Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A school visit


Monday I got to have lunch at school with Christopher, and I got to help out Sam's teacher.  Although because I arrived during Sam's recess, I only got a little drive by hugging from him.  Luckily, that was just what I needed.  And Jacob was my special helper.

It was chilly outside, and Jacob found his pumpkin hat from last year.  He picks it up and tries to put it on his head.  He's letting me know he wants to wear it.  OK, fine by me.  It's getting a little small, but I think we can make it through this fall with him wearing it.  

Blue skies!  Nothing but Blue Skies, Blue Skies, do i see!
Yeah, Jakers and I took a selfie.  
He actually was rather a superchamp in the stroller while I made copies, as long as I plied him with Fruity Oh's. He's a sucker for Fruity Oh's. 

I also got to have lunch in the cafeteria with Chris. 
He wanted to take a silly picture.  I don't know where he gets it. ;) 

Jake and I stayed to finish because I messed up making copies on a booklet and murdered many trees until 2 oclock.  He was practically falling asleep in his seat.  Me too.  Well, not falling asleep in my seat, but I was exhausted.  How do teachers do it? All day long!  I am so Thankful.  
God Bless Teachers!