Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Prize Winners

We took the boys to the Pinewood Derby for scouts this evening before the snow hit. 
And they had Gold, Silver, and Bronze podiums, for the trophy winners. 
Now, I'll write all about how Christopher did, when I get a chance, but  if you ask me, 
All my Boyz are winners. 

CAL week 2

I'm a little bit behind, but better late than never.  

Here is my Week 2 Crochet a long, it's looking very pretty. But I am definitely gonna need more yarn!  Time to go on a yarn run!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Another road trip

You know Dickens?  It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times?  Yeah that.

Last week's semi-impromptu trip to Ft. Wayne went well.  So when I had to return the scanner again this weekend, I figured I'd take the boys again.  So I packed up the same screens and we headed south to go north.  It was my Dad's birthday, and he wanted to go to Brozzini's for the Best Pizza and Wings in town.

When I asked my stepmom what to get Daddy for his special day, she told me that my present would be my presence.  Well, yeah, but I don't like to go empty handed.  So I prayerfully considered, and decided to make Daddy something special for his skin.  He's been having some trouble lately.  He had a melanoma removed a couple months ago, and he's been so sensitive to the sun in the last couple years, he has to wear long sleeves.  All the time!   He burns like a maniac.  Me too.  So I made him some "Daddy's Special Skin Sauce".  I put 10 drops of Carrot Seed oil, for its natural spf of 30, but it smells terrible alone, so I added 10 drops of lavender too, it's known for it's multipurpose healing for burns, and skin issues, plus it's got an spf of about 10 or so.  Then another 10 drops of Frankincense, because if it's good enough for Jesus, it's good for my Dad!  Then 5 drops each of Geranium and Myrrh.  Each of these smells so good, and they are really good for skin, so I thought they'd be a great addition.  Then I filled it up the rest of the way with almond oil.  I tested the final product on myself.  And man, my skin felt awesome, like I glowed.  I hope my Dad is finding as much Joy.  I think I'm going to make myself one of these! 

Of course, when I gave it to him, he gave me a look, so I don't know if he'll ever use it.  But at least I felt good about giving him something that is good for him.  Hope it'll help his burnies.  

But I had to break out some of my own reflux goodies, after a wonderful birthday lunch at Brozzini's.  If you haven't been there, you should!  It's got the best Pizza and Wings in town.  We order the wings extra crispy, and it's practically like being back in Buffalo getting Big Daddy's.   

After lunch, we went to Daddy's and taught the big boys SKAT.  
This is a game we used to play when we were younger, I suppose other people may know it as 31.  The object of the game is to collect 31 pts in the same suit.  Sam didn't play, but he was the 'Card Shark'.  Any team he was near, started winning.  I was first out though, so I got to chase Jacob.  Nothing wrong with that. ;)  Chris actually won, which was defeatist as every time he lost a round, he had meltdowns.  Looks like we're going to need to teach him how to lose more gracefully.  

For the second half of our day.  We Drove North.  Last weekend, I'd driven to Fort Wayne to borrow the zytoscanner for my Oil class.  So after class Friday night, I had to take it back.  Unfortunately, my leader couldn't meet me halfway, so I had to hoof the whole way myself.  Originally we thought Eric would be joining us, but he had to do some Work.  And it became clear, as we left Greenwood, the computer needed internet.  So I dropped him off at Starbucks in Fishers and kept driving.  He got some quiet and worked, and the boys and I ran our errand.  

It was a cold winter's day.  They were forcasting wind and storms, but we didn't have that.  Just a lot of clouds.  Sometimes the sun would hit the trees, and it would look so pretty.  I took this pic of a lovely grove of trees.  As I approached, it became clear they were sycamores.  I thought to myself, what a beautiful grove of sycamores....and then I crossed over the river right next to them.... the Wabash.  Only a true hoosier would understand and appreciate.  On the banks of the Wabash.....

The boys were crazy.  They alternating between behaving with their screens, and Not.
So at one point, I had Chris set Jacob up with Yo Gabba Gabba.  It's his favorite.  I asked if Jake was happy watching.  Chris said he looked really cute, he wished he could take a picture.  So I let him. 
He was right. 

So we drove all the way up to Ft. Wayne, returned the scanner, and my boys played for 10 minutes with Val's boys.  They did ok the first hour, but the second was rough.  I had a monster headache by the time we got there.  I would've loved to just Be Done. But we had miles to go before we slept.  And so did they.  

So we hit the road again.  But it was clear, the boys still had a lot of pent up energy to expel.  I didn't want to end up at the germ fest McDonald's we'd done the week before, so on the way out of town, we passed by this sign for the Johnny Appleseed Gravesite. I have since learned, there are about 3 of these in the midwest.  
Whatever.  We visited this one.  And the big boys both learned about Johnny Appleseed in Kindergarten, and like to sing the song, and watch the movie.  So we stopped to see it.  

It was getting dark outside.  

The Grave of John Chapman. 

Jonny Appleseed's grave in Fort Wayne.  
Sorry they're so blurry.  But it was dusk. 

The boys thought it was really cool. 

Mommy thought it was cool, that right next to the grave were a couple apple trees, 
with a couple of frosty gnarly apples still clinging high in the branches.

So, then it was Really time to head out of town. 
But the boys were hungry... of course.

So we stopped at Hall's Drive In.  
I wanted to try a Fort Wayne burger.  It was a big double cheeseburger with some kind of special sauce, like ketchup and tarter sauce, which honestly, I prefer on fish sticks.  
The kids just wanted to eat.  I was happy that it was an old classic drive in.  
Because it would've been rough on me to take them anywhere in public.  

They had a floor picnic.
In the car.  They were crazy, but made me smile.  Jacob enjoyed watching them.  
I let Jake out, but I had to put him back in to go back south and grab Daddy. 
Jacob cried all the way home.  I think I got about 20 minutes cry free.  
And most of them were After we picked up Eric.  It was a rough rough ride. 
It occurred to me, that 3 times in the last 3 weeks, I've driven up to northern Indiana. 
I'm done driving north for a while. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Sams

I don't often get a chance to dote on Sam.  "Isn't it Awesome I have a loose tooth?"  Sam asks me.   I don't have the heart to tell him, that although I did pretty well with him entering kindergarten, I'm having a little bit more trouble with his tooth getting loose.  He's growing so fast.  

Couple weeks ago, when it was really cold and snowy, they had a delay day, and Sam was the only one willing to go outside and play, he made some snow angels and watched the sun rise.  He lasted 3 minutes.  But it was good.  I thought he was just after some hot cocoa.  It's the reward for going outside.   He just keeps growing.
Now, all of a sudden, we're celebrating the 100th day of school.   Sam and I made his own 100th day shirt, using 100 painted polka dots.  He picked the green shirt from his closet, and I taped it.  It worked quite well. (Lots easier than Chris's 100 different beads, pins, and ribbons.)

Not too shabby for me getting crafty. 

Can you tell what Sam's favorite color is?  
He's wearing 1,2,3, 4, 5 different green items, and sitting on the green bike.  
What a ham, my Sam. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CAL Week 1 -done

My friend H introduced me to a crocheting group on fb, and invited me in.  I was JUST in time to start a Crochet-a-long aka CAL for 2015.  They just started it this weekend.  Well, week 1 was this weekend, and I was muddling through that, they posted week 2 already.  Oy.  Almost behind on a new New Year's goal already.  Anyway, it's the most advanced crochet project I've ever done.  Ever.  But I wanted to try.  I'm using the bag of leftover Anna and Elsa yarns I had for my color scheme.  I finally just finished it, in spite of having to rip out 3 different rows (frog - a cutesy new phrase I learned for do-overs)   I had finished another project this weekend, and it took me a day and a half, because I have the cutest distraction named Jacob, and I kept goofing up, and want to know what else I learned, well, what do you know? Counting stitches actually helps!  Well, week 1 is done anyway, and am rather proud of myself.

A Test Run

I got a wild hair yesterday. Well, technically earlier this weekend was when I thought of it.  I am hosting an Essential Oil class here on Friday, and I wanted to borrow the zyto scanner from my leader Val, but Cindi, my 1up and usual go between is out of town. I could go into deeper detail about the scanner, how it uses electrical impulses from the nerves in my hand, biomarkers, to assess what oils and supplements I need, but I don't really understand it.  I just know it works.  The first time I scanned myself, it told me I needed Brain Power.  Well, duh.  I needed it so much, I couldn't even think of it.  I got it, and though I can't stand the smell, even I can't deny it's helpful.  I scanned Chris, and it suggested Dill, I thought that was tremendously random, until I read the fine print on Dill Essential Oil.  It's good for all kinds of intestinal drama, even reducing sugar cravings, yet also good for relieving tension and anxiety.  Chris has all kinds of nervous energy, and how did it know about his intestinal drama?  I don't know.  We scanned my mother in law, and she tested for Thyromin, a thyroid supplement.  I didn't know she was having any thyroid trouble.  Aunt Teri knudges her in the arm, I TOLD You!  I told you, you were having thyroid trouble.  It's funny how thyroids can test normal, but not be behaving normally.  I think it's what is normal for you, your normal may be in the higher range, so being low normal, may be Low.  Anyway, she got it, and cedarwood, and is now sleeping better than she has in years!  Like I said, I don't understand why or how it does what it does, but the scanner works!   Anyway, I wanted to have it for my class. I like to give scans to our team, and it helps to offer a free scan to anyone who wants to sign up, so they can get an idea what to order when putting their starter kit order together.  Or to develop a wish list.  My oily wish list is rather extensive.  ;)

Well, since Eric was working, I just packed up the boys and took them north on my scanner run.  
They had their screens; we had snacks, so I'm calling it a Test Run for our trip in March to Texas. The big boys were off for MLK day, so we had the time to make the run.  It ended up being Perfect.
I bribed them, saying if they could behave, I would stop in Castleton on the way home for Legos.  
Darned if that technique didn't work. 

It actually went quite well.  They were happy playing games. If they started to argue, I need only threaten not to stop for Legos.  (I set a 10$ limit to pick out ANY 1 thing in the store) Chris did an excellent job of helping out with Jacob while I drove.  The only problem we encountered was 10 minutes before our destination, the big boys all had to pee.  They couldn't wait.  Since I'd gotten a later start (couldn't see to find my glasses) than I'd wanted, we ended up missing Val, who we were going to try to meet at her place.  She ended up leaving me the scanner for a drive by.  Well, the boys, as you can imagine, were really bummed there were no kids to play with upon arrival at our destination, so I pulled off the next best thing.  

We went to McDonald's. 

This McD's in Ft. Wayne was always the first stop we'd make when we would drive to Michigan when we were younger.  We called it Our McDonald's.  Seriously, if I had to pee in Noblesville, I'd hold it until Ft. Wayne, I don't know why.  It was just Our McD's.  I texted my sister to let her know where we'd stopped for lunch, and she was like, Aww...  Yeah, Aww.  Now my boys think it's Their McDonald's.  And now it has a Playplace.  That made their day.  Though Jake wanted to play on it, and he's not exactly big enough, so he was our limiting factor, and we hit the road after an hour.  

As we were heading out, my phone rang.  It was Eric's cousin's wife Anna.  They were in town for a seminary convention thing, from Wisconsin! We hadn't seen them since Grandpa's funeral.  When she mentioned on facebook they were in Ft. Wayne, and it was clear we were headed there, I wrote and asked for a drive by hugging.  The baby was just weeks old when last we saw them, they hadn't been able to come down for Christmas due to church obligations.  But when she called, she had some time, and so we popped over.  

So we got to stop at Anna's Mom's house and visit.  Rudy is now approaching 6 months old and adorable.  He has a completely different yet same look from his big sister.  She's 6 months older than Jacob... and they are Just barely beginning to interact.  

Neither one was real keen on sharing.  But both are learning they Have To. 
The big boys were happy to play with little kid toys, and just be out of the car for a while. 
I was happy to see all this cuteness.  It was the Perfect stop.  

And they wore themselves out enough to make the trip home.  

I had to raise my voice only a little, and they won.  They made it to the Lego store.  
They each played a bit, making people, picking out items way too expensive, before finally settling on some green Lego Mixels.  And then we hit the road.  I stopped into the Disney store, just to get pumped up, and amazingly didn't buy anything.  For now anyway.  

The boys did really well on this trip, so I have high hopes our trip to Texas will be a successful one! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another day of macro snowflakes

I got out this morning, when I noticed that big clumps of snowflakes were falling.  Now, it's not like the kids let me go far, so as I stood on the back stoop, enjoying my blip of sunshine, I decided that I needed to try again.  Since one of my goals this year is to get more comfortable with snapping in Manual, and I love capturing nature, I got back out and tried to snap a few more snowflakes.   This time instead of focusing on the flakes on the turf carpet, I went with naturally occuring snowflakes the way they fell on the stair railing and the grill.

A lovely rug of flakes on the railing.

They even got stuck on the end of the railing, stuck in ice. 

A flake or two on wood.  
How is moss still green in January?

Flakes on the grill. 

I like how some of them are broken by where they smacked into the grill.  

There were more on top, harder to focus on one, but this one turned out neat.  

Capturing Snowflakes

What a gorgeous morning!  

It's still icy, and now we've got the addition of a few fluffy snowflakes. 

Prinny is still happy it snowed.  

 I just loved the look of the new layer of snowflakes on the back stoop.  I couldn't help myself.  I had to go for the camera.  And I broke out the macro, and was trying not to fall in the snow as I got down and snapped a few.

A fresh layer of snowflakes.  My fav of the day. 

Unadulterated.  Really, the snowflakes were just Glowing like this in the morning sun. 

Just a few on my shirt.  
Not too shabby, for my first snowflake shoot of the season.
But that's all Jacob let me shoot.  He was not down with letting me stay outside in the snow alone.  
And I was not down with dressing him up to come out while I tried further. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Wellness

I ran away.  I got away for an overnight.  Thursday night, was the third consecutive night that Jacob had awakened me every hour.  I couldn't take anymore.   Really.  Jacob had spent most of the week waking up Every Hour and wanting to nurse and chew on me.  Oh yeah, he bites now on occasion too, because he falls asleep and clamps down and Yowie!  I've never nursed a kid this long.  And I love nursing, it's such an easy fix, except when you a child that doesn't want to sleep or learn to self soothe because he'd rather be attached to a boob.  A friend wrote and called it, playing a riveting midnight game of Grope Your Mother.  Jake could give E a run for his money.  In the wee hours of Friday morning, I'd had enough.  I gave the kid to Eric.   I tried to go to sleep, but couldn't, as I was just listening to him cry himself to sleep, for 1/2 hour.  I was up for 2 1/2 more.  I finally went back to sleep from 6-7:30, after nursing Jake once more for the road, and woke up exhausted. And Fed Up.

God Bless Coffee.  

As I was checking my morning facebookings, I noticed a class in Marion on Friday night and another one on Saturday morning. Hmmm..  I haven't done much this month to further my Oily Knowledge.  I want to be a good team leader, so I need to further myself so I can be a good asset to my team.   So I went to Marion to attend an Oily Class on Winter Wellness and Business Building. God Bless Eric for taking Jake for a night.   He knew just how much I needed a break.  For me, it was a mental health boost, as well, as one to pump me up about Essential Oils. 21 hours of Bliss.  I came back a new woman.

This was my view as I drove out of town.  It was snowy and cold, and we had a beautiful sunset as I drove away.  I felt better by as the sunset just sitting in the car listening and singing to KLOVE.  By the time I hit Westfield it was pitch dark outside, and it was a new adventure.  ow strange to drive to Marion in the dark.  I don't think I've ever done it.  When we drive up there by day, but not by night.  When Eric was younger, he used to identify Marion by the teepee by the airport.  I never saw activity at the airport, and you can't see the teepee at night, I noticed.  However, when I drove by Elwood, the new windmill farm sparkled like an army of red nosed reindeer in the night.  And the Marion airport, looked like an Airport, I was floored. I was chatting with Aunt Betty, I only had a vague idea where I was going, come on, Marion isn't that big.  Good thing I did, her directions, were, no you need to go the other way on 38th street, and when you are out in the country, and feel lost, you'll see it's by the grannery.  So, there I was, driving along in the dark, just about the time I felt like I was getting lost, I crossed some railroad tracks, and there it was, the grannery, and right next to it, the event center I was looking for!  Whew!  Reminds me of the old days when I'd give directions to my Mom's house the same way, when you feel lost, turn left at the stop sign.  
Anyway, the class was great, there were a dozens of people there.  It was pretty full house, and it made me happy to see all these oily folks.  First we got some great ideas for Winter Wellness, more than just slathering Thieves all over ourselves.   I listened to people discuss how they were using the raindrop massage to keep the cooties away.  Some folks had some some different kinds of cleanses using oils and supplements, like for their colon and liver.   I guess I never thought about it, but to increase the effeciency of my colon and liver, they should be clear of toxic crap, else the toxins within my body would have nowhere to go, and wouldn't be clear to exit.  I need to read Inner Transformations, and the Desk Reference, the whole thing was very interesting.  I got some great ideas of other oils to try to keep us healthy, like Immupower, which smells like oregano, so I bet it would be better in a capsule.  Oregano makes me crave pizza.  Or Frankincense, which has not been my list of things to try when I'm feeling puny, but it's supposed to be a great immunostimulant, and Dorado Azul, which I'd never heard of, but smells quite nice and good for what ails our respiratory system, which may be very good for the hubs. It's going on my Wish List!  
We took a 20 minute break, and decided to have the Saturday morning Business Builder class on the same evening, since the weather was iffy and there was illness in our hostess' family.   I didn't start out to have this be a business, but now that it's become one, I want to give it my best, and this portion of our class was a huge reason why I'd driven up.   So we opted to just do the whole thing in one big swoop.  How lovely, I thought, I can sleep in come morning!  For the actual Business Building class, we went through the Compensation Plan, which I'd been able to pad my way through, but can be quite confusing, she was able to clarify a couple points.  And then we discussed the different levels.  She's only been doing this a year, and not only are they a bunch healthier, but it's supporting them enough to pay off student loans - How Amazing, just what I'm hoping for, to be healthier, and pay our debts!   And she had simply set the goal of sharing with 2 people a month - completely reasonable.  I've been focusing more on my team building, and gaining knowledge, so that I can think fast when I'm presented with questions.  I've been setting a different goal every month, sometimes it's something for the team, sometimes a class.  I am not shy about sharing my oils, they have done too many wonderful things for our health to keep quiet.  I think the biggest benefit of this portion of the class was just getting pumped up about Oils.  Val had brought her Aroma Complete kit that she's won as a gift for hitting Silver in 6 months, it's 120 different oils.  And she let us just sit there and sniff.  So fun!    I went to Aunt Betty's all kinds of revved up, even Aunt Betty wished she'd come to the class. I should have brought her!  And then she, Uncle Jon and I sat there and told stories and yucked it up until 12:30!  I haven't stayed up that late intentionally in quite some time.  But it felt so good to laugh that much. 
And then I slept in.  Oh yes I did.  There was no  baby waking me hourly.  There was only a dog that barked at the paperboy.   And I rolled over at that and went right back to sleep.  I had not had a good night's sleep in a while By the time I woke, it was bright and sunshiney out, it was 9:30!  It was arctic cold outside, but bright and sunny, and lovely. I haven't slept in that late in ages, well, not without going back to bed at 6.  But I got 9 hours of sleep.  I was a New Woman!  I could think!  Aunt Betty and I sat around over breakfast, talking about Grandma and Grandpa, laughing and crying, and just enjoying each other's company.  It was so fun.  We even got out Grandma's old recipe  box and started going through it.  What was it with meat/jello salads in the 60s?  We had so much fun, I felt guilty that Eric was missing out.  We may just have to go back!  

So we have concocted a schemey scheme to create a Willman Family Cookbook.  I came home and got started on the first page :) 

This pic was my view driving home, the roads were fine, once I left Marion.  

But Eric hadn't had such a wonderful time.  The big boys were good enough, but Jake, well, he's not weaned.  It was so good for me to step away and Miss them a bit though, and get them to miss me.  Though Eric did get him to drink 2 box cups of chocolate milk in the 20 hours I was gone.  And they slept with water close by, and Eric got a bit of time in his own bed. But Jake was up every 2 hours.  So I called Mom W. when we got home, and asked if I could take Eric out for dinner.  She said sure, and we went to Thai Lanna for some yummy Tom Yum soup.   And we left the kids with Mom and Dad, and Aunt Teri for an hour or so.  Mom had surgery over New Year's and she isn't been firing on all thrusters quite yet, so we went back, and hung out for the rest of the evening.  It was the best of all possible options, fam time and child free time.  When Eric started to doze off on their couch, it was a sign our fabulous day had ended.   Jake was kind though, he slept in bigger chunks, in his own bed (!) last night, 3 hours, 2 and 2.  So really, I only got up twice.  Man, I am a new woman when I get sleep.   Sleep is so good for my mental and physical health.  Maybe I'll even be able to think more often this year.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby, it's cold outside

Well, in case you were wondering, it's Winter Now.

We got 3-4 inches dumped on our heads last night.  Just in time for the yahoos to go back to school.
You never saw such disappointed sweetboys.  The temp dropped like 30 degrees in a day.  Brrr...

They were mad as hornets that they had to school.  They really wanted their Winter Break to get extended just a little bit longer.  Just like last year.  Sorry kiddos.  Gotta go to school.   
Mommy needed a break.  Jake and I just ended up staying home, and doing nothing.  In the quiet.
And what a beautiful day it ended up being.

My backyard is so beautiful on a snowy day! 

But my front yard ain't too shabby either.  
I took these pics with my new Christmas present. :) 

Not too bad of pics, but it's really easy when God provides such a beautiful sunset.  

Friday, January 2, 2015

I am Resolved

Every other year or so, I get this wild idea to take a picture every day, or blog every day.  And then I do it, and by about September or October, it starts getting cumbersome.  Last year was the same.
So for 2015, I resolve NOT to take a picture every day.   Or at least, I don't plan on blogging about it every day.  I just want to tell sweet stories about my kids, and what we're up to. Heck, I am still trying to get caught up from last year.  Ugh.  It shouldn't be such work.  I should enjoy blogging, I want to enjoy blogging again.  I want to enjoy photography again. I resolve to shoot more in manual.  I resolve to get better on my own, not through pressure, but by the gift of Time and Effort.  I want to take better pictures.  Not just lots, but Good Ones!
I resolve to get Healthier, both mentally and physically.  Eric and I resolve together to get in shape to be able to hoof all over Disney World by Summer.  I'd like to be in good enough shape to be able to run a 5K again by then, not because I want to be running a 5K in WDW, but because I was in pretty decent shape back in 2012 when I could last run a 5K.  I want to be able to do it.  So I got started.  I went for a walk.  Baby steps!  I can walk a mile or two, but really, that's the max I've been able to do since Jacob.  I keep trying, but fizzling out.  So tonight I went for a walk.  I was fed up at yelling at the kids all day, I wanted a quiet walk by myself, but then Sam wanted to come with me.  So I said ok, thinking he'd never make it the mile I wanted to go in the 35 degree temps.  But we heard it was only gonna get colder in the coming weeks, and I really wanted to get out while I could.   But he surprised me.  He did wonderfully, he was excited to chat and walk the whole mile.   He kept up with me, and held my hand. He wanted to tap the Stop Sign just like I did.  Maybe he's just been making me crazy because he needed some individual attention.  He even ran ahead of me a bit.  Next time he wants to go even further, he's gonna be my great little personal trainer, and this gets me really excited.  Maybe this will be a great opportunity for both of us.  I know it's Time to take back my health.  I have three wonderful reasons to get healthy: Chris, Sam, and Jacob!  2014 was great for taking first steps toward getting healthy, for the first time in 8  years we did not max out our insurance.  I credit the oils with that.  We've only gotten sick once in the 6 months since I've been using them, and that was just a couple days fever, and an annoying cough.  But I've heard folks down for a week or longer with similar cooties. But I need my brain back too.  I'm hoping my oils can help me with that too.  I feel like they help me focus.   Eric and I resolved together to also take the Ningxia Challenge.  Ningxia Red is a special juice blend featuring the Goji berry, aka the Ningxia wolfberry, from China, among other fabulous anti-oxident filled juices made by Young Living.

A challenge came down from my higher ups, to either start drinking it daily, or bump up my content in the month of January.  I thought, I can do Just January.  No committment beyond that.  But we got a couple bottles, so we should be able to do that.  We even got the special holiday Ningxia Chrome kit that comes with shot glasses.  How handy is that? And frankly, I'm curious, from a scientific standpoint.  What will the effects be?  Will I have a clearer brain?  That seems to be the effect so far.  Maybe it's just that I'm getting 8 hours of sleep a night, not consecutively, Jake still wakes, but he's only been waking a couple times, and going right back to sleep, so the last few days have been better. Maybe he's getting better too?  Maybe doing that shot in the morning, kind of gives us all a boost to better health.  Maybe it will help me lose weight, I've heard it can. I've heard it can regulate blood sugar, maybe it will help with the Hangries I get when I don't eat.  I don't know, but like I said, I'm doing it, for January at least.  I'd like to lose some weight, but I'm not going to 'diet'.  I'm about 15 pounds less than when I had Jacob.  And I've pitched all my nursing bras, but I'd like for my regular clothes to fit better. I find I do better incorporating exercise into my diet, and including "something that has grown recently" into my daily intake rather than just drastically reducing my food, it's got to be a lifestyle addition, not depriving myself. If I deprive myself, I'll end up binging. I hope if I add just those two things, exercise and some fresh food,  with the Ningxia, the unhealthy weight might just melt away.

So these are my 2015 goals, so far anyway.  I'm still feeling the New Year's vibe, maybe I'll think of other ways to achieve my goals.  I've got all year, right?!  Right.