Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Big Stuff


Sunday was a Beautiful Fall day. 
The kind of day that make me want to play hooky.  
And actually, we did play a little hooky.  We sent the boys to Sunday School, then came home.  We didn't think we'd have enough time to go to Church, and have lunch, so we came home, to have lunch, and the boys wanted to do some bike practice.  Their friend Emily just learned how to ride her bike with no training wheels the day before, so partly out of shame, I decided to let them give it a try. 

Sam was the least inclined to get his wheels off.  But he did try.  
Brothers love to watch and help.

 Initially Chris Freaked Out.   We suggested that he give it a try with his toes, like he does on his scooter.  He acted like a goofball, but he practiced it a few times.  

For some reason, that Clicked.  
He started getting so good at force with toes, that he could glide a bit, so we were yelling, "PEDAL!"

Then we moved to the street, so he could have a bit more length than the driveway.  
We had a mess in the garage, so the cars were in the driveway, and we were getting worried about him dodging them. 

Finally, I moved him to the street, and gave him a push to get him started while he pedaled.  
This was how far he took off once I let go, his first run.  
Yeah, I call that "being able to ride a 2 wheeler." Officially.  

Then he rode back to us.  
Getting started took a little push, but he was getting it! 

Yep, he's got it!
Most successful 1/2 hour of biking practice Ever!

So we went to lunch at Scotty's to celebrate, and then on to his piano recital.  

Since it was right before Halloween, he opted to dress up for the recital. 

Don't worry, he was Captain Christopher in time for playing, not Captain Hook.  
The hook was left behind.

Ever have one of those moments, when all the things that you threaten your child with come true? 
That was me during that recital.   He hadn't wanted to practice.  He certainly  hadn't practiced enough to make them sound 'good' in my mind.  And when he got up there, the first song, he cracked. I knew he knew the piece better than that, but Miss Laraine had to come rescue him.  It was like time stopped. I was so afraid he would burst into tears, or have a freakout.  But he didn't.  He pulled it together.  He kept trying.  His teacher came up and played the measure he was having trouble with, and then he finished the song.  

By the second song, he rocked it out.  
I was so proud of his perserverance. 

After the recital, we went to Ryan and Amy's for Kaylee's 10th birthday party.  We were running late, and arrived just in time for her opening presents. 

I got the chance to have some girly talk with friends and family, and it was a great end to the day.

Oh, while Erica and I were chatting, Jake and Cole went to look out the window together. About 20 seconds after this, Jacob lost his mind because Cole was using him to stand on, and he was not down with that, so he turned and Cole fell down. But for this one fleeting moment, they got along sweetly. 

After Kaylee's party, we were all ready for dinner.  So we  went to Pit Stop with Mom and Dad W. 
The boys were having fun playing with her phone, just like old times.  For a moment they were getting along sweetly too.  And all was right with the world.