Sunday, October 26, 2014



I got to have some good friend time on Tuesday.  First I had my Bam girls come over, and we yucked it up over spiced cider and quiche cups.   And then my sister in law Erica came over on Tuesday for Nailfest, and lunch.  The big boys were grounded, so the littles had the entire run of the basement for themselves.  My nephew Cole is just over 9 months old now, and he's cruisin' for a bruisin'!
The boys will be running wild in this house by New Years!  

But they were funny together.  Neither one was very game with sharing.  
And Jacob kept deciding that Cole wanted his pacifier...even when he didn't.  
And it didn't matter how Clear Cole was making things, Jacob kept trying to stuff it into his face.

So I got to do some snuggling of this sweetboy while Erica did her nails.  
And I got to put new ones on myself.  :)

And he fell asleep on me.  
Happiness is a sleeping baby in my arms.  
Jacob wasn't too down with it, but he was fairly content to play and not share toys, and as long as he was content playing, he let my get my Auntie snuggle fix.  

The final products! 
Erica used Half Shell, a nice dark green turtle shell that I didn't like in the catelog, but I loved in person. And I used a Jamberry Junior set, Jacks and Corns.  Unfortunately, my thumbs are so big, it uses up 1 whole wrap, with little left for the other half.  So I think next time I won't do juniors or pick something without a face (like the jack-o-lanterns) for my thumbs.  Still, even though it didn't go as smoothly as I like, I did like the way they looked when we were done.   I am really enjoying how well my nails look, so much nicer now that I retain some color on them longer than 2 days, which is how long polish normally lasts on me.  But these Jamberries last like 2 weeks on my hands, which take a beating with all these sweetboys, I'm kind of loving Jamberry!