Sunday, August 23, 2020

Mother of Emails


I've spent all day, no all weekend, clearing out my emails. Apparently, I went a little bonkers ignoring Googles warnings that my account was filling up.  I went 116% over.  And I have SO MANY EMAILS.  Like 32,000 emails to sift through.  So much clutter.  

This cup is perfectly appropriate. 
The kids have been alternating between being amazing and being awful.  
This moment, they are asleep and it's awesome.  But when I took this earlier, I could hear Eric yelling at someone to do their Kumon, while I stayed huddled in my craft room which is where the computer lives now.  It's been a long weekend.  August is hard on kids who are not used to going to school. I could not be more thankful for this cup.   Currently, it is full of water with a dropof an oily oral blend I created which is half orange vitality oil, mostly half wintergreen, and a couple drops Thieves. 1 drop of this makes my mouth and brain feel fresh, and I can keep working.  I've gotten rid of almost 5000 emails today alone.  I hope that soon, I'll get access to my email again! 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Armed and Huggable


Finally, a thing of normalcy.  My friend Jess and I met for coffee.  I met Jess through Messiah Preschool. Our sons were in the same preschool class as 4 year olds.  Once Jacob entered Kindergarten, we had to consciously make an effort to see each other since we weren't bumping into each other all the time.  She also had an older one at Brown with Sam.  We set up a coffee date, and within a week, she was scheduling to meet a few weeks later.  I love a friend who reaches out to me.   I've entered a phase of life where I have to consciously work at friendships. She makes it easy, as we are on the same pages about many things.  Plus we both have 3 boys.  We need this Quality Girl Time.  We now regularly schedule Monthly Get Togethers. We accidently skipped February, and then the world ended in March.  I'm sorry.  The world just seems to spin better when Jess and I are able to get our Coffee. 
Why I didn't take pictures while we were having Coffee, I don't know, but I didn't.  I wasn't thinking. I guess I was just too excited to see her, to have a nice drinkie with my friend, in public, I forgot my mind. 

I had grabbed a bottle of Thieves Sanitizer, just like the one I carry for her. 
And she had grabbed one of her ColorStreet nail wraps for me.  
She read my mind.  
How nice it was to have a friend read my mind.  Not that I need presents, I don't.  I just needed someone who read my mind.   I haven't had that for a while. 
I lost my mind and asked her for a hug. She didn't mind at all.  That was my favorite moment of the day, to hug someone who wasn't related to me.  I won't take that gift for granted again.  During the Quarantine, I miss seeing my friends and hugging them.  I miss hugging people who don't live in my house, be they friends or family. I miss that. 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Blogger Changed but I didn't. Black Eyed Susans

We worked a lot around the house this weekend, so by this afternoon, I didn't have the strength to do much besides sit on the couch.  I introduced the kids to Fantasia.  I kept Eric in water.  I drank a gallon of water all by myself.  I ache.  
Then I took a walk to the mailbox. 
Our Black Eyed Susans are in bloom. 

And when I came to post about them, everything on blogger changed.  
Still have a look at these flowers, maybe they will make us all happy and we won't mind that the whole world is still wonky. 

Close up flower. 

Black eyed Susan bokeh.  
I haven't tried some straight up flower photography for a while.  I really wanted just a smidge more sunlight but on the other hand, these guys were glowing on their own. 

I just loved the angle here, so you can see how big the bush has grown. 

One flower made it into the sun. 
This Susan really glows. <3