Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On the docket

It's not official until I announce it on the Internet,  right?!  Well,  since this is like my journal, so I am happy to announce here the results from my appt with Dr. T.  My mammogram results were clean and clear. Whew!  I'd been feeling extra tender so I was happy for good results.
In addition, and probably most exciting of all, the insurance company agreed to cover my surgery!  So, now it's getting real.  They happened to have a cancellation available for Thursday, but with all the end of the school year madness, we couldn't get coverage. That was so soon.  So we chose to wait until the big boys are back in school. So we now have a date for my breastfeeding reduction surgery.  On August 11, I'll be going under the knife.  I'm so excited!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vintage Awesomeness!

I have a friend that is moving.   She put out an apb on FB asking if anyone wanted some gently used garden stuff, like containers perfect for planting tomatoes with the stakes built in.  I jumped at the chance, and was able to get my dibs in.   So yesterday, I got to go north to pick up the pots.   And when we were jabbing, she said she had a couple extra goodies if I wanted anything.   I found myself picking up some amazing goodies like toys and games for the kids.  I picked up a Light Bright kit, a solar system puzzle, and a Fisher Price microscope kit with slides.  Oh, the inner geek in me was dying!  

Jacob picked up this cool Beatles toy, with Paul.  I'm sure it's not of extra value because it's from 1999, but Jacob wouldn't put it down.  I called it his Beatle.  He kept asking to open "my bee'le" and carrying the box around faithfully.  If it is valuable, I don't think it will be for long.  Just the box was making his day!

So, I was telling my sister tales of the goodies we received from my friend K, and Lisa showed me a recent find, all our our My Little Ponies from the 80s.   So Awesome I couldn't stand it.  She opened a bag up on the floor and we took a look.  Jacob wanted to play with them just as much as we used to.  

We sat there trying to remember everyone's names, and who they belonged to.  I picked up Twilight, I remembered her.  Lisa remembered that Sea Shell was her favorite.  I looked at my Pegasus with the Lightning on her bottom, and it all came back to me, she was my first, fly, fire, lightning.  Lisa says, Oh and Firefly, and Baby Firefly.   The next thing I know, I was picking them up and trying to brush out their hair, just like the old days.   

Lisa and her "Pony Hoarde"!  

Aww, her stuffy Bow Tie, Mama and Baby Tic Tac Toe, and we snuggled up with all our fabulous ponies.  A friend asked her if she'd be interested in selling, and she said, Oh No, these have been too Loved.  I think it's not that they were Loved and damaged, but these were So Loved, that we could never part with them.  Lisa and I agreed, never to get rid of them.  I mean, we haven't seen them in in 20 years, and Bam, we were playing just like old times. How did we remember all the names?!  

My Mom came home from work early, while we were brushing and playing with our ponies.  She thought we'd be embarrased if she threatened to take our picture.  I let her. We already had.  And we were laughing so hard at ourselves, I had tears in my eyes.  Only the best kind!    

Before I headed out, I had to share with Lisa one last vintage present, a Light Bright, that K had in her Goodwill pile.  I snagged it.  Technically, we have a second generation Light Bright around here somewhere. I remember stepping on tiny lights at the old house.  It's probably in the basement.   But this came with a box for the lights, and a mitful of paper, all ready to play.   If we'd had more time, we probably would have played with it too.  

Instead, I got a wild hair, and left it with Lisa for the girls to play with.  I thought they'd love it more.  They love all kinds of artsy things.   

2 hours later, my sister sent me this picture.  
And immediately, the girls had to call me, to Thank Me.  I  was touched, and just happy that all these great toys are finding new life with kids who appreciate their awesomeness.  (Or Grownups who do!) I Thanked K, for sharing all the vintage awesomeness, and forwarded on the pic to her.  
The old is cool again! 

Hey Li - wanna come over and play like it's 1986 again? ;) 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I had an appointment

Happy Birthday to me!  I had the appointment - the consultation appointment for my Breast Reduction.  So on Monday afternoon, my mother in law (who has had the same procedure) came over to batton down the hatches while I went up to Carmel.

I have never been in such a fancy doctor's office in my life!  I guess there's a lot of $$ in Plastic Surgery.  Queen Anne Chairs, girly flowery fabrics, an entire face Spa, right there!  I felt tremendously out of place in my jeans and croc sandals.  But they put me in a room, in a gown, and a nurse came in to get my story and answer/ask questions.

I should also warn, if this sort of talk bothers you, don't read on.

It's really surprising how to the point these people are, it's all very matter of fact.   I had to watch a rather graphic video that would have made Eric queasy, carefully outlining Exactly what they were going to do to me.  Two things that actually shocked me:  One, she told me that they'll send me home in a sports bra, but then I can pop over to Wal-mart or Meijer for another one, in a day or two.  I laughed out loud!  I've never been able to buy a bra at Wal-mart!   But in theory, that is one of my goals with this. The other thing was she mentioned I'm not allowed to take a bath for 3 weeks, quick showers are ok, as early as the day after surgery, but I can't soak.  I started to get worried, see I take a hot bath for back relief every day.  She smiled at me, and said, well, in theory, you won't have as much back pain.  It took me a second to get that. How crazy would that be?  To not NEED the bath.  I know reduction in back pain is what is hoped for, expected, and what we tell the insurance company in hopes they'll pay for it.  But I guess there was a part of me that didn't seriously expect that I actually would get back pain relief.  I haven't had a pain free day since I was 21, unless you could getting a spinal for a c-section, and I really don't, they don't go high enough on the spine.  But even if it just never got worse.  Well, that just might be worth it.

Then I got to meet the doctor.  Dr. T was very nice, she took one glance at me and could tell that I was uneven and big, and she described Exactly what she wanted to do.  Without getting too graphic, it's a lot more invasive a procedure than I thought, even moreso than the video, to get me down to a D, which is the size I was thinking.  I don't want to go too small, that would make me look - less like me.  But a D, or maybe a heavy C, that could be nice.  I could shop for bras anywhere.   It was a little disconcerting.  There will be consequences, and that was kind of upsetting too.  I don't think they are deal breaker consequences, but there will be nerve damage from the skin graft, and I just was really surprised by that.  They want to do it as an Outpatient Procedure.  That's weird to me. When my mother in law had hers done, she was in overnight. I'd be going home day of, and Eric would have to take care of me.  I can't lift Jacob for a month.    But I have a wonderful supporting husband, who is ok with all this, and a great mother in law who offered to help post-op.  And Luckily, the kids are at an age, they can help themselves.   Jacob can even climb into the car now... he doesn't always choose to do so, but he Can.

They asked when was my last Mammogram?  I'm a slacker.  I'd never had one. I got a script for one last August at my annual, because I'm 40 now, and that's officially old enough.  Yippee.    But then I lost the script. I didn't mean to lose it, my goal was to take back my health, and get all things checked out in 2015 that needed checking.  But I wasn't too worried. It was ok, I figured they'd want one before this procedure anyway.  And so it was.  They gave me the script for it when I went home.  They told me when they get the mammogram results and dr's dictation, they'll send it in to the insurance company, and see if they agree to their recommendations.   So we wait.  They thought that would by the end of May.  I guess if I had my choice, I would wait until August, when the boys go back to school to do the surgery.  It'll be easier if I don't have to juggle all three all day while I'm down.

Yesterday, which  I set a goal to call about the mammogram.  No one told me WHERE to get it done.  Not only did I call about it, but when I talked to the gal, she asked when I could do it.  I joked and said, I'm child free until 12 today, but maybe next Tuesday?   She said they had an opening at 11.   I said SOLD!   So I drove to Northwest Radiology over by St. V's, and they did the mammogram.  The facility was very clean, and the staff super nice.  The gal doing the test walked the perfect line of professionalism and having a good humor.  It could've been so much more uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally, and it wasn't.  I was surprised.  The head on shots were easy, because it's literally easy to throw the girls down on a plate.  But the side shots, they had to grab all the way to the muscle, and that was a little uncomfortable.  It was awkward to hug the machine to get the picture.  I called it hugging my boob buddy.  But you know, it's a helluva lot more uncomfortable to not catch breast cancer early.  It's not that bad.   I think I stresseed out more than I needed to.

Though still, afterwards, I felt like I needed chocolate or sushi, maybe both.  As it just so happened, both was on the docket.  I was on my way to Trader Joes' for yogurt, so I picked myself a chocolate pick-me-up, dark chocolate and roasted pistachio covered toffee.  Wickedness.   So sweet my teeth hurt eating it!  Chocolate did too the trick!

And then for my birthday my mother in law took us out for sushi for my birthday.   All was right with the world.   I took a selfie with my fancy camera phone.  :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Birthday to me!

My 40th year went by very quickly.  Why does this keep happening?  I can't believe I'm 41 now.  Guess it's safe to say, I'm in my 40s.

So for my Birthday, I am happy to say Christopher got a Black Belt in Karate.  Saturday was his Black Belt Test, and he passed with flying colors.

I think this about sums up his reaction. And mine.  I couldn't have been more proud of him.  

He looks good in a Black Belt.  We partied hard.   
But that story is for another blog.  
He's worked so hard the last few weeks, he's been up in  Carmel doing special sessions, and doing the Black Belt Boot Camps every weekend for months.   This most definitely was intense as any sport I've ever seen.  And he's built strength, both inside, and in his muscles.  

I promised him, for My Birthday, we weren't going anywhere for Karate.  
Honestly, I hadn't spent an evening at home doing nothing in so long, I didn't want to go anywhere.  
I would've been Perfectly content to do nothing all day.  

We came pretty close to that. The boyz were so kind.  They let me sleep in, Eric made honey flakey biscuits and maple snausages.  Then I got to just veg out and Chris and I finished the 6th Harry Potter Movie.   We started #7, part 1, before lunch, after which I got a big fat nap.   

Then, the only thing that could drag me out of the house, on my lazy day, dinner at my Dad's.  
And Birthday Party for Jacob, Lisa, Me, and Charlie!  With that kind of Festivity, how could I refuse?

Fishie Face Seestors.  

Me and my little Birthday Boy. 

Daddy and MB got crowns for all of us, and this pic Eric got, actually turned out pretty fabulously. 

Sam snapped this pic of us getting ready to blow out our candles.  Unfortunately, he didn't capture the big moments of all 4 of us and our candles.  But no birthday is complete without my Stepmom's Bowl Of Cake:  Chocolate cake layered with whip cream and strawberries, so beautiful it's served in a trifle bowl.   It's our favorite dessert. Every year she makes it for us, her mind boggles at why we always choose this.  But after 27 years of Bowl of Cake for our birthdays, we'd never want anything else. 

And it's always the Perfect ending to a Happy Birthday.  And it was Just So this time too. <3

Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Flowers!

My yard looks pretty amazing.  

The Daffodils that we got randomly planted, and lining the driveway are all blooming and looking fabulous.  I'm happy to see the bright yellow as I pull up.  

The weather is finally cooperating to let the kids out to play.  

They look amazing against the bright blue sky of spring! 

Like a Superstar! 

But the Tulips are really what take my breath away.  

They positively glow. 

They don't look to shabby agaist the bright blue sky either. 

Though it's pretty tricky to get a decent shot at this angle.  

I am loving the bright sunshine with these tulips.  

I'm fairly sure that tulips are my favorite flowers!

My word.  
The Beauty.

I almost find it hard to believe that this is my front yard. <3

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I have an appointment

(Warning - this post contains talk of Boobs - if you have a problem with that, move on.)

I have an Appointment. 


I kept telling myself, that I wouldn't even worry about a Breast Reduction Surgery until I was done nursing my last child.  I had heard too many stories about big breasted women having trouble nursing.  I made that choice back in my twenties when doctors and therapists started hinting at the fact that a significant portion of my back pain may be caused by my top heaviness.

I finished nursing in September.

So in October, I called the Doctor, and asked what I needed to do.  They gave me a list of things, people I had to contact etc.  I filled it all out.  Then in November, they called me asked for my doctor to send paperwork.  I called to act as middle man and find out what was the holdup.  I had hoped to do it over Thanksgiving or Christmas break.   But then Dr. Cooper's office said they had no record of me having back pain.  I lost my mind.  I fell into a deep depression.  It was mostly led by the fear that I'd have to start all kinds of painful testing and therapy, drugs, and awfullness all over again to prove to the insurance company that I needed this surgery.   I asked for a copy of my record.   Apparently it's all online, and they just print it off, there's no original doctors notes.  And sadly, every time I asked Dr. Cooper, or my Therapists to 'write that down' when I was in for drugs or spasms about the boobs, they didn't write it down.  Many trees were killed in this search for no information.
I was so sad.  Eric and I discussed it, and we decided to just wait until this year and start it over from scratch, then hopefully, we can cap out the insurance, before the surgery.  
But then in January, my back and neck started acting up again, and had been going to the Chiro.  He asked me last month, whatever happened with that boob job thing?  (in as delicate a manner as possible) I burst into tears.  

But then today, empowered by the boys good behavior while they played video games and watched TV, I traded in my bath time for a call to the Plastic Surgeon's Insurance gal.  We'd been playing phone tag since January.   She wanted the last 6 mos -1 year records from the Chiro.   She had the referral from our family doc, so that was at least something, even though all the years' worth of trouble were gone.   During our conversation, I burst into tears again, crying, "I know if you just Saw me, met me, you'd agree that I need this!"  

So she decided that after my most recent back pain bout, and my chiropractor's promise to not just write a note, but to send the whole chart, she informed me I could come in for a consultation.  

As it just so happened, in the previous hour, before our talk, she'd had a Cancellation, for an appointment on May 2nd at 4 pm.  Otherwise she was scheduling for July.   SOLD, May 2nd it is!

I have an appointment.  I'm getting my boob job.  The day after my birthday, I get a consultation with the doc who is supposed to be the best in town.  Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Sweaty self

I don't normally shout this sort of thing from the rooftops, but I'm a bit proud of myself today.  I hopped on the scale this morning, and was down another couple pounds.   I even got on the Wii Fit this morning, and played around for a half an hour, worked up a nice sweat.  I hadn't done the thing in years, but as part of my goals, I'm trying to move my body once a day.  So a couple weekends ago, I broke out the Wii Fit.  It called me names, like saying "Oh. You're Obese."  Well, yeah, that's why I'm trying move my big butt!  The kids thought this was Wonderful, wanting to join me in exercising.  Heck yeah baby!

So, this morning, I hopped on the scale, and exercised on the Wii Fit with the kids laughing and cheering for me along the way.  Something the Wii told me, my BMI was down, and that I met the goal I'd set last month.  Hooray.  But who takes a wii seriously.  Not me.  But then when I was done, I kind of began to take it a bit seriously, I started plugging and chugging, and I realized my BMI was below 40.   YES!  That means I'm no longer morbidly or severely obese, just regular obese.   Now in celebrating this online, I realize that I have to admit that was severely obese, and putting it out there may be embarrassing, but to the 4 of you that read this blog, you are the ones that would celebrate this milestone with me.  So what the hey - Hip Hip Hooray!  
So far this year, I'm down 17 1/2 pounds!  And my new BMI is 39.9!
This is a pretty awesome, since I ate out this week, ate chocolate, and went and had dinner with the Fam last night.  Though I have been drinking my lunch more often, and I think that's what is really making a difference.  My favorite lunch is a Chocolate Pure Protein Complete shake with milk, frozen banana, and a handful of fresh spinach.  If I know I'm going to be exercising in the evening.   I'll eat a solid lunch, and drink dinner.  And it really is making a difference.

I am enjoying seeing these differences.  I like feeling healthier, being able to rassle around with the kids, play with them a bit more.  I look forward to this spring, and actually being able to play outside with them.  After being unhealthy for so long, let me just say, being healthy rocks!