Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Game Night


Who is that masked man? 

Why, it's Batman. 
We had the opportunity to go to a Game Night with friends Saturday night.  
It had been probably 6 months or more since we'd been.   And one friend recommended making it a costume party.  So when Daddy borrowed one of the boys Batman masks for his costume, Jacob did Not know what think about that.  

He was making the most adorable thinking face, at the same time he wanted to smile.
He was the cutest little smirker of doubt you ever saw.  

Of course, the hesitation didn't last.  After 10 minutes at our friends house, he hit the ground running, and was climbing on tables, and stealing other kids' foods.  I was suprised he was just eating chinese noodles and anything else he could get a hold of.  The kid waits 15 months to eat solids, and now he eats everything and anything.

And like I said, he has no fear.  It's a little blurry, but here's Jake playing on a chair in A's playroom.

This one is also not the best, but it was when Chris and Sam started to lose the battle.  
Peter Pan was watching Lady and the Tramp with Captain Hook and prima ballerina, and Green Lantern.  

Now that Jake is older, Eric and I actually both got to participate in Game Night this time. 
We got play Bang! with dice, and Eric played some other thing I'd never heard of, that was supposed to be quick, but wasn't.  And sme of the older kids wanted to play too.  They are finally getting old enough to join us.  We stayed pretty late, it was a great time.  And what a wonderful opportunity to play with friends we hadn't seen in Ages.  Hooray for Game Nights!  May there be many more.