Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Testy Tuesday

It started out a typical Tuesday.  But it wasn't.
The kids are back in school after Fall Break, I got to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee after everyone got on the bus.  
My Reunion Group was meeting halfway across the sky.  W is working from home, so it's pretty far for her to come out to Salsa Verde, our usual meeting spot.  It's a bit easier on everyone if we meet at Trader's Point at Luciano's, rather than hoof all the way out to Avon.   But it's also more expensive. ;) 
So we don't do that very often.  However, we haven't been able to meet very often because of Fall Break and Work From Home and a zillion other things.

Taco Tuesday.
Luciano's has Tacos Al Pastor, marinated with pineapple and decorated with cilantro and onion, these tacos are delicious. I don't even open the menu. 
I thought it would be enough to be able to do that today. 

But my friend wrote that her daughter isn't doing very well at Riley.  
So I asked if she had food.  Of course, she hasn't been thinking of eating.   
I understand completely.  Been There. 

So after my gals and I met, I took some tacos down to her at Riley.  

Riley - Simon Tower.  
I'm so thankful I don't have to be there. 
My friend is thankful that I have been bringing her food and stuff, but I feel rather selfish. I get a lot out of it.  I get peace of mind, that I'm physically doing something in addition to Prayer.  And by making things easier for her Mama, I'm helping in Anna's recovery.  Does that make sense?

But as with all visits to Riley, it's emotionally draining.  I know all I did was drive.  But I came home and needed some rest, I just dozed on the couch for a bit.  Being strong drains me.  I know how much it drains the families of the patients.  I've been there, I've been one.  And I wrestle with the guilt over how much I'm not there now, even though we're having rough times, it's not that rough.  I don't have to go in, and smell the soap.  That soap sets me off.  

When I got home, the vet had sent me a single red rose, and a card of condolence.  
How nice to be remembered.  
And still, it's bittersweet.  
I missed my dog.  

It progressively got worse, after the kids got home.  Chris was in a bad mood, and he took it out on me. 
I should find comfort in the fact that he lets his guard down at home, and can act however he wants, because he knows he's safe, that I'll love him anyway.  But sometimes he can be mean. 

Meanwhile, Jacob had a good day.  
So to reward him , we went out for ice cream after Scouts. 
Custard.  Culver's.  His choice.  
Do you see the sucker tattoo on my forehead?

The Oreo Overlord.  
I thought that's what the board said the flavor of the day was, Oreo Overlord.  Just kidding.  
It was Oreo Overload.  Either way, Jacob wanted it.   
And he got some.  
I guess he was the Oreo Overlord.

Mama got a pumpkin spice milkshake. 
Also not too shabby. 
Carbs are my reward for a rough day. 


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Taco Tuesday


I did a dumb thing today.  
I kidnapped Jacob from school, and brought his knitting in the car so he and could knit in the dr's office. 
Only we didn't get to knit together.  Because I'm a nut. But Jacob is Precious.
I've been waiting for Jacob's appointment with the GI for three months, to rule out any issues. 
I saw that I'd written ROC in my calendar, and thought that meant Riley Outpatient Center at IU North.  No idea how I made that connection, I guess because we haven't been Downtown to the original ROC in a while.  So we showed up for our appointment today only to learn our doctor was downtown, and fully booked up.  And now we get to wait until the very end of December to see her.  I cried.  

Jacob was perfectly content missing the appointment, because it meant that I got to take him back to school, and he wouldn't miss Lunch or Recess.  More importantly, apparently it's Ice Cream Tuesday. 
I miss him.  So it made me sad that a. I messed up. 2. I wasn't going to get Quality Time with him. d. No fun Lunch with my Jakers. 
I've had Appointments at Riley for almost 15 years (in 3 months!) and I've never done this. 
But he was happy I took him Back to School. 

So by the time I got home, I was in a funk. 
Eric and I both had hoped we'd get some Quality Time with just Jacob today.  
Instead we chose to do Quality Time with each other. 
Time to go out on a date. 

He chose Roscoe's Tacos.  
They used to have a shop in Avon, but it closed, and now in order to get yummy taco and nacho goodness we have to drive to Greenwood.  And we don't often get the opportunity to go that far.  
Today we lucked out!  
E had a good chunk of time with no meetings, allowing for a 2 hour lunch! 

Chili Beef Nachos, for us to Share. 
There's just something deliciously simple about their combo of fresh onion, tomato, and olives. 
The chips are nothing to write home about, yet it goes PERFECTLY. 

This is my chicken taco.  
So deliciously Fresh! 
The thing is, it's all pretty mild food, a simple menu.  My kids even liked it, the last time we went.
The secret is in the Sauce!  They make homemade sauces to add to their stuff.  The most mild is Cincinnati City Slicker, kind of barbecue like.  I'm also a fan of the Texas Brushfire.  Sounds like it is, a bit more Texas.  I'd say their cuisine is Tex Mex style, but with a decent Midwestern influence. Comfort food tex mex.  Over Quarantine, I actually drove all the way down here just for a few bottles of sauce, so that they didn't go out of business.  We've been making our own nachos at home. It's not quite the same, though,  there's magic in the fresh ingredients when combined with the sauce.  Still, it worked for us during Quarantine. We liked having the sauces on hand, so we picked up a couple more while we were down there today.  So Yummy. 

And my Date.  
I've sucked him into the world of photographing our food.  He likes to post his pics on Google. Sometimes we take the exact same picture.  One more reason we're good together. 
A serious guy, for some serious food!  
If you haven't been to Roscoe's Tacos, I highly recommend you go!