Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fallish sorts of things

I found Christopher's Pat McAfee jersey this week.  And he couldn't wait to wear it.  He put it on to wear on Thursday, so naturally Sam wanted to wear his to school too.  So I sent them off to school, and thought, I should put Jake in his, and they could be all matchy matchy.  The trees were being so lovely, and I thought it was going to rain all day, but it didn't.  So after school, they looked so handsome and Colts spirity that I couldn't resist.  I had to take their pictures.  So I threw them into the car to our spot behind Eagle Creek to take their pictures.

My three sweetboys.

I think this would have almost been a perfect picture if Sam hadn't popped behind Jake's head.  

Sweetboys on a picnic table. 

The boys loved being in the leaves, and with sticks, and under the trees.  
They really are boy's boys. 

This was my favorite from the day.  

They wanted to have a silly picture taken.  So this was their silly pic.  
And since they were so goofy, I had to get closer.  

He was going for Silly.  But I think he looks more Gangsta. 

This one definitely looks silly. 

And Daddy picked the caption for this one. 

I told them if I got a couple good pictures of them, then they could Play.  
Jacob of course, took this to mean that he could grab giant sticks.  
The big boys wanted to get into the trees.  

I wanted to capture the colors. 
I love the colors of fall. 
Especially when I can find all of them just on one leaf! 

I mean look at that!  
God really can make death, even leaf death, so beautiful. 

Meanwhile, the boys found a tree to climb. 
Unfortunately, it was covered in some plant that had seed burrs.  

Still, Chris kept climbing. My sensory seeking sweetboy.  
At least, now he doesn't climb so far I can't get him.  He's gained a small sense of fear of heights. 
I'm ok with that.  

Jacob just enjoyed running wild. 

And Sam, Sam came off that tree so covered with burrs, well, they all were, but Sam was so covered that Chris said it looked like he had a tail.  Let me tell you what a pain in the butt removing all those burrs were.  It will be the last time I let them do that.  Only burr-less climbing from now on!