Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Please Forgive Me

Oh Faithful Blog stalking friends, I am SO SORRY.
I really really was hoping I was pregnant. That same vague nausea I felt while pregnant with both my boys has gripped me for the last 2 days. I even went so far as to research a due date...November 19. I got a negative pregnancy test yesterday, but still had hope since I was having vague waves of the quease tonight. Seriously bad waves. Pulled a steady IV of 7up this evening thinking, oh yeah, gotta love this Quease. But there is No November 19. I just woke up with something fierce, that led me to bow down to the powers of the bathroom. It was Ugly.
And I am so sorry.
I have exposed you unknowingly to the stomach flu bug that the boys had. And now I have it. And I would trade it in a red hot minute for 9 months of massive quease that would result in another sweet baby rather than this....notsomuch the actualthe extreme shame that I exposed my friends and loved ones to El Gripe. I was privileged enough to escape from the boys for a bit tonight..to a friend's Jewelry Party. I hugged friends I hadn't spent time with in Ages, held a sweet baby, looked at all the pretties, all the while I'm Typhoid Cathy. Oh I am so sorry.
I really hope and pray that I have not contaminated you. I am so sorry. So So SO SORRY.


Seestor said...

Well then, I'm glad you didn't come to James' b-day thing at dad's on sunday 'cause I'm still getting over my very own typhoid... Hope you feel better.