Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

March Madness is at it's Peak.
Today, the boys and I ran down to Butler to pick up few new shirts. I went to the first cute shirts I saw, and I had Sweet 16 shirts in my hands, but then was like, Wait, NO, I want....

Final Four shirts!!!

And so we did.

Unfortunately, their youth shirt selection was CRUMMY. But I picked up two T-shirts, but the sizes are 2T and 3T. So Sam's will Swim on him. Not that either boy will care. We took a walk around for a bit. It was a gorgeous Spring Day, and you can't help but be outside. Apparently mosts of the kids on campus thought so too!

Go BU!!!

They decorated campus with lovely blue ribbons around the trees.

Decorating the Trees--Cool. Decorating the giant emergency "tampons", I don't know about that....

As we were driving to Butler, I told Chris we were going to see THE BULLDOG.
I meant this one.

He asked me if after we the game was done if he could go down and play ball on the floor. Of course, he meant to toss a ball around on the basketball court at Hinkle Fieldhouse. I told him that we were going to see The Bulldog and buy some shirts. Some Bulldogs shirts. He said, Bulldogs wear blue shirts, and blue shoes. I was like yes, Yes they do. Ahhh, he thought we meant the Bulldog mascot that dresses for Games!

I was proven entirely correct also, when we got to the Butler Bulldog statue out front of Atherton Hall.

My Boys and the Bulldog.

Mommy and her Bulldogs.

Some a bit more bulldog-esque than others. Chris on the other hand, didn't mind crawling around, and getting familiar with the campus. Though these pansies weren't quite Blue and White, they were about as close to Blue as we can get this time of yeaar. And Chris was happy, he's always liked happy flowers just like Mama.

And he was tempted to climb this tree, but still a little high for him....maybe next year.

Chris enjoys Campus.

Sam had eyes for all the gals on sorority row out front of Schwitzer Hall, where Mommy used to live.

Hard to read, but the sign on 46th Street now reads "Butler Way". So Cool.

Where the Action Is..."Historic Hinkle Fieldhouse"!

On the way home....Even the folks at the Colts Complex can't deny Butler's Awesomeness, the giant Football guy was out today. Check out the new sign on his shirt.

At time of posting, April 1st, Eric and I found out a friend of us was able to get us some tickets to Saturday night's Final Four Game! WOOHOO!!!

We're going to a Butler Home Game NOT at HINKLE.


Carla S said...

Loved this post!! Thanks for all the pictures! I miss BU!

And go DAWGS!! (wish I could be there so cheer extra loud for me!)