Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Lovely Fall Evening


It's supposed to get cooler and the weather nasty as the week progresses, so the boys wanted to make the most of playing outside afterschool this afternoon, and we had a bit of time between dinner ending and Cub Scouts beginning.

Sam wanted his training wheels back on.  And since we've only got a couple good weather days left in the season, I'm not going to fight him.  So, next year, we'll work harder on getting him to ride. 

Meanwhile, Christopher is really enjoying working on riding more and more. 
He's finding his groove. 

He's really taking off, he loves to ride his bike all the time now, at least as much as school and schedule will allow.  

My cohort in crime. :) 

Our Dawn Redwood is starting to turn.  
My favorite part of fall in the new house is the leaves changing, and this tree is so nifty.  


However, I do enjoy some beautiful maple leaves in the glowing light of sunset.  
This was natural light, I didn't fuss with it at all.  
Maple leaves just glow I guess.  Maybe we need some maple trees too.