but it was too wide.  Life size! 

Do, Re, Egon. 
Three boys, three rockets.  They look so tiny. 

Right next to the rockets they had a play area.  There was a climby thing, like we'd find at McD's or Chick Fil-A.  And in the center of the room, one of these rocket blast off things, but smaller than some I've seen.  They had an attendant, so I just let the big boys play while we snacked and drank.  When Jake was done snacking, he wanted out of his stroller, I thought he'd go play on the climby thing with his brothers.  Nope.  He ran for this, and snuck through while the attendant had the gate open.  There was no height requirement posted.  And we all watched as Jake climbed up by himself.  We shrugged, figuring we'd let him.  The attendant told us he could stop it at any time if there was a problem.  So we let him go.   He hung on with one hand for dear life on the cross bench, and the other to his seat and seat belt.  Once he bounced a couple times, he lost the Oh $@^! look on his face.  And he had fun.  

Christopher was not going to be shamed by a baby, so he hopped on afterwards.  He says he likes rides now, but is not so happy about heights.  But he figured if Jake could do it, so could he.  
And Chris had a wonderful time! 

Back outside we found a helicopter that we could just walk right into.  The boys thought this we really cool.  So they insisted on buckling themselves in.  It was dark and hot, but they were tough.  Just like real soldiers.   

All my boyz with the helicopter.  Though calling it a helicopter doesn't do it justice.  
It's a Chinook. 

Lastly but not least, we had to find the Space Shuttle. 
This one originally was not built to fully function, just for show.  They sent it to Japan for a museum.  Then they sent it back.  So we modified it so the outside looks real, even though the inside is like wood, so it couldn't be really sent into space.  Still, it's a life size model, and freaking awesome.  
Daddy was very excited to see the Space Shuttle, he was reading all the history the night before.   

Astronaut twins!  Those outfits are so huge you can fit two sweetboys back there! 

It's a Alien!  

No, just my boyz and I taking a walk on the moon. 

We were able to have lunch at the Mars cafe, which made the boys very happy.  And after the Space Shuttle, we made our way back to the front, and the car to hit the road.  We got on the road about 2.  

Happily, it only took a couple hours to get out of Alabama, through Tennessee, and into Kentucky.  
 We decided to stop for the evening before dinner.  We wanted a relaxing evening, since we were going to go home the next day.  In theory, we could've made it home in another 4 hours, but we just didn't want to.   We needed one more relaxing night.  Eric decided he was going to make sure he had a bed, no more sleeping on the rollaway.  We stopped in Bowling Green, KY because we saw a bunch of hotels and a restaurant we liked.  But apparently, it's hard to find something to hold 5 people in Bowling Green.  All they had were 2 queens, and rollaways.  No suites to be found!  Even the boys were looking all over the signs for the word 'suites'.   And a pool.  We had to have an evening swim.  We checked out like 4 different hotels.  And none of them could hold us.  We were getting tired.  I was even considering moving on to another town... I sent Eric into our last shot, the Ramada.  They told us they only had 2 fulls and rollaway too.  But wait, they also had the Presidential Suite.  Well, Eric thought, there's no way we could afford that.  But the gal gave us a deal we couldn't refuse.  And she offered to send up a rollaway, just to be sure there'd be room for 5.  Since it was labeled a foldout couch and a king, but the couch was in a separate room.  Eric went up to check that we'd all fit.   Um Yeah, it wasn't going to be a problem.  It was 2 full rooms, a full king size bedroom, and a foldout couch, a spare couch, full kitchen, and they did indeed send up the rollout.  

It was so spacious, I couldn't even fit it all in one shot.   The boys were THRILLED!  
They hadn't been this happy since we arrived in WDW.   I was worried they'd like this better than the Grand Flo.  Not quite.  But still pretty freaking Awesome!  

So we went out for our last dinner, at Chuy's.  It's a Mexican restaurant that they used to have in L.A., a friend of mine took us there, because she adored the tortilla chips.  And it was Awesome.  The kids loved the festively retro decor.   We had a great dinner, and went back for an evening swim. It was an outdoor pool, but the weather cooperated, and the kids were able to get a good swim in before the sun set.  It would've been great at the heat of the day, but it was a little chilly for me.  Still, the kiddie pool kept them happy.   And it was nice and relaxing.  From here on, it was all going to be easy to get home, so one last relaxing evening and nice night sleep was a great note to end on, so we did.