Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Beginning


You know how I have been Gifted with the ability to be a good supply of a nursing Mom. And although it's been mighty inconvenient that neither one of my boys would take from a bottle, I didn't worry too much, because I could provide before and after play and there's plenty of water in baby food. Lately I've been wondering if Sam is small, and not sleeping at night because he's not getting enough from me. And he's been eating a lot of bread lately, Goodness knows the boy can pack it away sometimes, so I wondered if he was getting enough. I've been thinking of starting him on whole milk, but wanted to do birthday cake first.

However, Today, we hit a milestone.

Sam drank water from a Straw Cup!

It's the same kind of cup Chris uses for his Cocoa, so we'll see if that works over the next couple days. Sam Melted Down in a big way when we tried to take it away. For both of my boys, a Big Treat is a meal of Bread and Water!

Tomorrow, Juice for Sam! Next stop Whole Milk!

Though I still want to keep nursing for a while, I'd love to just limit it to night times. But I think in honor of this, I'm going to go out and throw away my nursing bras, I've been sampling the regulars lately, but I think I can start to cut down on my daytime nursing, if he's going to be drinking from straw cups!


Seestor said...

Hey man, a year is a lot longer than a lot of people go nursing (Jenny is trying to day-wean Adam right now too and he's only a month younger than Sam) - you should be DANG proud of how your boy has eaten/nursed so far, so give yourself a pat on the boobs! :) Also, I don't think Sam is small at all, I think he's doing fine, but whole milk cures what ails ya and certainly can't HURT. AND, I was reading your blog and Pants came over and pointed and started yelling "SAMSAMSAM!" over and over again and signing "more" so I would scroll down and find more pictures of him (except with her snot-nose it kind of came out SHAM, but whathaveyou) - anyway, she definitely knows who he is and LOVES to see pix of him and Chris on your site (which I show her pretty much daily). She has a harder time saying "Chris," but she sure knows who her cousins are and loves them and ALWAYS signs "more" when we look on here - it's adorable, thought you should know. :)