Saturday, November 26, 2022

Fam in Florida Trip - Day 1

 We made it to Florida!  

I woke up at 3:30, and couldn't get back to sleep worrying that I would miss the flight.  So I got up, and started some of Jacob's laundry.  Jess was due at 5:30, so I could get the boys up at 5, and I remembered to pack coffee and decaf, and the picture frame for Mom and Dad.  A million thoughts were running through my head, no wonder I couldn't sleep. Bless Jess for getting us to the airport on time. 

The Boys were Superchamps at the airport.  I was a nut, and even though we had no carry ons, an I'd pre-registered online, I waited for half an hour with them at the Departure Airline to check in.  I didn't need to do that.  But the kids behaved well.  

We had seats, all in a row, Chris sat across the aisle from me with strangers.  The kids were happy because they had all the screens they wanted.  Jacob had his DS, and the big boys their phones.  Though I did let J borrow my phone to play solitaire while we waited to take off. 

We made it on the plane on time, and I had the boys take a pic to send to Eric, just before we took off. 

The Willmans take over the row! 

The one where I got a new skein of yarn. 
I pulled this from my stash, it's a Pima Cotton by We Are Knitters, and I am making swatches. I'm making swatches, in order to knit them into a patchwork sweater, probably a cardigan.  
Meanwhile, this one is called Sunrise. 
I thought it would be Perfect, since we're going to the East Coast of Florida, where if I play my cards right, I'll see a Sunrise. 

Meanwhile, Jacob watched the sun rise, and watched us Take Off in Baby's 1st Window Seat Flight.

Chris told us he wouldn't fall asleep on the plane. 
He lied. 
It's that pillow blanket, Putin (what he used to call Penguin when he was little). He snuggles up with it and he is Out Cold. 

About halfway through the flight, Sam offered Jacob a trade, time with his DS in exchange for the window seat.  He made a good trade. And until the landing, everyone was happy. Sam was excited about the Landing, and Jacob also wanted to watch.  

Sunday, November 6, 2022

First Day of School

 How did it sneak up on me?  

Somehow I have a Junior, an 8th grader, and a 4th grader.  

They don't listen, I say stop growing, and they don't listen and obey.  They keep growing.  They are so excited about school this year.  They are all among the oldest in the school, so the maturity level has kicked up. 

Jacob is the only one with new shoes, and of course they had to be the brightest yellow we could find, but only Jacob, because we decided a. the big boys' school shoes from last year were in ok shape, and because b. they'll KILL them in Marching Band.  So maybe new shoes for them for Christmas.

Jacob picked the 1st Day of School shirts for everyone this year, he liked the sailboat icon, which is Nautica brand. He chose everyone's favorite colors.  They look pretty nice. 

Chris's bus stop is now down the street and around the corner, because there aren't that many juniors that don't drive, so he has to go where the underclassmen are. It wasn't too long ago when I hated him walking out of my site, the bus stop was 5 doors down, and I called Transportation to move it.  
That's not necessary now. 

Sam meets out front. Whew! 

Jacob car rode today, on the 1st Day because they slated the bus stop to be an hour before school starts. That's a Nope. He'd get in fights right away. So we decided to drive him. I'm hoping it changes to a more reasonable time. 

There are perks to having to drive Jacob to school. 
Eric joined me and we got to go out on a date. 
We visited a new place, Brown Skin Coffee and Tea, a place that is minority owned, and new. 
I got a lovely latte, and it was cool enough outside, we opted to sit outside. 

On a date with my hunny booboo!  
I love this new tradition we've begun, to go out for coffee, and enjoy each other. We try to go on one date a month, but it's harder to do that in the summer.  
I'll miss the boys not being home. But with Band, they hardly were home. 
I'll miss them being around, Jacob especially.  
But they need the routine of school.  And I will get used to the quiet. 
Happy 1st Day of School!