Saturday, November 22, 2014

A stop on thew long road


My friend Mary was in town for a conference, and she had to leave this evening to go back to WI.  But she stopped by just in time for dinner.  Eric went all out and make brinner, a scrumptious breakfasty dinner.   We made banana pancakes, with peanut butter syrup, some eggs, and maple sausages.  It was So Good.  Good enough for people, and perfect for my friend I've known since freshman year in college.  I love her, and miss her terribly, but when we get together it's like old times.  So brinner was the perfect choice, even though it wasn't entirely planned that way.  We usually get together for brunch when they are in town, since breakfast time is the only time they have available.  And that's always been a lot of fun.  This was great to do breakfast, our tradition, at dinner time.  It was so nice to get caught up.

Sam took this picture of us for me, and it was pretty good.  Overall, the boys didn't care too much about boring grownup conversation because Mary didn't bring her daughter to play.  I find it funny that my friend's are known by their kids now.  But our kids are like cousins to each other, cousins in the bond. 

Eric got this one of us for me.  She couldn't stay too long, though we did yap for quite a bit, because she was driving home on the night shift.  That's rough, I don't think I could have done a long drive alone at night, but she was/is a superchamp, and late hours work well for her, not so much for me.  I think I need to go to bed.  

Fancy Dancer


Jacob has some great funky white boy moves.  
  I love how he leads with the hips and shoulders.  He's quite enchanting.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

Atta girl!


Last night, Chris's best friend Emily and her Irish Dance Troupe came to Brownsburg.  Apparently, one of our local elementary schools had an International Festival.  This was the first time we've gotten to see her dance since her dance school is too far for us.

Sam got to get a picture with the star as she waited in the hallway for her performance. 
The wigs slay me.  


Her group did such a wonderful job.  
She actually came out and did a couple dances. 

Ems and her group getting ready to dance. 


They did such a great job! 

After they danced, they came out on the floor and 'taught' some of us how to do a circle dance.  I actually didn't stink at this.  And Sam was my partner, and we did pretty decently.  Not as good as Em of course, but for a girl who doesn't move her body as much as she should, I didn't stink too bad. 
Maybe there's some Irish Dancer in me after all.  

The boys with the star.  She did a Great Job!  I can't wait to go see her dance again, maybe we'll make it to Irish Fest next year, we haven't made it since we were newlyweds.  We used to love to go see that stuff, might be nice, now that we know a Dancer.  :) 

The Stare Off

These two were having a great stare off.   Can you spy what Princess is staring at?

Princess cracks me up.  She loves to go out and chase squirrels.  And they tease her.  They get up a tree, and flick their tails at her.   One of these days she's going to catch one. And I wonder if she'll have any idea what to do with it when she does.  I hope she doesn't bring it to me.  If it wasn't so cold, she'd probably have stayed out there forever.  It's like Tom and Jerry in my backyard, everyday.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The birds are back


This past weekend, I felt bad for the birdies.  It was starting to get cold, and they were gonna get hungry, and our poor little feeder had been empty for like a month.  So I had Eric fill it up.  Apparently word got around pretty quickly!

We got a woodpecker, just a little one, a little red bellied woodpecker that looked so pretty bopping back and forth among the orange swamp oak leaves in the early morning light.  

So pretty as fall and winter become one.  

We also got a visit from our friend the nuthatch.  He likes to hop back and forth, act like he's getting snacks from the tree, when really, he's just getting stuff from the feeder and then going to the tree.  

If a bird could ask, "What'chu lookin' at?", this fella would have.
 I spotted this Goldfinch all bedecked in his winter plumage already.  I guess it is winter.

Every day they're shovelin'


We got 3-4 inches of snow, so we had to put the boys to work before school to dig our way out.  The upside was that both Chris and Sam wanted desperately to suit up and help shovel... on a school day.   So we let them.  Mom W. got them shovels a while back, and they love to break them out.   But I think this year is the first year, they actually were able to be Helpful.

Both the boys couldn't wait to get out and help Daddy do the driveway.  
Bless their sweet souls. 

They started to get a little chilly, and I made them some Trader Joe's pumpkin chai, very light on the chai, because that blend is really full of sediment.  And they loved it, they called it their 'Special pumpkin cocoa'.  They earned it for helping Daddy out with the snow.  Such good boys. 

But the back stoop looks great!  

Yeah, I have no problems putting them to work before school! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall playing Winter


Sam took one look at the weather and declared, "Fall is pretending to be winter."  How true.
How dare we get snow in mid-November! 

Then a friend of mine Tim wrote, "I'm dreaming of a White Mid-November is not a song."  I loved that. It feels like not only do all the stores bring Christmas a bit early, the weather has decreed it so also.  Still, I love our home in the winter, it's nice and cozy, and I'm happy to be inside when it's snowing.  And we spent the whole day in because Sam had the pukies in the morning...though I think it was just because he didn't eat.  Still, I'm content to watch it snow while drinking a little somesing.