Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Totally Cheesy Boo


Yesterday we had our semi-regular BAM! meeting.  BAM stands for Butler Alumni Moms.  Granted, it's only 4 of us, but we have a good time, our kids all around the same age, and they are finally getting old enough to kind of play with each other.

Our sweet J girl is going to be 2 this coming weekend, can't believe how fast they grow.  

I got a wild hair digging through Jake's 18 month clothing bin on Monday.  I found 2 black long sleeved t-shirts.  Who needs that in October?  I needed something spooky to go with his brother's skeleton shirts.  So I made him a ghostly "Boo" shirt with felt.  He looked pretty adorable in it.   

Our sweet crew.  Just barely old enough to sit up on the couch and get their pictures taken. :)

After our playdate, I went over to Micheal's to find yarn for a new project.  They didn't have it.  Bummer. 
But by the time I left hunting all over that store, I was starving.  So Kathleen and John John were able to come over and meet me for lunch.  It was gross, rainy, chilly.  It was definitely warm food weather.  Something soup like. I wanted to try out a new place, called Tom + Chee.  They specialize in grilled cheese sandwiches, and they have three different kinds of tomato soup.  Oh yeah! 

Jacob was a big fan of the grilled cheese.  

Both boys loved the soup crackers on the side. 
But for me, who wants crackers, when there is grilled cheese to dip in my soup!