Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where the Party's At


I have had the Newsboys song stuck in my head today. It just feels like we've been Celebrating all week long, and certainly we did significant Celebration of Sam's birthday yesterday. I don't usually cotton to having multiple parties in 1 day, not since it became clear once we had kids that doesn't work. We didn't have a choice, Butler got into the Elite 8 and we had scheduled Sam's Birthday Party. So Bam, 2 parties.
Although, really, we could've had it on his birthday, I thought it would be more convenient to have it on the weekend, but a significant chunk of people ended up unable to come, some with Good Reasons, some without. The only con I see now is a surplus of cake...and that may not necesarily be a con... Those that were able to make it, well, we had a good time. I was surprised the Preschoolers ended up playing in Chris's room, leaving the grownups to watch Sam be sweet. And to talk to Each Other. (Gasp!)

So, Today was Sam's First Birthday Party.

And I know, all you want to see cake pictures, so here you go...
There are more, but Tomorrow, I'll do more on Sam's Site.

To start, Sam loves Balloons, so we did cupcakes of varying colors to look like balloons. So Sam's First Birthday Cupcake was a 'blue balloon' cupcake with a #1 on it. Daddy helped blow out the candle.

After he played in the icing a bit, he got busy, then ate the entire blue cupcake. He made a Fine Mess, we were very proud.
But then he started to Squawk. And he signed More.

You don't think this Carb Loving Baby wanted another cupcake? Oh yes he did. And he ate the icing off that one too. This was his final shot, where all you can see are teeth and nostrils on this giant clown face.


So the boy did as a boy should do, he covered himself in icing, and was very angry we took him out of the tub. He was more interested in playing with toys he already had than unwrapping new ones. But once they were open, he wanted to play and play.

And once again Sam proved to be our Lucky Charm today, because Butler won their game again tonight! WOOHOO!

Twas a Good Day!


Carla S said...

Stinky cute! Isn't that what you say? Because he is!!

Andrea said...

Love all the cake pictures - wish we could have been there. Sounds like he had a great birthday! :)

amypfan said...

Great song! And I LOVE the pictures with the icing smeared all over his face. I'm so sad that our little Pukeys prevented us from coming. :(