Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!


What a Wonderful Halloweeny Holiday!  

And of course, as usual, we were celebrating from the very beginning, very busy all day long.

Jacob had Kindermusik first thing this morning.  And I thought, if he was in a good mood, we might do some day time trick or treating afterwards.  I packed this Roo costume in the car... just in case. 
It was Christopher's first Halloween costume, that I ordered very large.  And this year it's the perfect size for Jacob.  Turns out the library was having its very own Trick-or-Treating session.  

So we stopped and did some trick or treating. :) 

Then we went over the elementary school to have lunch with some sweetboys.  :) 

I actually got to see both my sweetboys. I ate lunch with Chris, did some copying for Sam's teacher. And it was a good visit.  I got to see Sam in the hall, and it made Chris's day to have lunch with me.  Makes my day too.  

We had to take some cheesy selfies. :)

One of the things that I was doing, aside from having lunch with Christopher, and making some copies.  I made a pinterest treat for Sam's class.  I saw this online, and thought it was a great idea, to color Jack-o-lantern faces on cuties oranges to make them festive.  I stopped and picked some up at the store, along with more candy, (I was worried) on the way back from the library, then sat and drew faces.  I had to use a sharpie.  Had to use more than one, because the skins are so oily (hooray for orange oil!) that a regular pen just won't work.  

On my way home from the school, I saw flurries.  
Yep, Snow.  On Halloween.  
They've been saying it's gonna be a nasty winter, I hope this isn't just the First Sign. 

Aunt Teri would have liked to see the snow.  

Boo!  It's our Boos.  
We had the Julius girls come over for supper before starting our Trick-or-Treating.  

Eric made chili.  He makes a wonderful chili.  He uses V8 as a base, and adds Grandma Pat's chili sauce, amongst other special secret ingredients.  This time was a little different, building up in layers with the meat on the side, but it was still so tasty.  And perfect for a cold snowy day. 

My Pirate Crew! 

Chris is Captain Hook, Sam is Peter Pan, and Jake is Jake of the Neverland Pirates. 

Giving my children swords may or may not have been a mistake. 

All the kids all set up and ready to go! 

And there the boys go with their swords.  Sam's had already broken once, all that we asked was that they made it through Trick-or-Treating.  They did.  

Eric and I got dressed up a little too.  I was Wendy, traipsing around in my blue nightgown.  
(Handy that I have such a great love for Lanz de Salzburg flannel nightgowns. :) ) 

Eric was Smee.  We found him a striped shirt and a goofy cap.  Not too shabby.  Except that he was Cold.  It was really Cold outside.  

We trick or treated at our newest neighbors house first.  The boys remembered that last year, we went running through the lot next door to meet up with some friends, but this year, there's a house next door.  So we stopped there first. 

Wendy and Jake. ;) 

We took over the street. 
There weren't as many folks out as last year.  So the kids just plowed along.  We only went next door, and only made it about a half an hour before getting too cold and needing to come home. 

But I had hot cocoa at the ready, and we had important priorities of things to do at home, like watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. A Must See.  Then we watched Hook, since the boys were working a common theme.  They lasted through the whole movie...except Jake, he didn't, but that's ok.  And we only got interrupted a few times for the doorbell.  I need not have bought a second bag of candy.  We only got about a dozen people total.  That's a lot of leftover candy for me to take care of.  Lucky for me, I chose chocolate mixes this year, so I know I'll eat All our leftovers.