Monday, March 29, 2010

Can't Keep a Sweetboy Down


I could go into great detail about how crummy today started out. But to sum up, first Eric and I learned we wouldn't be going to the Butler game, and that made me sad. Then I took Sam to the doctor for his 1 year, and help hold him down while he had to get 2 shots, and then the doctor wanted bloodwork too. After naps we got blood taken. That made me sadder. To sum up, he's Tiny, and they don't like it. I'll elaborate another time.

My poor baby, the pincushion.

What boggles the mind is, that I intended to take a picture of him with all his bandaids, looking all pitiful, Only Sam doesn't DO pitiful and sad. He wouldn't hold still. He wanted to play. I tried grabbing a foot to get a picture of the leg bandaids...he giggled, and tried to roll over. He was trying to play with me, with the camera, and roll over off the changing table. I don't remember Chris doing that. It could be worse, whatever it is that is causing Sam to not gain weight, well, at least he's not Failing To Thrive. I don't think they're going to be saddling this talkative wiggly little minx with that label.
This boy...we can't keep him down.

I was bummed at first we wouldn't be at the Game...but Perspective Man, as my sister would say, and as Eric said, "Well, we'll either go to the game, or we won't." His cool head, made me cool. (That's #147 why I love him so, he's cool when I'm a basket case.) And in fact, that calmness carried over...for a while. Long enough for us to be distracted by friends, and this evening I took the boys on a walk around the block in the crisp spring air. Refreshing. I'll be just fine if I get to spend the evenings with my family, or our friends. In fact, I'm Pretty Spanking Happy to not be trying to catch the Game from some Hospital.

Reminds me, speaking of Miracle Babies, it might be time for another shameless plug. Perpective Man.