Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Break Haircuts!


It was time.  Jacob's hair was getting downright fluffy.  I loved it when it was humid and his hair would curl, or when he's wake up curly in the middle of the night.  But  I couldn't see his ears.  So it was time.

So I did a crazy thing.  I took all three boys and myself to Great Clips.  

Now I have handsome boys again. 
It made sense to get haircuts for fall break, so that they will look handsome, and I can see their eyes in all the holiday photos that are coming. 

As a wild and crazy idea, I got mine trimmed up too.  Funny thing about having short hair and bangs again, the transition phase is so annoying!  No wonder people either have short or long hair, the in between falls in my eyes, and tickles my neck.  Ugh.  And the grey.  I can't wait until it's All White.  This in between stuff is crazy.  Now it's time for a little fall color too. ;)