Saturday, November 8, 2014

Noble Willmans


Long ago, when Karl lived at home, and they had many band things on the weekend, the fam used to go to lunch at Noble Roman's every Saturday for lunch.  We joined them on many occasions.  I remember my niece Lexi when she was about 2 calling it Noble Willmans, because that's where the Willmans ate.  But since the Fam moved out west to Avon, we hadn't been in ages.  Eric had forgotten his lunch on Thursday and I'd had a bible study in the area, so we agreed to meet for lunch.
So we met at Noble Willmans.  I do love their salad bar and breadsticks.  Turns out Jacob does too.

He did not want to let Daddy go back to work after meeting for lunch. 

Herding Nerfs


I found the cutest vest in Jake's closet, and managed to find a light colored shirt to go under it.  
It wasn't until he was dressed and running down the hall, that I realized he looks like Han Solo.  

Who's scruffy lookin'?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Baby Knits


Last month, Chris found out there was a Knitting Club at school.
I sent him last week, and it didn't really work out, I didn't give him a thick chunky yarn that would build quickly, and he was feeling discouraged.  This week, we completely forgot to go on Tuesday morning.  And I felt terrible.  He was so upset.  I had made a yarn run, so I picked him up a special yarn that was chunky, and new needles, so that he'd be on par with the rest of the class. So when he came home, I worked at trying to teach him.  I found the cutest little poem thing online, "In through the front door, around the back, out through the window, and off jumps Jack."  It's amazing how the cutesy saying actually Helped him understand the knitting stitch.  I'm so proud.  

Great Job Baby! 

Monster Mondays


When my niece Lexi was born way back in the day, 2001, my sister in law coined the term Monster Mondays.  I didn't understand.  But she said Mondays were often rough, particularly after a busy weekend.  And this weekend had certainly been one.   We all were pretty tired come this monday morning.  Jacob too.

Jacob filled his pants with a Monster Sized Load to tell me what he thought about this Monday. 
And since we didn't have much cooking, I threw him in the bath.  He had fun with that.  

And as Chris's therapist has a picture hanging in her office, amongst other sayings, "Sometimes, when they're crabby, stick them in water."  It's amazing how a nice bath can turn the whole day around.  We plotted out a yarn run to stock up on goodies to make Christmas presents, I'm getting all excited about making some holiday projects!   

By bedtime, he was in a great mood, and the Colts were playing Monday Night Football. 
Check out the giant tv my Dad gave us.  It has a couple 'constellations' from pixels that are blown, but it's huge.  And Jacob finds it most intriguing.  He'll probably figure out how it works before I do.  
Still the Colts are HUGE in my living room now.  When that camera got behind Pat McAfee as he ran down the field doing a kick, I was amazed.  I'm very Thankful for this neat 'new' tv, well, new to us anyway, that we got yesterday.  It's so very nice!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Silly Sunday


It isn't very often that we go visit the Fam's church.  
But this Sunday, Karl was playing the organ as a substitute.  That allowed for Karl, Erica, and baby Cole to all come down for church.  So we wanted to come see them.  So we skipped our own church and went over to church with the Fam.   The boys had a great time playing.  As the service was coming to an end, Christopher took the program, and started to jump with Joy, "Oh Boy!" he says, "They're going to play my favorite song!"  What is that I ask? "Song After Communion!"   I had to laugh. I think that's his favorite, because at one point we sing "with SHOUTS of Thankgiving..."  and we usually Shout.  I used to be in the choir with a fellow named Clem, who was 80 something, acted like everybody's grandpa, had about a dozen great grandchildren, and was always pretty quiet.  But when we sang that song, Every Time, he would Shout at the Shouts of Thanksgiving.  And we started Shouting along.  And now my boys love the Shout.  Clem passed a few years back, but I think of him every time we Shout in church, as well we should.  Meanwhile, at the fam's church, Jacob went into the nursery with his cousin Jeremiah, and he had a great time playing.  After church, Chris reminisced about the days when he went to preschool at this church, and desperately wanted to go out and play.  

The weather had warmed up from the icy winds of Halloween evening on Friday, the sun was out, so I let them go play on the playground.  This playground went in right as Chris was graduating from preschool.  So he didn't get to play on it as much as he would have liked, but still, the boys had some fun.  

When littlest brother saw the big brothers playing on the playground, he wanted to join them.  
So he did.  And he climbed on the slide like one of the big kids. 

The big boys went over to play too.  
But I couldn't get them to all look my way at the same time.  This was about as close as I got.  
Still, I'm glad they got to have some fun outdoors.  Seems winter is coming early.

Mom and Dad wanted to have lunch at Hirosaki, one of our favorite places to eat in Avon.  Normally we eat at the sushi bar, and we figured they'd put a bunch of tables together, but we were a party of 17, including Pastor and Nancy, and there was just no room in the sushi bar, so we took over a couple teppanyaki tables.  I hadn't had that in a long time.  Last time we went to one of those, Chris was afraid of the fire and Sam was too young to remember.  This time however, they ate their weigh in chicken tempura, and had a great time.  Jacob wanted to eat everything we did, turns out he likes onion soup, seaweed salad, and even salad with ginger dressing, and while we were waiting for the rest, Grandma introduced him to chocolate fiber bars, of which he also was a big fan! 

This about sums it up.  
It was 3 oclock before we left the restaurant.  
What a good time was had by all. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Girl's Night Out

In October, a friend asked me if I could make Candy Corn hats.  She had twins, preemies, and they were still in hospital.  Of course, being early, they didn't have Halloween costumes, they were supposed to be born in November.  She asked for candy corn cocoons and hats for them.  We weren't sure if they were going to be still in hospital or not by Halloween.  They are. But they should be coming home on Monday.  Woohoo!

I had to wait a bit for her to post this picture of them from Halloween.  
But don't they look adorable!  Oh, and the crochet projects look good too.  


I liked the candy corn hats so much when I was looking online for recipes, I mean, patterns. 
I saw one that was a trick-or-treat bag.  It was a rectangle.  And I saw more than a few cute hats, much like what I made for the twins.  So I thought if I just went Bigger, than I could get a hat, and add a little handle to make it a bag.  So I gave it a try.   And I enjoy how it turned out! 

I finished this lovely bag this morning.  It's a hat, it's a Trick-or-Treat bag, it's BOTH!  
Now, I just finished one hat, and I love it so much, that I have to make another.  I think the kids each need one, don't you?  After all, what's right for one, is right for three.  

So that's the yarn project I packed with me, and Kathleen and I ran away for a Girl's Night Out.  She drove, and I crocheted.  I made a lot of progress, and we got fairly caught up in conversation.  It was a great break, before we even got to our destination!  Her brother Patrick was participating in a play in Brown County.  Huh, I didn't even know Nashville had a theatre, it's a little one, right on the main drag there.  So we got to go down and meet with the Star for a nice supper before showtime.   We ate at Out of the Ordinary Restaurant right across the street from the theatre.  I got a huge kick out of spending some uninterrupted quality time with my bestie and her brother.   We all have a lot in common, like wanting to periodically burst out in song when a good song comes on in the background radio.  It was Fun.  Patrick kept warning me that this play was not his traditional repertoire, it was a dark comedy.  Well, after seeing it, I agree, it was definitely on the Dark side.  It was called The Lonesome West about Western Ireland. And it was very handy that Patrick gave us a heads up to the best place in the house to sit.   Our friend Bohl met us at the theatre too.   It wasn't the sort of happily ever after sort of thing I think I'm used to in theatre.   Nor is it the sort of thing that he normally does.  In fact, we both thought it kind of odd that This was the first time I'd gotten to see him in anything. Normally he does very kid friendly stuff, musicals and comedies.  This wasn't.  It said it was a dark comedy, but it really wasn't.  There wasn't enough comedy to call it a dark comedy.  However, having the skill to go from one to the other easily is the mark of a good actor.  And he is!   I can honestly say, Patrick was the best thing about this show.  He had a great brogue.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to understand it, but I was happily surprised I could.  And actually, he was the only one to get a hint of a tear from me.   This small theater serves popcorn, and we can hear them serving it, or people crinkling their bags as they eat during the play.  So rude.  And of course, the reek of that fake buttery popcorn smell -ugh.  At least it didn't gag me, like when I was pregnant, but it was definitely a drawback of the facility.  We had stopped at a candy shop before the show, and got some samples.  I tried a dill pickle candy, sounds weird as all get out, but it was actually quite good.  So I quietly nursed my candy during the show, and made no crinkly paper noises! 

After the show, we waited around to chat with the star.  
I forgot to get myself in the picture.  Duh. 

Brother and Sister.  
Aww, you'd think they were related or something. :) 

In the background they were tearing the set down.  We even got invited by the cast to go do shots. 
Oh yes, in another day, I would have loved to stay and do shots.  But we had miles to go before we sleep.  We're just not young whippersnappers anymore.  But what a neat opportunity to get out, do something different, and see a show.  Of course, I loved being able to support my friend as he did a play. And even though it was an odd play, I can't wait until he comes around again.  It's so much easier than trying to pop up to Chicago to see him in something.  I'll go see him in whatever he does! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!


What a Wonderful Halloweeny Holiday!  

And of course, as usual, we were celebrating from the very beginning, very busy all day long.

Jacob had Kindermusik first thing this morning.  And I thought, if he was in a good mood, we might do some day time trick or treating afterwards.  I packed this Roo costume in the car... just in case. 
It was Christopher's first Halloween costume, that I ordered very large.  And this year it's the perfect size for Jacob.  Turns out the library was having its very own Trick-or-Treating session.  

So we stopped and did some trick or treating. :) 

Then we went over the elementary school to have lunch with some sweetboys.  :) 

I actually got to see both my sweetboys. I ate lunch with Chris, did some copying for Sam's teacher. And it was a good visit.  I got to see Sam in the hall, and it made Chris's day to have lunch with me.  Makes my day too.  

We had to take some cheesy selfies. :)

One of the things that I was doing, aside from having lunch with Christopher, and making some copies.  I made a pinterest treat for Sam's class.  I saw this online, and thought it was a great idea, to color Jack-o-lantern faces on cuties oranges to make them festive.  I stopped and picked some up at the store, along with more candy, (I was worried) on the way back from the library, then sat and drew faces.  I had to use a sharpie.  Had to use more than one, because the skins are so oily (hooray for orange oil!) that a regular pen just won't work.  

On my way home from the school, I saw flurries.  
Yep, Snow.  On Halloween.  
They've been saying it's gonna be a nasty winter, I hope this isn't just the First Sign. 

Aunt Teri would have liked to see the snow.  

Boo!  It's our Boos.  
We had the Julius girls come over for supper before starting our Trick-or-Treating.  

Eric made chili.  He makes a wonderful chili.  He uses V8 as a base, and adds Grandma Pat's chili sauce, amongst other special secret ingredients.  This time was a little different, building up in layers with the meat on the side, but it was still so tasty.  And perfect for a cold snowy day. 

My Pirate Crew! 

Chris is Captain Hook, Sam is Peter Pan, and Jake is Jake of the Neverland Pirates. 

Giving my children swords may or may not have been a mistake. 

All the kids all set up and ready to go! 

And there the boys go with their swords.  Sam's had already broken once, all that we asked was that they made it through Trick-or-Treating.  They did.  

Eric and I got dressed up a little too.  I was Wendy, traipsing around in my blue nightgown.  
(Handy that I have such a great love for Lanz de Salzburg flannel nightgowns. :) ) 

Eric was Smee.  We found him a striped shirt and a goofy cap.  Not too shabby.  Except that he was Cold.  It was really Cold outside.  

We trick or treated at our newest neighbors house first.  The boys remembered that last year, we went running through the lot next door to meet up with some friends, but this year, there's a house next door.  So we stopped there first. 

Wendy and Jake. ;) 

We took over the street. 
There weren't as many folks out as last year.  So the kids just plowed along.  We only went next door, and only made it about a half an hour before getting too cold and needing to come home. 

But I had hot cocoa at the ready, and we had important priorities of things to do at home, like watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. A Must See.  Then we watched Hook, since the boys were working a common theme.  They lasted through the whole movie...except Jake, he didn't, but that's ok.  And we only got interrupted a few times for the doorbell.  I need not have bought a second bag of candy.  We only got about a dozen people total.  That's a lot of leftover candy for me to take care of.  Lucky for me, I chose chocolate mixes this year, so I know I'll eat All our leftovers.