Friday, October 17, 2014

Museo del Ninos


Yesterday we met Aunt Erica up at the Children's Museum.  It's great now that Cole and Jacob are old enough to interact.  And how wonderful that the boys are home for fall break, so that we could all go and the Haunted House together.  Of course, we always go during friendly hours.

I got the boys all dolled up, and had to take their pictures in the parking garage, I just never know if the costumes will last.  

This year's theme for the Haunted House was Creepy Carnival.  
I hate scary clowns.  

We got a little gummed up in line at the Haunted House, and while we were chilling, the gal offered to take a picture of me with my pirate crew.  Argh! 

Jake, Peter Pan and Captain Hook at the Creepy Carnival. 

It's become a tradition to take the boys pictures at the Boo! at the Children's Museum. 

Just as we were finishing up at the Haunted House, Erica arrived, so we hooked up and went to the playscape area.  We were even able to put the babies in the Babyscape.  It's weird for Jacob to the big one.  There are 8 months between Jake and Cole.  So Cole is cruising, and Jake is off and running. 

Cruising Cole!  
And Jake is in the background, circling over by the window.  I love that they have windows in playscape now.  It really brightens up the place!  

The boys played hard in playscape, and then we decided the littles "needed" to ride the carousel.  
They had a great time.  Chris and Sam are so big, they both rode the moving horses, without me holding on to them.  I had to hold Jake.  Although really all three boys did great.  

The littles were cracking me up. 
Can you see Jake's shirt?  I made it last week.  It's his Boo shirt, get it, he's my boo.  Ha Ha.  

The big boys found Peyton Manning!  Not really, but it was neat that they could hold his hand for a photo pic. Even though he doesn't live here anymore, I still love Peyton.  
He's a Hoosier whether he agrees or not.  

After our lunch, Jacob was done.  But I had to get one more crazy photo for the road.  
There was a lot of costumed cuteness at the museum while we were there.  
But the cutest ones of all, were related to me. 


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1084They are adorable, Cathy!