Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finding windows


Sam discovered the back patio door today.

He's been on the move, but today, he power crawled over to the back door, and got up on his knees and bammed his little hand on it. Luckily, he's not nearly as noisy as we are when we're banging on it to get Fina's attention to come back inside. But it would make a nifty vibrating window sound, that Sam really liked, and so he kept doing it. The baby liked the window.

You know, but only my crazy boy would be itching to go outside and play when it's 8 degrees outside. But he did. I've been using the argument, no it's too rainy, or dark, to go outside. But it was Sunny today. Sunny and Cold. But we had some time to kill after church this morning, Daddy was playing Prelude for the second service, and I went ahead and let Chris go play on the church playground and slide. He took a little friend with him, and he and Jenny played while Sam and I watched from the doorway...nice and warm. I wished I'd had my camera for that, but I hadn't taken it to church. He was having so much fun, he was so happy and bundled, and just adorable. It was so beautiful, he hadn't played on the playground for so long. He really had been longing to play outside. Even from home, he still looks out longingly to go out and play.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Makin' Cookies


My boy SO Enjoys helping me make cookies.
Our MOPS group is signing up for another round of cookie making with the Baking GALS. So Chris and I made M&M cookies this afternoon to freeze the dough for later development. Of course, we had to sample some to make sure they were OK. Don't Worry, they were.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Follow Up


Yeah, the toe is broken. The shades of purple and blue have expanded, but now there is weird redness, and the underside just looks gross. I put on shoes yesterday, and that was dumb. This morning I put on my birkenstock sandals to escort Chris out to the busstop, or end of driveway, with my fluffy pink woobie socks. The busdriver laughed at me, saying she does that too when she's home, wears her birkies for house slippers. Well, my birkies are the only shoe that doesn't cause agony at this point. So, I may look silly wearing them when it's 9 degrees outside, but at least I'm WALKING!

You know these boys are not going to let me lay up all day!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wee Toe


I'm pretty sure my pinky toe is broken.

This afternoon, I was feeding Sam, who objected highly to chicken and vegetables, so I paused, and was cleaning up some clutter in the front hallway. On my way to Chris's room, I tripped over the giant bags of salt in the hallway, not once, not Twice, but THREE TIMES. (Yes, I DO blame my husband a little bit for this.) I tripped on it once, dinged the toenail, my formerly festive Colts Blue and moved on. Moments later, taking another pack of restaurant crayons into Chris's room, BAM! I did it again. I gimped into the kitchen and sat down on the chair to try to feed Sam some more. That didn't go over well either, so done listening to the screaming. I didn't think I'd broken it, but my foot was throbbing a bit. I moved Sam to the living room floor, and once again tackled the bag of crap from the car. Upon finding another crayon (seriously I added to his crayon bag 4X) I go zipping through the hall, and BLAMMO! This time, yeah, the pain radiated up my leg, throbbing and all, I collapse on the floor. This upset Chris terribly. Luckily, his magical power is in his hugs, and after a good few of them, I was able to pull myself together and get up off the floor. But that stupid pinky toe HURT! However I could still walk on it. I put the kids down for naps, and grabbed some ice, but it was already swelling and turning lovely shades.
Now it's lovely shades of pink, no more wrinkles and a purple band, I caught a brief glimpse of the underside, and it's even uglier.

I hate 50# bags of Water softener salt.

However, once I told Eric that I tripped on the same bag of salt that he'd left in the hallway THREE TIMES! He moved it. I didn't have to ask him to move it, I just had to break my toe.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Games Boys Play (Eat)


Today, Chris wanted to play some games, so he went and grabbed a puzzle. His "Football Puzzle" that Opa had gotten him. Colts, of course. Well, Sam wanted to "help". It took some minor meltdowns, but after 2 or 3 putting togethers of the puzzle, Chris decided to consider Sam's sticky fingers and his tendency to chew the puzzle pieces as more of a 'help', that Sam was choosing and holding on to (keeping 'safe') the Last Piece of the puzzle. A hard job but some sweetboy has to do it. It was so adorable to see them Playing Nicely together.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Apple


Many moons ago, when we lived out west, someone introduced us to Martinelli's Apple Juice. I just thought the bottles were cute, little glass apples. But it was THE BEST Apple Juice! Today, we kidnapped Daddy for lunch at Einstein's on the spur of the moment. I'd not packed Chris's cocoa because, like I said it was spur of the moment. Chris has been asking for DAYS to go "The Badel pace" (bagel place) so Momma caved.
Well, I told Eric while he was ordering to grab something for Chris to drink, thinking he'd get water, because a. it's cheap, and b. Chris thinks water is the greatest Treat EVER because he wasn't allowed to drink it for so long. (On a side note, my son thinks Bread and Water is a wonderful meal--probably why he likes the bagel place--Fancy bread and water!)

Chris came back having found Martinelli's Apple Juice. (Though his bottle was plastic, a sign of the times.)Which he loved. Loved the apple shape. Loved the leaves. And was even more thrilled when we let him take a couple swigs right from the bottle. That's my boy!

Ch. 1 Life on Planet Mom

So, every year our MOPS group gets a book to read, a guide for us to follow in our activities and devotionals and whatnot. Mostly I don't pay attention, this year my book didn't arrive in my hands until nearly December. So not surprising I wasn't following last year.
This year, I've taken up reading again. I was motivated by one of my fellow MOPS mom's who I saw reading it during the Sunday School hour, she said, she'd just started it, and found it really Good! Intriguing.
And like last year's book, it has chapters with Deep Thought Provoking questions about motherhood, and ME. I decided to blog about it again, if only for my personal reference, but also because it gives me a few moments mostly to myself when I write. I need some Me time to be a better mom.

One of my favorite quotes in the corner of this chapter was this, "I take one night away per week, one day away per month, one weekend away per year." I can take time for myself, and return refreshed and ready to be the best Mom I can be!

1. What has been the most significant physical challenge you've faced as a Mom?
Obviously the answer would be Chris, and all his colon issues. From the beginning, there were the surgeries, but that seemed so fixable compared to where we are no. I have happy dreams of him being potty trained, and going like a normal boy. But it is Emotionally Draining and Physically Hard, he's especially hard lately to change a diaper because his cheeks can clench and his legs are STRONG when he wants to kick me for insisting on Cleanliness. For Me personally: The deterioration of my physical health. It bugs me that I could never lift Chris up over my head for more than a second or two. Or when my back goes out, and the only thing that works are drugs and sleep, which render me incapable of taking care of the kids. I'm finally coming to grips that though Chris can surive without a nap, Mommy can't. It's so Frustrating.

2. How have you grown emotionally as a Mom? I feel things deeper. Like a switch I can go from reasonable woman to Crazy Mama Bear in a split second because someone looked at my kid wrong. Also, I used to hear on the news about these things happening to kids, and these horror stories, and now the news makes me cry. I pray for these families, for these kids, and for their parents, because I can't imagine the pain they are going through.

3. When has mothering been a mental challenge? How so? Lately, daily. They say not to pray for patience because God will send you instances when you have to exhibit patience. Seems that we've had a lot of those instances around here. I have to control myself not to lose my temper, and lately that has been hard. Chris's sunday school teacher taught them the phrase "Jesus helps Us" last week, and as we were getting Mr. Snips ready to go, she says to all of us, "Yes, Jesus Helps Us listen to our Mommy and Daddy, and Jesus Helps Us be good friends, and Jesus Helps Us not strangle our children."

4. What part of mothering has personally stretched you the most? As I write this, Sam is SCREACHING upstairs at Daddy, calling his pterydactyl army, he knows the magic combination of noises to twinge my spine like nails on a chalkboard. Yet he doesn't understand when I tell him, don't worry dinner is coming, or just a minute. Along those same lines, it's troubling when I can't tell if Christopher is yelling, "I CAN'T!" and I'm torn whether or not it's because he's got developmental delays and he really Can't, or is it because he's just being stubborn. Seems like lately it's the latter, and fighting with him stretches me pretty thin.

5. What do you hope as a Mom to learn to do better in the coming year? Discipline. Chris is just demonstrating that he understands a bit about cause and effect, and good and bad, and I just pray I can Discipline him, and guide him so that he will become a good happy Christian, without me killing him first. And Sam has just started getting into trouble these last few days, and I KNOW he doesn't understand why I tell him not to eat the table. I hope and Pray I can be patient with them.

6. How do you plan to take better care of yourself week by week. The quotation above sounds about right for being able to step away. I actually got out for 3 hours last Friday night to just sit and drink. Unfortunately, that's not happening this week. But, how lovely to get away for a weekend...oooo! Meanwhile, I've been taking time daily to blog, post my pictures, and read. They help me step away from the insanity a bit. Hopefully by continuing these things and using the quotation above as a goal, I can stay sane.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Not even my idea


Chris had a playdate today, with some friends from school. They were taking over Chris's room, and I find it best to not even look when that happens. Melissa and I were enjoying a dessert brownie when we heard Ryan ask, "Mom are you going to take our picture?"

She asked, Do I need to? And I ran for my camera. When I got to Chris's room, this was what I found.

All 3 kids, had emptied to toy chest of all its contents and climbed in themselves.

It never fails to surprise me, the speed and exponentiality with which toddlers can make messes.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Horse!

Or OWLs too in this case. Sam, Chris, and his special friend Owly(a preschool project Chris had to bring home and include in everything we do, so we can write about him) all got dolled up to cheer on the Colts! Now we're Super Bowl bound.

Yea, normally I'm not a big follower of football, I'm usually lucky to watch maybe 2 whole games a season. Usually we only catch snips.
This year I've watched more football in the last week, than in the last 2 years. And I've liked it. It's kind of fun actually, I'm learning So Much!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop Moving...

and smell the flowers, or at least look at them


For some reason Sam has not been interested in sleeping the last 24 hours, we got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night..interrupted of course. It was ugly. And we had a full day today.
First, Chris (and Sam and I) went to the make up Gymnastics class this morning. Sam wanted to play, but Chris did really well, during class. Meltdowns occurred on the way out but we plowed on. From there, we went down on a Bell Choir Field Trip, to the Westin to the IMEA conference to see the Valparaiso Chapel of something or other Bell Choir give a free concert. 5 octaves. Very cool. Not cool to the boys, they lasted for only 3 pieces.
Then we started getting tired, Sam's morning nap didn't occur to him, until I strolled him all over the Westin lobby while Daddy enjoyed the rest of the show and bonding with the church bell choir folks. Once Sam finally fell asleep (for his 45 minutes at noon) then we returned to sit outside the door, have lunch snacks, and listen to the rest, sporadically. They did a super version of Thy Strong Word, one of my favorite hymns, and it was So Stuck in my head. Then the bell choir from church folks went to Alcatraz for lunch. I didn't eat everything, because we were headed to my Dad's later, and my Stepmom is a phenomenal cook, and as good as my barbecue chicken pizza was, I knew in 3 hours, I better have room.
It didn't make sense at 3 o'clock to drive home from downtown to turn around 45 minutes later and go back down to the south side. So we didn't. Instead we 'killed' an hour and a half at the Zoo. What a great time to go to the Zoo!
Totally cool. It was good to go, it was a balmy 40 degrees today, downright springy, and we were Avoiding the Crowds at the zoo. They were feeding the penguins at 3:30, the tigers and bears were all awake and happy, probably getting the nibleez for their lunches. Chris even requested to go see the Pretty Flowers (which is the exhibit where the Butterflies reside) but when there are no butterflies there are some tropical flowers in bloom, but there were lots of orchids, birds of paradise (see behind the boys below) and something that reminded me of the red ginger from Hawaii. Whatever this plant above was, I want one. Still pretty and peaceful, again with the Very Not Crowded. It was lovely. I actually got to sit and enjoy them for a minute while Eric chased Chris around.

Both boys had a Great Time in the Tropical Garden!

From there we zipped on down to Oma and Opa's to celebrate my Dad's birthday, where we ate schnitzel and spaetzle, and homemade applesauce. ALL of us ate ourselves into a stupor, a happy stupor though. Even Chris ate a ton. But as the evening wound down, I began to realize just how exhausted I am. THIS is why I need a Nap everyday, moreso when I only get 3 hours of sleep, and that was WITH Sam in bed with me. Even a cup of leaded coffee isn't helping, got us home in one piece, but I think 9 p.m. is my bedtime. Time to stop moving, and go to bed.

I'm reminded of a quote of an old professor of Eric's:
"Sometimes, when you've been banging your head against a wall, it's Good to Stop."

Friday, January 22, 2010

Got Spirit?


We got Spirit, Yes we do.
We got Spirit, How 'bout you?

So it was Blue Friday in honor of the Colts playing the championship game this weekend. Christopher wanted to wear suspenders so no Colts garb for him, he'll be bedecked on Friday, but the rest of us were today. This morning, Eric and I went to get all festively bedecked today, and he thought he had a blue jersey, and so did I. Turns out we had white ones. We matched, it was kind of cute.
This evening, a stranger assumed that I knew something about Football because I was wearing a jersey, and they asked me if I knew when the game was? Surprisingly enough I did, Sunday at 3. Quite proud of myself, but really, that was lucky, that's about it on my football knowledge, I figure I'm good for the year now.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Monkey Pants


After a month off, Chris is back into Gymnastics again.

And this was the first time since before Thanksgiving, I'd gotten to go with him to class. He was adorable!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Box


Grandma's cleaning house in preparation to move. She told me she was giving me something I could take a picture of and throw away. Then she handed me this.

Yes, it is. It is a box disguised as a Rubik's Cube. On my husband's head. It was a Halloween Costume that Eric and his Dad made in 198x...he's not sure which year. But apparently it was long ago, there are eye slits, but now some 25 years later, he can't see out of them.

But Chris could.

Chris HAD to put it on, he carried it home, wouldn't put it down, and now loves this silly Rubik's Cube box more than anything. I'm not going to be able to throw this thing away. And Darn It, he looks adorable in it. Eric we mocked, but Chris is adorable. Chris found Eric's name written inside it, pointed to the letter C, and said C is for Christopher...(and Cube). And he loves it. And he's never even played with one! HOWEVER, he did ask me on the way home, "Did Wall-E played with a Rubitstube?" And Yes, I think he did.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Old Book

Or, We've created a Monster


First the boy got a Millenium Falcon for Christmas. He LOVES it! He calls it his "My Yana Fatin" or just "My Fatin". Then Grandma was doing a bit of housecleaning, discovered some fake Star Wars characters, Eric can explain how they aren't 'real' but we'll just say they are like the ones we sold on Ebay, but not. Chris adores them too. He even mostly sat through the first two movies over New Years. Then this weekend, another find from Grandma, the "Star Wars Dictionary". It used to belong to Daddy, and Chris was honored and thrilled that Daddy shared it with him. Now, Chris wants Daddy to read it to him every night...and day...and night. It's a dictionary, with pictures; there are character discriptions, and models, and descriptions of every weapon, vehicle...everything, and just for the first three movies. It's insane. And our boy LOVES it.
Yeah, we've created a monster.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pit Stop


It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, so we had the day off, though come to think of it, Chris doesn't have school on Mondays, so we have them off anyway. In this case, we spent the morning in our jammies, content to watch the Incredibles and play Wii Fit. But for lunch we got to meet Grandma and Grandpa at The Pit Stop. It was nice to see the Grandparents, it had been a while since we'd spent much time with them, with all the illness floating around here.

Today there was a Race Car on display in the area by the salad bar, and Chris found it. We met the owner, didn't catch his name, but he didn't mind if Chris hopped in. Chris had a great time playing Race Car Driver!

He pushed all the buttons, and turned all the switches, and though this car was raced as recently as December, he'd removed the engine and carburetor, so it was SAFE. He had a great time, and both boys enchanted all around us.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Hair

Chris is feeling better. He's feeling good enough to make trouble, so that means that sometimes he can be a bit of a beast.

Last night, he threw the mother of all tantrums in the bathtub, while Eric was washing his hair was what set him off. He continued once we were done, Sam freaked out because Chris was freaking out. It was a screamfest. We pulled them out of the tub, and got them ready for bed. However, Chris continued to Flip Out, and he got No Story before bed. Directly from tub to bed. With a wet head.
Today, he was content to wear a very wrinkly shirt as long as he got to sport his new suspenders. And that's how he went to church, and spent the whole day. Nice Do.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hibernation Creation


Christopher brought home a neat little recipe from school yesterday. It was for a snack called Hibernation Creation. They are studying bears in school, and this little snack reminds me of a teddy bear.

First we take a piece of toast, and smother it in peanut butter. Place slices of bananas for ears and snout. Then we were told to put raisins in for eyes, nose, and line for mouth.

Chris had a blast making them!

We were out of raisins, so we put Craisin's. And I must tell you, these were really yummy! Even Chris ate his whole piece! This was his, and it looks like a bear right? Right!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Resolution Resolution


Back to normal today, relatively, Chris was feeling good enough to go to school. But Mommy Needed drinks and donuts today, and Sam got to go on a playdate. Our MOPS group has this monthly Breakfast club, a massive brunch playdate on an off Fridays from our regular meetings. So Sam got to go, and he had a great time. Many of Chris's friends were bummed that I didn't bring him with me. The Nerve of school.

But most of all, I'm excited I fixed my cell phone, I was able to get the pictures to be taken in normal size! It was a resolution problem, it was on the smallest setting, that's why they stayed tiny whenever I'd open them, but by kicking it up a notch, now I have normal size pictures. Woohoo!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pirates say ARRR on the Potty


So, today's picture is from the Riley ER, where Chris spent his evening. He's been battling constipation all week, and after a bumpy evening last night and another failed enema this morning, during which we discussed at great lengths what Pirates say on the potty, I booked an appt with our doc. He did an X-ray, saw something funky, and sent us on to Riley. After much time, during which Chris wouldn't talk to anyone because he was so happy to sit in a bed and watch all the cartoons he could, we got another x-ray, another enema, and they sent us home. Chris was very happy with his new puppy dog Spots that he got for 'behaving' during his x-ray. I could be more miffed about the whole thing, but really it's answered Prayers, being able to have all my boys home to sleep in their own beds tonight. Yeah God! I want to write more, but I am going to go join them in the sleeping.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Sometimes being up with the sun has it's perks, like when the frost kisses the trees.

The willow tree in our back yard.

The poplar out front.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



It was a Long Day. Chris stayed home from school today with a bad bout of constipation. He's been crying out in pain. Often. The best thing that I can say happened around here today was that both boys were adorable in their matching Jammies.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Today was a mostly Pajama day. And although technically Chris has given up naps, he's been feeling Ootsy, so we all felt like naps were needed for everyone today. And so it was done. I set him up for quiet time, left the light off, and he was out. He's giving me some Peeps of his own as he woke from napping upside down with his head at the foot of the bed. Though Chris slept so fitfully, I joined him for half of his nap, until Sam required some joining during naptime of his own.

Also today, Sam discovered how to play in the curtains. He particularly enjoyed Peek-a-boo.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing with the Burtons


My girlfriend Caryn brought her family out to play today. The girls went out to play while the boys stayed here and played. Caryn and I went and got lunch, little drinkies and chocolatey goodness, and then got Pedicures. I now have Blue Toenails - can't decide if they are Colts Blue or Butler Blue. Coltler Blue? Meanwhile the boys all played Lego Star Wars and Wii Sports while we were gone. We returned with McSupper and laughed at the young boys all laughing. And it was good.
Steven (the oldest, who is 12) does an impression from the Princess Bride, "Hallo, my name is Antonio Banderas...." Laughed so hard there were tears.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Smiley Teeth


On a relaxing winter's day, where, though we all got dressed, Daddy was the only one to leave the house. The boys and I stayed in. We asked Chris if he wanted to go outside and play in the snow. He said yes, after breakfast, but when the time came he didn't want to go. So we stayed in, played with toys, all of us on the floor, the boys watched Toy Story 2. And Mommy was the only one to get an afternoon nap! (made for a rough evening for Sam, until bathtime)
Sam was an Eating Machine today. He finished off every single thing we fed him. And he has decided that he loves Oma's homemade Peach Sorbet as much if not moreso than Cheerios. This was a his breakfast smile this morning. Now you can see all 4 of his teeth. His teeth are making him quite the snitsy boy, much snoochiness, lack of sleep, and bubbly gums show his front teeth are coming.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rhythm Kung Fu


It's been a very Wii Fit kind of day. There was a Snow Delay which put a very mellow spin on our morning, and then the Julius's came over to play our new Wii Fit and the kids ran wild and we had great fun. For some reason though I took some supremely adorable pictures of the kids today, but I can't get them off my computer, it's been giving me fits and acting up, so we went to reboot it, and it's taking forever to logoff, Eric says because it's clearing up all that's wrong...I hope. So I have to go with what's on the phone. And the phone still takes pictures small, I don't know why. This frustrates me. And Eric. All the more reason to play Wii Fit Rhythm Kung Fu. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boots Boots


Today he really got some use out of the Snowboots that we got him for his Birthday. The snow finally began to fall, and when I brought Chris home from school, he wanted to stomp around a bit. So he did. And he had a great time. I just love seeing him have fun in the weather.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Floor Picnics


Having a floor lunch picnic and letting Chris watch Veggie Tales. Yeah, my basement is a mess, but the boys have fun, and Mommy gets to blog! A good day all around. Note Samuel going for Chris's biscuit...that boy wants Solid Food SO BAD!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



The Last Day for our Christmas tree.
We just barely held out until Epiphany this year. It'll be hardest on Sam. He has been getting quite good at rolling across the room and into the tree. He even gets his arms up to pull on the lights. I got this shot of him today right before I yelled at him to get out of the tree...Again. It's like he's beginning to learn what Busted feels like. He woke up moments ago, and the lights were off and Daddy was taking the tree apart. Sam couldn't take his eyes off it. And he just watched Daddy. I imagine the whole thing confused him, but he'll be so excited when it all comes back next year.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Review: Sacred Spain

As we were driving along on Friday, I saw a billboard for the Art Museum, that said their Sacred Spain exhibit ended on the third. Yesterday. I had really wanted to go. I had this vision of going with other art aficionados, but as I don't know any, I convinced Eric to go. So Saturday after rather early naps we drove out the Art Museum. Chris kept saying, I want to go to Children's Museum. He was confused. I kept explaining that we were going to the ART Museum, that it would be neat too...until we got there and there was a line dead stopped, so long we couldn't even turn into the parking lot. So we went to the Children's Museum instead. Well, that made the boys happy.
Yesterday, though, we played Hookey from church. OK, Chris didn't, he made it to Sunday School. But Sam fell asleep, and had not awakened when it was time to go fetch Chris and get to the 11 o'clock service. He'd been having a rough night, and so we opted to let him sleep. I went and got Chris, and brought him home, in time to miss the service, but still just before noon. We decided to "avoid the crowds" and try the Art Museum again. We figured if we saw the Sacred Spain exhibit, there would be enough Jesus there to count as some churchy worship. And there was. It was cool.
We arrived and were able to park. However, there were a lot of other people coming in at the same time. A nice lady offered to take our picture when she saw us unpacking the camera and Sam was in his cape, which she said, Needed to have his picture taken. She thought he and his outfit were just adorable. But he wears it everyday now, so it's not as new to us. But still pretty sweet all bundled up.

So we went in to see the exhibit, "Sacred Spain". When we arrived there was a honking line to get MP3s for 'extra info'. Seriously, with two young children I'd be lucky if I got to read the artist's name, let alone get to stand for Extra Information. We did that at King Tut, and it took us 1 1/2 hours to get through it, insane, cool, but insane. Not an option with the kids. To say the didn't like the exhibit would be putting it lightly.
The first room was so stuffy with people that immediately Sam started griping. Chris wanted to run on to the next room. I guess he thought it might get better. I tried to distract him by pointing to all the beautiful pictures. Where there were lots of people, I'd ask him which one was Jesus? He could pick him out! He could spot Baby Jesus too. He was mildly upset by a sculpture of Jesus laying at the foot of the cross, obviously greivously wounded. I explained Jesus was hurt, and drew his attention to a nearby painting up an Angel lifting the wounded Jesus. I told him the Angel helped him and that Jesus was so strong he got better. That's Mommy's abridged Easter Story on the fly. (Really going to have to work up a better explanation by Easter, if anyone has ideas....) Still there were some beautiful paintings, I always have loved Spanish art. I only saw one El Greco piece (one of my favorites) and no others I knew. But there were some Mexican artists who really were amazing. Sorry, I barely caught there names, one began with an M. There were lots more paintings of Saints and the miracles that went with them than I thought there would be. Chris really didn't like it, so we blew through a lot of it. There was this one beautiful crown, a giant regal thing with 450 emeralds. Nice looking emeralds. Ahhh.... I wish I'd gotten to see who wore it.
Once we left, Chris found the computer lab, that entertained him for about 15 minutes, so we left. We went outside, and we showed Chris a couple large outdoor sculptures.
Here he is, feeling the LOVE with Daddy.

LOVE all my boys!

Then Chris ran through the Numbers with Daddy while Mommy and Sam got in the car. That was definitely more fun for him. Plus I hear they put in more large sculptures on the property...sounds like a summer play date / picnic type spot to me. But Sam was NOT a fan of the cold, OR the Art Museum.

All in all a good little trip, I'm really glad we were able to squeeze it in before the exhibit closed, and what a neat way to end our Christmas vacation.

A Baby Blanket


I got to have lunch with my girlfriend Maria today, we've been friend's since High School. (20 years!) Her boy Riley was born in August, and I JUST finished his Baby Blanket. She requested Colts Colors, which was Fun to find and make. I even had leftover yarn so I made a couple scarves too. Everyone started wearing their gifts right away, they were so happy. They reminded me why I love making handmade gifts.

I must apologize, the Colts were undefeated until I finished this blanket. Hopefully having it in Riley's hands will help with Playoff scores.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Good Drink


Startin' him early.

Saturday, January 2, 2010



Because we're Bonkers. Daddy ran a 5K this morning at Cool Creek Park in Westfield, and the boys and I bundled up to cheer him on. Of course, our cheering lasted the 2 minutes we left the Nature Center to escort him to the Start line. We made him come back to find us inside afterwards. The high today was 15, it was 9 degrees when he ran this morning. I'm telling you, Runners are a CRAZY breed of people. But we had fun.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1, A Resolution


I have a friend last year that did a blog where she took a picture a day and posted it. I am going to try it. I may just post about normal things, or special things. I think if it's special things for the kids, then it'll probably be on their sites. Maybe a little bit of both the special and normal. But with my boys it's all Special, right?! I may not be able to post everyday, I hope I don't end up having to play Catch Up, but I'm pretty sure I can manage to take a picture every day! ;)

Day 1

Sam just got his First Haircut, and we were trying to get him to smile. I was holding him on my lap, but all that beautiful back flab was just too delicious. I had to give him raspberries!

My Neices Rock!

Did I mention that my neices are being transferred to Barcelona? Well, with their parents of course. I'm so excited yet very bummed, and this may have been our last holiday with them for a while. First we got to spend Christmas Eve with them and then New Year's too! And it was so sweet to see the cousins play together.
But I was surprised at how sensitive the whole thing made me this holiday too. Christmas Eve, we were all sitting around the dining room table having a Skip-Bo tournament, when I got up to take a bathroom break, and Chris and Kaylee darted past. Kaylee asked me if I wanted to hear her play the piano, she said, "Do you want to listen to my music, because soon it's not going to be here?" In her 5 year old way, I'm sure she meant come listen to me play for just a minute or two, because I'm going to move on. But I couldn't help but hear in my head, because I'm going to Spain and by the time I get back, I'll be playing real songs, not just making up my own. So, yeah, I stopped. I listened. And then I cried.

However, this Christmas proved to be quite the musical one for our family. Alexis got a rockin' guitar, it's like a keyboard for guitar, without real strings, so kind of like an electric guitar. It was very cool, and it made Alexis look like she was 17 rockin' out on it!

Kaylee was given some nifty drumsticks that play like air drum set, where you just have to bang them in the air and they play some nifty riffs. Chris got a Drum Set. We were quick to move the drum set into another room so we could continue conversations, and shortly I heard noises. I went to check on Chris, and found he and Kaylee having a Rocking Duet. They were even switching and sharing. It was pretty cute.

But that was nothing compared to the rocking cuteness once Alexis joined in for the Family Band! Kaylee was rocking out, twirling her head around. I had to laugh when Chris tried to imitate her head roll, he just was twitching it back and forth, more like a seizeure than actually head banging. I never saw such a civilized rock band, each kid would take turns having a solo, before all 3 would start jamming again.

So that was our Musical Christmas, and for New Year's we planned another Wild Night of games and eating. Chris and Kaylee watched Wall-E, and pretended to be Wall-E and Eve chasing each other around the living room like they were dancing in outer space.

Meanwhile we played Outburst, Bang, and Beyond Balderdash. Alexis is 8 now, and she joined us, and held her own. She's dangerously smart, and a very deep thinker. She really brings such a fresh perspective to things. I was a little proud. We had Fun.

As the New Year neared we gathered in the living room to watch Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve. It was nothing compared to our own Rockin' Family Band, but we'd left the drum set at home, so we had to settle for the TV. But it was really great to ring in the new year with them.

Who knows what the next year will hold?