Monday, September 15, 2014

More Oily Stories

Thursday night, I was trimming the boys nails, and when I got to Sam's, I realized that his fingertips had tiny white dot blisters on them.  I had heard that Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease is going around.  Actually, Sam had it a few years back, probably when he was a bit older than Jake.  So I didn't want him going to school.  I checked his feet, there were peeling blisters there too.  All Sam's blisters were white.  I checked in his mouth, and I didn't see much, except the underside of his tongue looked lumpty.   So I kept him home from school on Friday.

I coated him in oils.  First I diffused Thieves for us all.  Jake had been snoochy, and I was hoping he didn't come down with Hoof in Mouth too.  Jake has been snoochy this week, but I was 90% sure it was allergies.  Still am.  But with Sam down, I had better watch all these boys.  I put a dab of coconut oil in my hand and one drop of lavender on top, and slathered Jacob up with it.  Lavender is fine for him straight up, but I cut it just the same.  He smelled so good, and it really stopped his nose from running away.  And after an hour of crazy, lavender makes Jake sleep.

Sam was fine meanwhile.  But my book recommended Melrose, so a couple times that day, I used my Melrose roll-on, 25% of Melrose in a rollon with the rest being almond oil.  It has clove, rosemary and both melaleucas in it, so it's got kind of a warm, spicy scent to it.  And it's healing too.  So I roll it on his hands and feet, with a bit extra on his neck, because hoof in mouth can also have a sore throat.  I woke up this morning with a sore throat.  So I put on the Thieves.   Meanwhile, Sam is in a fine mood.  He was actually really upset with me yesterday for not letting him go to school.  But until I know that the boys are non-communicable, they are not going to be around other kids.  I'm mean that way.  I insist on not being the source of spreading germs.  Well, Sam felt fine.  He even asked if he could go out and play, in the middle of the day.  The school day.  So I said Sure.  Well, Jacob was tremendously jealous of that, and he put his own crocs on, and stood in the windows by the front door, just dying to go outside.  Well, I was making lunch, so I couldn't go out too.  Sam came in, and begged me to let Jacob go outside and play with him. Hmm.. ok, IF you promise to stay with him, out front.  Well, a few minutes later, I got Sam's lunch done, and pulled our (Jake and I's) pizza out of the oven, and as soon as I set it down, I heard crying at the front door.  I ran up to it, and found Jacob, bloody snot coming out of his nose, crying hysterically, and a scratch on his nose.  It looked like he'd fallen and taken a layer of skin off the side of his nose.  But his hands and knees were fine.  His hands were a little dirty but nothing else.  I think he crashed into the bricks on the sides of the house, or the porch, because there were no other injuries other than his poor nose.

It's hard to tell, but this was Friday afternoon, when Jacob's nose dried out a bit, it was clear that whatever happened, took a layer of skin off his nose.  It was kind of oozing clear.  Well, I know Melrose and Lavender are great for cuts and bruises.  So I slathered up Jacob in lavender and coconut oil.  Then in the evening when I put more Melrose on Sam, I added some to Jacob too.  


These were Sam's fingers Saturday morning. 

I slathered him up with Melrose.  I had that sample made that was 1/4 Melrose, and 3/4 almond oil.  I put it all over his fingertips, and on his toes.  I even put some on Jacob's face, drawing a little triangle around his nose too.  It's actually helping.  Instead of a giant pink mark, it was scabbing over.  

So by the next day, Jacob's booboo was smaller, and scabbed over.  I applied Lavender and Coconut twice, and he would fall asleep shortly thereafter. I can't tell if he's falling asleep because of the super sleep powers of lavender, or if he is falling asleep because he's sick.  I think it's the Oils. I think that Lavender makes Jacob sleepy...after an hour of revved up crazy, then he drops.  But I can tell you they heal fast.  That Melrose and Lavender on both boys booboos have helped. Sam hasn't gotten any sicker, and Jacob's owie is smaller.   I am so Thankful for these Oils, that they can be slathered onto my kids, recommended for all kinds of health issues.  I'm not a doctor or anything, but I do enjoy the mystery, it's like solving a mystery when given the issue, and a person, that I can try an oil, or combo of oils to help solve their health issue.  I love being able to help my boys and make them better by putting on these all natural oils on them.  And I also am pretty content in saving money by not going to see the doctors all the time too.  We definitely saved some money this weekend! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Dog Dash


Sam was home sick today, so Eric and Mom W. worked together to relieve me for a bit so that I could go to the elementary and cheer for Chris and his class for the Dog Dash.

It's a good lookin' crew!


He's got a great class, a good teacher, and really that's all I could ask for.  

They probably wouldn't any awards for speed, but they sure did keep on keeping on.  
Chris has been having trouble making friends, but I have no doubt he will in this class.  He's got a good bunch in that class. 

Chris got meet up with Barker, the Brown Bulldog.  
Great name. :) 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Boys Mustache you a Question


Did you donate to Riley?  

We do.  Some of it owed.  But you all know how Riley has a soft spot in my heart.  If not for that place, I don't know that Chris would be here.   They took, and still take wonderful care of my sweetboy.  And I love that our school does fundraisers to benefit Riley and the Ronald McDonald House.  I almost always participate when they say it's for Riley.  Mommy's a sucker for Riley.  

We had an IEP meeting for Chris at the elementary school, and when we arrived, they were counting the money for the day's fundraiser.  If you brought 1$ for Riley hospital, you could get a mustache.  Oh man!  I forgot!  I  was so bummed that I had forgotten to give them each a dollar so they could get mustaches for The Cause.  I checked to see, and I did have a little petty cash, so the wonderful secretary at the school called down to the boys classrooms, and had them come to the office.  So I gave them each their dollar, and they donated, and bought mustaches.  

They are pretty adorable in their red mustaches. :) 

Just one more wonderful reason that I love that school!  
Let the boys think we came down just to buy mustaches, when we had a meeting too, it's fine with me, I'm so happy that my boys go there. I know they are Blessed by their teachers, and I am confident that they are very well taken care of.  This school is another reason I'm proud to be a Bulldog. 

Crazy Sock Day


A High Point to any kids school year. 

Crazy Sock Day. 

The boys raided my sock drawer to pick up some crazy socks to wear to school yesterday.  On crazy sock day, the kids can make them crazy, wear them mismatched, it can get Wild.   But the boys just pulled fun socks out of my drawer to wear.  Chris has my toe socks, one tie-dyed, and the other sparkly red.  Sam has a Santa Christmas sock, and the other a pink anklet with a mustache on it. Neither boy won the class contests, but I thought they were adorable.  

My sister put it best, all they need is a tea cozy for a hat. Yup, then they would look just like the house elves in Harry Potter.  My boys would make really cute house elves, but then one would have to be productive around the house.  We'll just say, that they are adorable in their mismatched socks. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jamberry nails

No, I'm not selling Jamberry nails now too!  But I did want to do a review of them.  2 weeks ago, my friend invited me to a online party for Jamberry nail wraps.  I had heard of them, thought they were basically stickers instead of nail polish.  I'd tried stickers when I was 12.  They didn't last. Didn't work for me.  I'm hard on my nails.  I didn't have much hope, or expectation. 

Then 2 weeks ago, I went to my friend Lori's house, she was hosting Freezer Cooking night, and she was giving out samples. I just seem to be at an age where all my friends are starting Home Based Businesses.  And frankly, Good!  I am just starting out in my own consultant business with Young Living, but I can see the temptation of these Jamberries too.   I got some slack the other day for being so interested.   I enjoy having my own thing too, it gives me some flexibility with my schedule, and a little income.  If I like the product, I will buy.  Even moreso if I'm helping a friend in the process. I know if having a home bases business is helping me, it is helping my other friends.  I'm happy that we can all find products we support.  And I want to support my friends, perhaps with a party at our house, or perhaps just by buying, or both.  In this case, I'm helping out with both.  And turns out these products are a lot of fun. 
Lori gave me a sample at her house 2 weeks ago, and I put it on, came home, and painted the rest of my nails.  To compare/contrast.  I wish I'd taken a starter picture.  The picture above is 4 days later.  The regular polish really didn't last.  It never does.  Really, this polish lasted longer than most of the ones I try.   Like I said, I'm hard on my nails.  The jamberry sample lasted longer though.  I liked the feeling of reinforced strength from the nail that had the Jamberry wrap on it.  My nails are prone to chipping, and it didn't with the Jamberry.  So while Lori had a fb party during that week, I sat back, not going to order anything, just listening and learning.  But I liked the product.  And I wanted to help my friend.  So as the party came to an end, I ordered some.   I was hoping that my sample would last, but it didn't.  I'm not very good at putting them on, but as opposed to having a regular polish manicure last me a couple days, if I'm lucky.  This lasted longer before it started shredding.  I really wanted to pick at it there at the end.  I ended up giving up and taking all the polish off, and pulling at the sample wrap.  I read up on removal, and was a little worried that it might rip off layers of my nail beneath, but someone suggested soaking in coconut oil as opposed to acetone, which would have worked fine, but I was worried that soaking in it for a long time to break down the stickum would be bad.  I probably didn't need to worry, but it did give me an opportunity to experiment and include a little with my own business.  My oil people said that lemon oil is good at removing gook and grease, and it is one of the oils I use every day.  So I put one drop of lemon oil on the nail with the wrap, and the sticker slid right off.  And with one wipe of a paper towel, my nail was clean and clear, and smelled rather scrumptious.   I was sold. 

My new wraps arrived yesterday!  


So, last night after the yahoos went to bed, I did my own mani/pedi.  I don't have a fancy dryer for warming the wraps and applying, so I improvised.  I used an iron, and held my wrap up to the iron plate with my tweezers.  I may have to invest in an orange stick, which the recommend, because using the tweezers, the wraps would stick to the metal.  They don't look too bad in the picture above.  I put on Purple Herringbone on my feet, for Brownsburg.  Dog Dash for the boys is Friday.  And on my hands, Turple Ombre, which is a fun fading color, that starts turquoise at the base of the nail, then fades to purple at the top, with hints of blue in between.  My favorite colors.  And Suzy's. So I thought I'd put that on, it made me think of her, and smile.  Though I did learn I'm terrible at putting stickers on my toenails, and I can't cut left-handed.  And it's really hard to take my own picture of my hands and toes in the same shot.   In my picture above, they don't look too bad.  But there are lots of tiny errors.  I see them.  But they still look pretty.  I say it's a good sign for the product, if I can mess them up so much, and they still look so nice.  So, I'm going to host a party for Lori at my house on the 3rd.  Let me know if you are intrigued and interested too. :) 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Going to the Zoo


Let's go out and play, it's a gorgeous day, we said.  So I met my sister in law and 8 month old nephew at the Zoo.   Jacob and Cole are only 8 months apart, so they are just beginning to interact, both with each other and with their surroundings.  So this visit to the Zoo was the first one that was Fun for both.

We started at the Oceans exhibit.  
The boys got a big kick out of looking at the fishies.  They liked the rays, and I liked how Jacob would look up when one would 'buzz' by.  Both boys loved watching the aquariums.  

Then we went around to Penguins.  
They were really moving around a ton, and so very enterta

The boys had a good time looking at the penguins hopping about, and talking to each other. 
These two beauties capture my eye.  

We stopped after the dolphin show to have our lunch.  The kids actually ate well, watching each other eat.  I think that helped motivate them.  Of course, they thought I was a nut taking their pictures all the time.  

This was Knobi, she was getting ready to do a quiz with one of the zookeepers when we arrived at the Orangutan exhibit.  This was the first time I got to see them.  They are big and beautiful.  And smart.  And curious.   

This one was reaching her arm under the window to reach at things.  We all were pointing at her trying to open it, but the keeper assured us the whole place was ape-proof.  Perhaps, but these guys are Awfully smart.  We watched as she played around with the wiring, but didn't do anything to it. 
 Just curious.  
 We watched as the keeper started a computer game, with a screen right behind where she's sitting in the picture, and  she had a couple pictures to choose from, one meant apple, one meant enter, and one meant go back.  She got about 80% of her quiz correct.  The keeper says she pushes all the buttons in all kinds of orders, not because she doesn't know, but because she's curious to see what happens when she does.

Then some of the others came back inside. 
We saw the ropes swinging though with all the people gathered around, it was hard to see the apes themselves.  But I was able to get this pick of Azy, the biggest guy.  

Then we went outside, and a couple young girls were saying Hi Charly, by Charly, and he was sitting right by them.  He had such pretty eyes.  I can't tell if they are happy out there or sad to be in a cage. Even still it is a great facility.  There is ton for them to do, I can't imagine they get too bored.  

Jacob was pretty intrigued meeting Charly too.  

Then we hit the dessert, or the back 9 as I like to call it.  The giraffes were out and about.  
The weather was Perfect to be back there, not too hot at all.  

This silly youngster was licking a tree.  

Erica's favorites are the elephants.  There were 6 of them out and about.  
I love the mamas out with their babies.  

And I lucked out, and noticed they put out a list of all the elephants names.  I like it so much better when I can learn the animals names.  We know they have them!  So snapped the list.  It's a little hard to read here, and I may have to go back and get it again.  But did you know, our zoo was the first to successfully do IVF on elephants?  Go us! 

After visiting the back 9 and stopping off at the restroom.  
We headed to the Gardens.  Unfortunately, the butterfly exhibit is all done. :(  But they had lots of pretty flowers in bloom, both inside and out.  The cosmos were blooming at the entrance.  Tall and Beautiful, I want to plant some along my own garden walk.  And lots of space inside for little boys to run around.  

It's impossible to refuse this face. Erica is going to be in Trouble!  I couldn't refuse him either, if he wanted to get out of his seat, as in this case, or really I think I would do anything he would ask me.  

Check out little Mr. Big Stuff cruising! 

I let Jacob out to cruise around too.  We were the only people in the Gardens there for a bit, so I had no worries at all about letting him explore.  

He really thought he was getting away with something.  
This was my favorite picture of him from the day.  Maybe my favorite picture overall. 

Once we got a few visitors inside the gardens, we headed outdoors to explore, and see what we could find among the flowers. 

Boo- we found a black dragonfly.  I didn't have to zoom up on him at all.  He let me get This C;ose.  

This pretty water lily was still in bloom too 

And we had to stop and take pictures of the boys by the canna lilies.  
They were Huge!  Taller than me! 

Erica was being silly over my shoulder as we tried to get both boys to smile.  Jacob looked at us like we were crazy.  Cole, on the other hand, thought his Mom was hilarious.   

These ended up being my favorite flower pics of the day.  Because of the bright blue sky.  

I didn't used to like canna lilies at all, they were too odd looking, not symmetrical in any way. 
But now I'm older, and their asymmetry has become beautiful to me. 

And these beautiful zinnias were blooming at the base of the cannas in the planter. 

As we were heading out, I found a fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar.  
Jacob thought he was hysterical. I brushed near his hand so he could to tickle it.  And he just laughed and laughed.  And then tried to grab it himself.  He kept trying to hit the caterpillar, so I had to keep moving my hand out of reach of his hand before he would slap it...and squish it.  But luckily, not fuzzy wuzzy worms were hurt in this visit to the zoo.  

Last but not least, one last lavender cosmo for the road. 

My First EO Class


I had my first Essential Oils class on Sunday afternoon.  

I must confess I was a nervous wreck.  Technically, I had given a class before, but I had Lisa and Cindi there, both were more knowledgeable about Essential Oils than I.  But this class was just me.  I am 'the knowledgeable one' now, and that worried me.  But as it turned out, it needn't.  I have been reading and reading about different oils for different issues.  I read on Pinterest. I read on Facebook, in various forum groups I've become a member of, if I see or hear about an issue, and I don't have a recommendation, I look up to see if my instinct was close.  I've been not too far off at the book and internet for a lot of recommendations.  As it turns out, I'm getting pretty well trained.  I didn't advertise heavily that I was hosting a class. I put out a note on fb if anyone might be interested, and to those that responded were the only ones I invited.  Of those dozen, I had 5 people come.  Not too bad. 
I made lavender lemonade, based on the recipe my friend Amy had when we went to her camp to do a presentation.  I used about a cup of lemon juice, 6 cups of water, half a lemon sliced, 2 drops of lavender oil, 4 drops of lemon oil, and a Tbsp of honey, and a dash of splenda to sweeten it up.  It was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself.  :) 
And my Intro to Essential Oils, aka Essential Oils 101 class itself went really well.  There was lots of great discussion, lots of questions, everyone got along, even though they didn't all know each other.  It was good to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while.  And I was able to share ideas on things to try to help each person from oils that just came in the starter kit, not to mention other oils.  Young Living has like 200 different single essential oils and blends.  In my class, I had 5 attendees, and by the time all was said and done, 4 of them ordered starter kits, and the last person wanted me to have a class for her at her home.  I didn't feel super pushy.  I didn't have to be.  The products sell themselves. When I sold Mary Kay back in the day, that was the thing I hated most, the schmoozing, and feeling like I was pushing, pushing to Sell, Pushing someone to host a party.  I don't feel like that with these oils. I feel like it's not Selling, it's sharing my experiences with the oils.  And the products are just so great, it's easy to find something to help Everyone.   And I have no qualms whatsoever at giving away samples to try, if someone wants to see if an oil can work to help them before committing to a full bottle or full kit.  I was very wary about trying oils, but having that sample helped me.  

For my class, I decided to focus on just a few oils from the Premium Starter Kit.  I printed out a rough script to follow.  Since school has started, and we're all beginning to fight sniffles and cooties, I decided to focus on Thieves, as well as Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, then I could discuss LLP, the combination that got me interested and believing in Oils.   By focusing on just a handful of oils, I wanted to make sure I didn't overwhelm anyone.   I made sure there was no confusion in My Class, as I had found by attending two different classes, that there would be no doubt from my attendees, that although you Can make this a home based business, you don't have to, though I'm just starting to do so, it also can be as simple as Costco, with just the wholesaler membership.  There are a few levels, and I explained them.  And I felt good being able to answer questions, and be able to give them oils to smell, and tell them what I've used them.  It turns out I do know my stuff. I may not use every oil in the Everyday Oil collection Every Day, but I have used them all.  And some of them more than other.  I use the lemon every day.  And I diffused it during the class, so my guests could smell it, not too strongly, but just right.  And this time of year I've been sniffing my own LLP because my allergies are acting up a bit, but it seems that keeps them at bay.  It didn't work for Eric,  we had to do some different things for him.  But he is getting so on board with the use of the Oils, that he actually started telling my guests his story before I even go to tell them mine!  It makes me really excited, that I seem to have grown a Team.  And even more excited when I get to share great stories of the Oils working to help my friends and family.  And they are.  In theory, I've got the boys on Di-Gize and they no longer require Prevacid.  I don't require Prilosec for my own reflux, except in the case of funerals when I eat buffalo wings and pizza at 9 pm with alcohol.  Then I have to break out the big guns, because the lemon oil in water isn't quite enough.  But that's ok.  Eric's off one of his most expensive sinus meds, a nasal corticosteroid inhaler, by using 1 drop of RC in his nasal saline flush each day.  It's Amazing.  He says this has been the best ragweed season he's had in decades!  He was the most apprehensive, now he's my biggest supporter.   I wonder if he's a better salesman than I.  He certainly has a strong testimony as to how the oils are working to help him get healthier.  And that was what I was after when I signed on, to save my family money on medicines.  We have done so, and I couldn't be happier.  And I was happy to share this with my friends and family in my first home class.  

So, if you read this, and are curious, maybe want to discuss Essential Oils, and/or learn more, contact me.  For those that may not know how, my email is at my first name at my last name dot com, handy to have a computer geek around to set that up.  ;)