Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday sweetthings


I finished a project.  
A friend of mine asked me to make candy corn hats and cocoons for her preemie twins for Halloween. And she was willing to pay me!  I've never been commissioned for a crochet project before, but I followed a recipe from ravelry, and it worked.  They look small, but the measurements are right.  It seems like they would hold a skein of yarn to me.  But maybe that's how tiny the twins are, I don't know, they're still in the NICU.  

These big boys got their faces painted while we were at Scotty's brewhouse for lunch after church. 
It's their favorite place.  They love their burgers (me too) and the kids eat free on Sundays.  
I'm down with that. 

It wears us all out.  Even Jakers.  
Sunday afternoons were made for napping!