Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fat Tuesday

Kathleen and I have a tradition of splurging on Mardi Gras. 
We go out the day before Lent begins so we can remember what we're giving up. 
Usually this consists of Starbucks, or McDonald's, or there was that one year we did both! 

This year, we are giving up Starbucks.  And as it just so happened, we'd earned some Freebies to go our with a bang!   I got a giant raspberry white mocha.  It's my favorite warm beverage.  
Then we commenced to get caught up over the next two hours, while the big kids were off to school. 
Only little Alexis entertained.   Good drinks, and good company.  

As I was departing Starbucks, I called Eric.  
He is moving from the gig where he's been for the last 7 years to another 'temporary' gig here shortly.  So we thought we might celebrate one last hurrah on the west side of town with a lunch date. 

We met up for lunch at The Tamale Place. 
I love this place.  My favorite is the chicken with green sauce.  It's not a spicy verde, even the littles used to eat it, but frankly it's too yummy to share.  Little grandmothers are in the back making tamales, and when they run out they run out.   So we never go for dinner, only lunch.  
On occasion they have 'dessert tamales'.  This time I got a chocolate one that tasted like a brownie! 
It was so good. 
With that, Eric and I are giving up Starbucks for Lent.  I'm kicking my FB perusing down a notch, I'm gonna try to limit it to more business related.  And our whole family will be giving up fast food for Lent.  This should make our Spring Break Road Trip extra adventurous.  
But in the mean time, it means less money spent, and more time together.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cooties from Cuties

My nephews came over to play yesterday.  Earlier this week, I borrowed Cole, because Bryce was in the hospital.  But Bryce is feeling a bazillion times better, and Thursday night I got a phone call.
A Cole Call. 
Cole wanted to call me, because he had so much fun coming over and playing the other day.  He wanted to come do it again.  I told him, that I was going to have to talk to his Mom about that.   So he immediately put her on!  Ha Ha!
After chatting, we decided she could venture out the next day.  Bryce was still feeling puny, but had mostly gotten over his cooties.  And I figured, if we were gonna catch anything, we would've got it.  Although, I was feeling a little itchy eyed Thursday evening.  I didn't think anything of it.
Until Friday morning, I wrote Erica, because I woke up congested.  I didn't want to cancel our date, because I wasn't sure if it was allergies or cooties.  Unfortunately, she told me, the itchy eyes, sneezy, congested, and a light cough (no cough here yet though) were totally signs of the RSV the boys had.


But, then again.  If I had caught whatever they had, then so what. And Jacob's already had RSV, I have vague memories of going to the ER over it, and I think the other two had also, then there was nothing to be lost from having them come over.   So they did.  So I oiled us all up, and they came.  I'm so glad they did too.  The boys had a great time!

Erica and I immediately got to chattering away.  It was awfully quiet for Jacob and Cole.   I went up to check on them.

This was what I found.  These two yahoos curled up watching Baymax.  
Big Hero Six (Three Hero Six) is Jacob's favorite movie.  And he has access to it on our ipad.  
So he was sharing with Cole.  

They were playing so well together. 

Apparently, Bryce learned to roll over like two weeks ago, before he got sick.  She barely got a video snippet of it.  But she put Bryce down on the floor for him to roll over for me.

I know it's blurry, but I couldn't believe how high he could lift that giant melon!  

He was such a wiggly worm.  
He's not a fan of tummy time.  He doesn't outright hate it like Chris did, but he's not happy there.  


He gets those legs up there, and wiggles and moves.  And how cute is he?!

Then he was chillin' on Mama's shoulder. 
He looks at me all cross eyed, when he tries to focus on me.  He catches me a few times, I can see his eyes are getting stronger everyday.  He's 9 weeks old, though only 1 month adjusted. 

This just made me laugh.  
It was hard to get a still shot, because he was such a wiggly worm. 

Then I got my turn. 
Even slightly congested, I got to get my fix.  
We're just sharing cooties after all.  
I miss having a sweetboy nuzzle in. 

This face.  He had just finished his bottle when I got my turn. 
His eyes started rolling back, he was toast.  
I loved it.  
I know a sleepy boy. Yes, I do. 

And he was out.  
Just about this time, Cole started giving us his clues that he was toast too.  
And he cried when he had to leave.  I guess that's a good sign that was a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wanna come play?

My sister in law called last night.  My baby nephew Bryce was admitted in the hospital for RSV.  Poor Boo.  They said he wasn't too bad, mostly just being observed overnight.  Since he's a Preemie, they don't mess around.   She wanted to know if I wanted to borrow Cole for the day.

Um, heck yeah!!

Cole arrived right before it was time for Jacob to go to school. 
Do you know that vintage Awesome shirt, used to belong to Eric and his brothers.   We're passing it down to the next generation.  And now it's Cole's favorite.  Doesn't matter that it barely fits him anymore, he doesn't care.  He's a goose. 

I offered him a snack at 10.  But he came up to me at 10:30 with this, and told me, "I need a spoon for my jar!"  Oh yeah, this kid fits into our family!   His cousin, uncle, Grandma, are all peanut butter addicts.  He comes by it honestly.   He was cracking me up.  We played Rescue Bots while watching Rescue Bots.  We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.   Then we popped over to Trader Joe's where he enchanted everyone who saw him.  

Then it was time to go pick up Jacob from school. 
Jake's class wasn't ready, but Cole found some big kids playing, so he just grabbed a ball and joined right in. 

He thought Jacob's school was the Bee's Knees! 
Then Jacob got out of class, and the two of them took off riding tricycles.  
They had some energy to spend!

They were just the cutest things together in the car!

 I took the kids to Chick Fil-A where we met Eric for lunch after his back MRI.  As we pulled up, I got the biggest kick out of them saying Chick Fil-A.  So I recorded them saying it.  Jacob called it, "Chico Flay" and Cole called it, "Chief Away".  They kept trying to say it right, and practicing.  I hope they never quite get it, or at least, not for years.  This was too cute. 

Over and over and over again, they climbed up the tree tower at Chick Fil-A and came barreling down the slide, only to do it all over again.  They played so hard, and had a great time.  

This was my favorite picture. 
They held hands as we left the school.  But they were too fast for me to grab my phone, so when they did it again as we left Chick Fil-A.  That time I got the picture!   

Then we came home, and blissfully, everyone took a nice nap, Cole even slept longer than Jake and I.


Once they were awake and together, they had more energy to spend.  
They literally bounced all over the place.  
It was adorable, and I can't wait to do it again!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

That one winter day was two

You know how every year we get that one winter day that it gets really warm?   This year it broke 60 degrees.  AND instead of just being one crazy day, it was 2.
What are the odds that we would get two days of 60 degree temperatures?!  In Indiana?!  In January?!
And my kids were so crazy, I was Mad enough to not leave the house.  I'm staying in today, I didn't even go to church.  The kids were up at 6, yelling and being all crazy.  I couldn't stand it.  By 8 I was over it.  So I stayed home, chilled out in the quiet.  Then I put them outdoors after lunch.  I figured it out.  They needed to run off some energy, I mean come on, it was 60 degrees outside all weekend!  So I let them go.  Some days kids just need to play.  Yesterday, I'd put Eric on bringing down the Christmas lights.  It's a rare day we get them down and put away before February.

It was a beautiful weekend for all three yahoos to break out all their scooters.  


Watch out!  It's Attack of the Sweetboys! 

This is my new favorite picture.  
And how groovy for them to be all sweet and stuff playing outside in January.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I am not fast

It's Time to Catch up

No seriously, Jake and I are staying in this morning.  While he watches Big Hero 6 over my shoulder for the 4th time this week, I get some time on the computer.

This is my mantra. 
Baymax is my cartoon other half.  

So, I don't mind letting him have his own way, he's in underwear, he's dry.  He's getting better and better at going potty on his own.  He's a good boy.   I am however, going to try to catch up on Blogging.  No really, I am.

So I took this picture like two weeks ago, with the full intention of writing a post about my new year's goals.  But I just didn't get around to it.   Do you know what this is? It's a Fitbit.   
Aunt Teri gave me this on New Years'.  It was hers, and she had a couple accessory bracelets with it.  She had received a new fancier one for Christmas, and she thought I might like to try this.  
I'd never been one for counting my steps, frankly I don't use my phone or carry it around enough to have it do the counting, like Eric does.   And he'd gotten me a watch thing ages ago, but it didn't work for me.  E fixed it this past weekend, now he's using it, and figures, it works just fine for him, now that he tweaked it.  Anyway, so I started counting my steps.  

I started on the 3rd. I went about 5000 steps without any extra effort.  Hmmm... 
That got me thinking that the 10,000 steps most people are going for, was gonna take me a while.  

So I opted to set a goal that week of 6000 steps. And I met it! 

Then last week, I started scheming about our Spring Break trip.  We are hoping to go to Washington DC. So I looked up how many steps on average, someone walks while in Washington DC. 


 I looked up on the calendar as to how many weeks there were going to be between Right That Moment and our Estimated Time of Departure.  So I figured out, if I increased my steps per week by 1000, then by the time we go to DC, we'll be at 17,000.   So I increased to 7000, and that wasn't too hard.  But this week, I'm up to 8000, and though I do take one day a week off, I'm starting to feel it.  

And though I haven't lost a ton of weight, I'm down 5 pounds so far this year, which is extra great, considering post surgery, and my sprained ankle, I haven't moved much since Summer, and pretty much gained almost everything back I'd lost last year.  It kind of stinks, but it truly does take exercise and a healthy diet to get fit.  

I'm working on that too.  This month, I'm leading a Ningxia Red challenge with some Young Living team members and crossline members, with my Gold leader Val.  I've hosted this class before, and I drink Ningxia Red every day.  But this year, all 5 of us are drinking it, every day.  And so far, so good.  We're staying healthy, and getting healthier every day! 

So if you are among those who are in this challenge with me, and reading this... Cheers! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Borrowing a sweetboy

I got to borrow my nephew Cole today.  I did actually say hi to Bryce, who was being fed, and fussing when I arrived.  I thought I'd gotten a pic of the two boys together, but it didn't work.  Truly my purpose and joy today was to kidnap Cole.  He's been homebound, being stuck inside with a slightly high maintenance baby brother.  Oh my goodness, I know how that goes!  I don't think we left the house for more than Dr. appts for the first 5 months of Christopher's life.  Well, that's not true, there was one time, Amy invited us over, and let me take a nap.  It was the best nap I'd had in 4 months! I remember it well.  Anyway, so after I took Jacob to school, I tootled up to Fishers to borrow my freshly 3 year old nephew.

I had plans to take him to Chick Fil-A, and to go to the Car Wash.  But he greeted me in his pajamas, nearly knocking me down, saying "Aunt Cathy, I want to go to the Library with you!"   Um, OK.
Yes, Aunt Cathy is a big sucker for anyone who calls her Aunt Cathy, particularly if there is a hug accompanying it.  Whatever you want sweetheart.  I was just happy we were going on an Adventure together.

But my car was gross.  So I kidnapped him and we went to the Car Wash.  He wasn't a fan.  We were about halfway through, and he asked, Are we done now?   Can we be done?   By the time we pulled away, he was saying, that it had scared him... a little.  

Pretty brave boy.

And then we got to the library!  Turns out Fishers has a groovy library, with a nifty kids section.

I asked him to pick out a book. 
He was not interested, until I found a Batman book.  
Then we 'read' it, mostly, and he was up and off again.  

This was a cool contraption, it's attached by magnets to something like a magnetized white board, and he could roll these puffballs down the path he'd set up.  

We spent a lot of time at this contraption. 
It was pretty cool.  
Science!  Maybe he'll be an engineer.  We don't have one of those in the family yet.  

But we weren't able to stay long.  I had to zip him back to his mom's so I could hightail it back to the Burg to pick Jacob up at noon.  And as it turns out Fishers has a Lunch Rush Hour. It took me twice as long to get back to the Burg as it had to get up there.  I called and begged Eric to meet me, fetch Jake.  As a perk, we used the last of the petty cash and went out to China's Best Buffet for lunch together as soon as we grabbed Jacob.   

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Psych Icepalooza

We expected an Ice Storm.  They kept saying we were going to get lots of ice.  I'd gone to the store and stocked up on stuff.  We had plans, but I cancelled them. Saturday morning we were supposed to have gymnastics.  Nope, Mama is not driving that far.  Saturday evening, it was the Scout Campout at the War Memorial - Night at the Museum.  Nope.  Not getting stranded downtown, thank you very much.
We got to stay home all weekend, mostly in our pajamas.  We watched the rest of Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels, which is the kids new favorite show, and we watch it for Family Movie Time and the kids played on their ipads, sanded and their painted a couple coats on their Pinewood Derby cars.

 And in general, it was awesome to just be home.