Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Breakfast Therapy


I did a wickedly sneaky thing today.

I went to Chick Fil-A. Without Chris. ;)

I was explaining to Eric this morning about going to "The place with the Cow that doesn't serve Beef" aka Chick Fil-A for brunch with my Sister in law. Chris chimes in, "I WANT TO GO TO THE PLACE OF THE COW!" No, I tell him, you're going to school. "Oh" he says, "Then I'll just Dream about it." Can't blame him, I'm a big fan of Chick Fil-A too. Not that I dream about it, at least not at night....

Meanwhile, Sam and I went and met Aunt Amy after taking the kids to school, and we all went for free breakfast sandwiches at Chick Fil-A. Sam surprised me by eating no less than 4 hash rounds and a good couple bites of chicken (well who wouldn't?) on top of his blueberry breakfast business. Little Piglet.
And Amy and I had some therapeutic conversation. It's just good to get out...not that any one thing was stressing me out, but just it's therapeutic to be Elvis and Leave the Building.

I'm really going to miss these casual dates when they go to Spain. A lot.

Sam's going to miss his Aunt Amy too. He was laughing so hard when she'd tickle. He wasn't in a good mood when he saw her last week, but this week, he was being very sweet. Mostly. And he Really loved playing with her coffee cup today. He must miss that scrumptious smell, since Mommy gave it up for Lent. Mommy thought it smelled pretty good too.

Starbucks, the Monday or Tuesday after Easter, anyone?