Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Day for a Drive


A Good Day for a Drive.

Today after naps, we decided to Step Outside. Chris saw the neighbor kids out on their new spring bikes. Now he didn't want to ride his bike initially, he was too excited about his Red know the one Santa brought him.
The weather was nice enough today for us to break it out. And when he saw the kids across the street, well, he wanted "Doe Tot To Doze Dice". (Go talk to those guys)
They ignored him, and he just chased after them in his little red car, but he had a great time doing so. We'd tell one kid to turn around and they all would. Chris was padding along Fred Flinstone style, and he'd gum up the sidewalk for the bikers, but he was having so much fun.

For a while anyway. Then he got out and approached them on foot. That was pretty sweet too, the little girl fell over at one point, and Chris was right there, the chivalrous little man he is, to help. But he was too tiny to move her bike. I stood by with the car. But my arm full of Sam was getting heavy.

So I put Sam in the car.

Holy Cow! You never saw a boy so happy to be in a car. By this time, he'd been watching Big Brother in the car for probably 15 minutes tonight, and not the first time. But he'd never been allowed in it. I don't even know if he was This Happy in DisneyWorld...maybe a Tie. He was HAPPY.

Then Big Brother got in with Sam. I guess Here's 1 good reason I have Tiny Petite they really can Share the Car.

And share they did. I pushed, Chris helped Pad, but sitting off to one side made him go a little crooked there for a bit. But the boys were having So Much Fun in that car.

Some little boy had popsicle toes when he finally came inside. But it was a Good Day for a Drive.


Carla S said...

An excellent day for a drive, indeed!

That made me smile. I couldn't help it. Those bright happy smiles were contagious!

amypfan said...

So cute! Glad the boys are feeling better and ready to get out and about. Just wish the same could be said for you!

SuperSillyAunt said...

Look at all those pretty teeth! I love the pictures of the brothers together...almost brings a tear to the eye because they are just too precious!