Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Secret Recipe


A Secret
The Photo of the Day is A Secret.  
While doing my research for my Oil Party next month, I found the Secret Recipe for making the Lavender Lemonade they serve on the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah. 
I got hit with a whammy of Motivation today. 
I'm wishing of warmer days, planning goals, and plotting schemey schemes for my Oily Career! 
That's my Secret today.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Mysterious Footprints

The Photo of the Day theme is Magic.
What sort of Magical Creature makes this crazy track in the snow? 
I was so confused.

Turns out it was the blowing leaves. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018



It's not looking good.  
Reading Little Women, and Beth is very sick.  
I have to stay up late to read her through it. <3
The theme for today's Photo A Day is Text. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

In the Night


Well Done God!   
A Beautiful sunset to end a Beautiful day. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Thank You For....

Thank You Lord, for Quality Time with my Sweetboys. 

This morning was "Muffins with Mom" a breakfast event at Sam's school. 
Of course, I didn't eat a single donut, Sam and I oinked out on donuts.  
Woohoo!  Beautiful carbs. 

Christopher and I had a Lunch Date after his Band Concert.  
Lots of Quality Time, and a Cheeseburger as big as his head.  
That's all he needed to call it a "Wonderful Day".
I think this picture makes me smile and laugh more than any of the ones I took of the Band. 

This face. 
He told me he needed sunglasses to be in the car. It was Amazingly sunny today.  
He and his friends at school had Pajama day, and then got to go outside and play. 
By the time he got home, he was exhausted, and he didn't even mind taking a nap.  
His sleepy snuggles are the best, but he can also rock the Superstar look.  

Thursday, January 25, 2018

My Morning View


Everyday my morning view consists of my nightstand.  I have my: Alarm clock (Yes, that is the same alarm clock I got in the 1980s, my first!) my phone (No, I don't sleep with my cell phone, I have a land line, you wanna reach me in the middle of the night, or naptime in the afternoon, call that), my Diffuser (I keep that thing Loaded, but currently it has Thieves in it, since Jacob keeps crawling in bed with me), my Peace and Calming balm, and my Genesis Lotion.   For Christmas Eric got me a Kindle, with a pretty blue flowery case, and so I'm currently reading Little Women.  Lotions and a Book. Priorities Yo. 

#2 out of 20

It was a snowy and icy day.  When we told the boys to be careful, we meant it.  They literally skated, shuffling on icy shoes down the sidewalk.  For some reason though, even though it was a sheet of ice when we got up, the Schools didn't cancel.  Eric had noticed the Ice, on his morning run.  And thus he turned around, came in, and rode the bike.  But the boys had to skate to the Bus Stop.  Eric wrote in to work, and the crew decided to work from home until the sun was out.  Ha Ha.  There was no sun, there was just some light, so we can see that the roads were icy.  
Meanwhile, I thought he'd get all kinds of time to work, because I had Places to Be.  Jacob had to get to Preschool.  They were having a Puppet show at 10:30 come in to school, and Parents were Welcome.  And I had a Lunch Date.  So I didn't think we'd be able to play.  But my plans fell apart because of the ice after I dropped Jacob off at School.  The Puppeteers were coming from Westfield, and they weren't going to make it out here.  And my Lunch Date is from Greenwood, also not happening.  So, suddenly I find myself with my husband at home, and No Children.  

Keep it PG people.  

We decided to Do Lunch.  

We consulted the List, and chose one of our favorite hangouts to have a date. 


Once upon a time, I had a friend named Eric.  I thought he might like me, but he was dating another girl.  I had many friends, and a few family members tell me I should go out with him.  And he was Nice. Kind of Cute too.  Well, I needn't worry, he was dating another girl.  Then they broke up.  He sat me down on the steps of Ross Hall to tell me that he had broke up with this other girl.  Suddenly, my heart fluttered, and I was nervous.  Then he asked me out, he wanted to know if I'd like to go see Les Mis at the Matinee the following Sunday.  Uh, Yes Please! I'd always wanted to see Les Mis. And it would be even better to go with this nice guy!  So we had a date.  We were going to be crossing over to More Than Friends.  We had a Meeting.  We were joint Parliamentarians for TBS and KKPsi.  So we had to go.  He took my hand, and we walked.   Holding hands.  We were all kinds of sweet and crap.  After our meeting, some of the crew wanted to go to Steak-n-Shake.   We held hands on the way to the dorm so Eric could get his wallet.  I may have even called him Hon.   As soon as Eric stepped away, she turned to me, simply agog, "I didn't know you two were dating!  How long have you been going out?"  
I looked at my watch.  About 2 hours. <3 

So we went to Steak-n-Shake.  
It was the site of our first unofficial date.  

On our wedding night, we got to our hotel room late, and we realized we were starving.
You know what we did for food? 
That's right. Steak-n-Shake. 

Steak-n-Shake has become one of those places that holds much sentimental sway over us.  
We go there for Valentine's Day dinners, with kids or without.  We'd go on Dates. 
And on this snowy day, we went for lunch.  We even drove over to 38th Street to our Original Steak-n-Shake.   

I made him take a cheesy date photo with me.  
I think we're going to do this the entire year.  

I'm really starting to Love these Dates.  
This one REALLY reminded me of the days of old, helped me remember the Love that brought us together. 20 years can seem like a long time.  But with one meal, I'm brought back to the night he first asked me out, just like it was Yesterday.

My favorite beverage from Steak-n-Shake. 
The Chocolate covered strawberry milkshake.  

24/365 Begins with S...  A Strawberry shake from Steak-n-Shake.

I don't think they had this 23 1/2 years ago, but it's my favorite now.  I can't go wrong with strawberry stuffed drizzled in hot fudge.  I don't even want to know what's in it.  It's tasty.  And because it's pink, I usually don't have to share.  I did share with Eric though, because he's Sweet. 

One of our favorites from back in the day was the Patty Melt. 
If you've never had a Patty Melt from Steak-n-Shake, you're missing out.  
I'm also a fan of their chili, and when you dump it on the fries, it's pretty good, but Eric only introduced me to that technique recently.  Back in the day, we used to get cottage cheese. It was simple, they had cottage cheese, with a ring of pineapple.  I loved it, and begged for a bite of Eric's every time.  I ordered it often when I was pregnant with Sam.  But they don't serve it anymore. :( 
Still, it's ok that some things change.  
Some things stay the same.  

I still really like that guy.  So when and if he asks me out for a date, I'll say Yes, again and again. <3

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy! 
 My Dad turns 69 today!  

To celebrate, we all met at his favorite restaurant, Santorini's downtown. 

We took over the joint, with all the kids and Lisa and her crew, and even my Step Grandmother Meb.  It's a great family place.

I think this is why the kids love it, Saganaki. 
Flaming cheese!
They light it up, and we all yell Opa! 
Jacob got a huge kick out of that this time, because Opa is German for Grandpa which is what we call my Dad.  So, we all yell Opa! Then, to be equal, we all yell Oma for my Stepmom.  For the rest to the evening, any time the staff lit up a Saganaki, my son would scream at the top of his lungs, "OPA! And OMA!"

That's the block of cheese once the fire goes out.  Spitzednwoth Lemonand served with a pile of pita. It brings us all great Joy.  

Happy Birthday to this guy!

We got my Dad the newest Kingsmen movie, Golden Circle, with Colin Firth. 
I also made him a roll-on with my Oils. 
He's been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. 

I whipped up this Oily roll-on for him, specifically for his Feet.
It smells simply divine! 

This was one of the Best Presents. 
My brother in law James is a Talented Artist.  

Sam was playing with his salad and dinner forks, and put them together in this fashion.
Little did he know, that the Photo of the Day theme was Reflection. 
So Sam created it, I just took the photo. 
This was my meal.  Pastisio. 
It's like Amazing Greek Lasagna, made with layers of meat, noodles, and cheese.  
So Good.  
I did get a side of gyro meat, that I wasn't able to finish.  So Much Food.  
It was Amazing.  
Also, I post this today, because the Photo of the Day theme is Yum. 
Yeah, I think so.  
We ate well, and we had a great time.  
The belly dancer wasn't performing this trip, so after dinner, Jacob was running from our end of the table down to my Father's end attempting his own dance, just for Opa's Birthday. 
I couldn't decide which my father loved more, Jacob's incessent screaming OPA! every time the Saganaki got lit, or Jacob's special dance.  But for once, it all worked out: my kids behaved, they all ate well, and we all laughed.  The stars aligned and we had a great time.  

Happy Birthday Daddy! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#1 out of 20

Date #1 One off the Checklist! 
We crossed off Sushi.  

Eric and I set a Challenge for ourselves for this year.  We're not going to Travel for our Anniversary.  Instead, we're going to go on 20 Dates during the course of the year.  
And one of those dates was Sushi.  

Happy Anniversary Year to Us!  

Eric is currently working in Carmel, and I am child free for lunchtime on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  So we decided to take advantage of the coverage in Child Care by the schools, and go for a date.  I know, it's utter madness.  A Date in the Middle of the Day!  Think of the Scandel! 

We checked out this restaurant called Miracle, on Old Meridian in Carmel. 
Apparently, at 11:30 on a Wednesday, we found a way to entirely avoid the crowds. 

We kicked up the crazy a notch to start.  
Along with our seaweed salad, we decided to try the Uni Shooters.
I Love This.

No, seriously, I loved this! 
The food was so prettily prepared.  
Uni is Sea Urchin, and honestly, it's hard to come by Quality Uni in Indiana. 
But this was Great.  
As Eric did his shot, he looked me, and said, "Hmm, Slimy, yet Satisfying." 
Lion King.  Our song is from that movie. We saw it probably a dozen times in the theatre while we were dating.  That was back in the days when a movie was still out in the theatres for a solid year.  Nowadays, they don't last as long, and the theatres charge an arm and a leg.  And it just so happens the Photo of the Day theme was I Love This.

Meanwhile, Eric and I tried something new, schemed schemes about our next couple dates, and ordered some really awesome sushi. 

We each tried a couple rolls, and some things that sounded good. 
I always love Mackerel nigiri, Eric loves Eel, Unagi. 
We loved the Flaming Dragon roll.  

This tray was my favorites.  
We chose the Miracle Roll, named for the place, that's the one up on the right, the Rainbow Roll.  Can't go wrong with that.  They put jalapeno in it, so it was Good, but a little hot for me.  
The last one, with what looks like siracha on top is a tuna, white tuna with fuji apple.  I swear it was dessert sushi.  It was Perfect ending. 

He and I could eat sushi every day, and never tire of it.  
But I'd weigh 300#. I'm kind of trying to go the opposite direction right now.  
So one sushi date is enough... for now. 

The year will continue to bring some other Awesome 20th Anniversary Dates for Eric and I. 

The Boots

 Everyday Things

The theme of the day is Everyday Things. 
Jacob wants to wear these boots Everyday.  

At least, today, there is still snow.  
But the temps are rising, so there won't be snow for much longer.
That may not stop him. 

Monday, January 8, 2018



The Theme of the Photo of the Day is Light.  

This is my Desert Mist Diffuser. 
It was just released this past summer at Convention.  
And I bought it.  In June.
But I didn't bring it home until the end of October.  
I had sent my Convention articles to Mom, because there was some reason that the Insect Repellant couldn't be sent to Indiana.  So I had it sent to her in Florida, only it missed her leaving, because there were shipping delays.  Very Disappointing.  At least, it was safe with Aunt Teri, until we got back down there.  In October.  
I was so upset by this box, because it represented a summer's worth of failures to me, that I couldn't get it together to open it.  Until Christmas Break.  Sam wasn't feeling well, so I did some rearranging of Diffusers, and decided it was time to unpack this bad boy.  

It is Beautiful. 
The light can be bright and beautiful, or calming with an incandescent flicker, or any color in between.  In this case the light was Bright.  
And it was Good.  
I'd forgotten how nice it was.  This was the only light in the living room, not enough winter daylight to light the room.  So I am planning to use this pretty more often! 

Pile of Yarn

 I got to be Starting Something.
It's that time of year, when I have to have yarn in my lap. 
I finished a big project, I knit a Hufflepuff Scarf for Emily, and have recently started a Green Slytherin one for Sam. But it doesn't build fast. 
And sometimes I need to mix it up with something that builds fast. 

The Photo of the Day is My Happy Place.  My Happy Place is on my couch with a lap full of yarn. Bonus points for being fireside (not in picture) .  Then it's Really my Happy Place.   And the fire was on in this case.  Shh... it's a surprise.  It's going to be a baby blanket for one of Eric's coworkers, just a simple design of double crochets in a row as long as my arm, using two skeins, and I'll be trimming it in pink.  But on this day, it's thicker than a tie, but not long enough to be a decent scarf.  It's getting there though.  

Friday, January 5, 2018



This is the stack of papers that Christopher didn't do over break for his Kumon homework.  
I found out about it from my friend Kelley who runs the Kumon Center.  She wrote asking if Chris had told me that he lied about getting his stuff done this week. She wanted to know if I wanted him to redo the work, apparently, he'd skipped 1 week of the 2 weeks worth of work.  Ugh.  
So I swung by, and she handed me this giant stack.  
The theme of the day from my photo challenge was Stacked. 
This bunch of Math and Reading work sure is stacked.  
I can't decide who I'm more upset with, Chris? Because he lied.  Or myself, because I didn't babysit him and check that he did all his work.  He's flipping 12. Yeah, I guess this one is mostly on him.  
He got himself grounded for the weekend, at least.  And he's going to be my Beck and Call boy for a long time if we chose to let him out.  So much for earning privileges, and being ungrounded.  That lasted all of 5 days. :(  My heart is sad.  
As my friend said, it makes for a Rough Mama night.  Yes it has.  

Connor Prairie

I have a friend from College I recently hooked up with through Facebook.  She has a son a little younger than Jacob, Austin who acts a lot like Chris.  He's a bit high maintenance too.  He's needed a little help from First Steps, and just recently started Developmental Preschool.  He and Jacob got along swimmingly.  We decided to meet up at Connor Prairie. They had a plus 2 membership and they got us in, to play at their holiday indoor festivities, which were still going on strong. 

The boys got right in staring at their Gingerbread House displays.  
They both wanted desperately to eat all the candies. 

Apparently, me getting a picture of Austin looking at the camera is a super rare thing. 
He went for it, for a brief moment.  
Too bad Jacob didn't do so at the same time.  Goofball. 
They did have a lot of fun with the trains.  

My sweetboy playing House. 
Honestly, the set up and house looked just like a dollhouse version of Little House on the Prairie. 

He found he could be the tallest sweetboy on the playground pretty easily.  
Suddenly, he seems so old.  He's only 4 1/2! 

There was a surprising amount of Science goodies on display to play with, the boys loved building propellers and making the wind blow.  

When they left the playground, Austin said he wanted to go "Play Circus".  That sounded like a good time to me, it was how I talked Jacob into leaving that area willingly.  Though as it turned out, Austin meant Circuits, not Circus.  Doh.   They still had a good time.  
But I think Jacob was looking for the Ringling Brothers for the rest of our journey. 

Instead we found a Snowball Fight! 

A Civil War soldier was in charge of the Snowball fight game. 
They were supposed to get hit once, and go down like a good soldier.  
Our boys didn't. 

They were vicious attackers.  
It was Awesome.  
The Soldier went down like a superchamp though. 

They had a nifty display of local tree  nuts.  
I got to taste a Hickory nut. Now I know why the squirrels are so happy in our yard, they are Tasty! 
And it turns out Indiana hazelnuts are small and grown/harvested in clumps.  But European ones look like Chestnuts.  I wasn't tasting either one, as I'm now allergic.  

My Lunch Date. 

Laura and Austin didn't get to stick around for lunch, so I had a nice date in the cafeteria, which was not crowded at all, there was only one other family.  So I got a nice date with this Sweetboy.  

After he ate, he popped over to the window to look out. 
This photo turned out amazing! 

This was the view we saw from the cafeteria.  Somewhere out in that field is where the ISO -Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra plays in the summer.  That's the last time I was out here. 
I may have to come again when it's not snowy and freezing.  We had a good time.  

Plain - The plain plain is mainly... covered in snow.  
Plain was the theme of the day.  
And I loved this. 

This is the farm at 900 and 700 in the Burg.  It's a sea of snowy field, and with the sky so blue, it just spoke to me through its Beauty.  
Too bad it has to be so cold to be so Beautiful. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

On the floor


Jacob should have gone back to school with his brothers.  
But he didn't.  He wasn't able to go because the heat broke down in their classrooms. 

So it was going to be just Jake and I.  

Jake was being extra sweet looking on the floor for a toy ball that rolled underneath the couch. 
My theme of the day was On the Floor.  

Meanwhile, this sweetboy broke a spring on his braces, and I had to run him in.  
Unfortunately, I always have to put him on the bus before making the appointment.  So I have to snag him later.  This morning after his appoitment, it was so cold, we all needed drinkies.  
Chris has grown, he now drinks an adult size Tall, but still at Kid's Temperature. 

All Jacob needed was a Child's Hot Cocoa.  It hit the spot.  He finished it before I even got home.

On the Floor for GrandmaMusik. 
After sending Chris back to school, we popped down to Mom's for GrandmaMusik class.  Now that she's retired, she teaches Jacob a smidge about music, like dancing, songs, how to play sticks.  This week, we were waving scarves.  A big hit.  
It's a bit of a workout, chasing sweetboys all over the floor. 
So I chose this photo to be our snap of the day.  Seemed good.  Mom's leaving for FL for the rest of winter next week, so it's good for Jake and Grandma to get their fixes in while they can. 

Mom made she and I Ningxia Cocktails after lunch.  
She puts Ningxia Red, Sparkling berry water, Tart Cherry juice, and a splash of Green juice. 
Then we added whatever Oils we wanted before adding ice. I chose Lemon and Frank, but I think it would be great with Orange or Tangerine too.  Can't go wrong with citrus oils!