Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Outdoorsy Sort of Day


Well, Spring is unofficially here. The temps went up, and it was a gorgeous day today. So nice, we HAD to play outside after preschool. Chris definitely has no more need for PT, he's getting a bit crazier on the slide. Today he was going down feetfirst on his belly, and sideways.

Sidesaddle we called it.

It was so bright and sunny out, that not only did Chris get his sunglasses, but so did Sam. They didn't last very long on Sam though.

Sam preferred to kickoff the glasses. He did venture off his blankee for a bit to check out the crunchy leaves. It's so neat to see how he responds to changes in his environment. He loved the crunch of the leaves, but like brother, not interested in getting too dirty.

Meanwhile, Chris was having a fine time playing with his cousin Kaylee. The two of them took turns climbing a plastic rock. Kaylee was modeling for my camera, she really is so lovely, but they both are little hams.

After lunch and naps, the boys and I decided to take a walk. Chris wanted to take his wagon. I agreed. I think he was surprised I agreed, but we had to load up Sam too. I was happy to find both boys fit so well...

AND got along.

Though about 2/3 around the block, Chris decided he wanted to walk. Walk and Run. He loves to just Take Off! But happily, he didn't go far.

But as soon as Chris was out of the wagon, Sam crawled around, made himself comfortable, and started taking his socks off.

Some boys like Spring!