Friday, March 26, 2010

1 Year Later


I'm really suprised at how fondly I look back upon having needles stuck in my back, and my abdomen slashed open. God really Blessed the C-section that brought my Sam into the world. And it really has been a very Happy First Birthday for Sam!
Now I get to spend the evening reflecting about how fun our day has been, how blissfully normal, and how his personality shines through.

First, we started off the day, with our family tradition of opening one present, the present from the Birthday Pig.

Sam wasn't too interested in paper or present, he spotted a bathtub flute on the floor after opening his singing bear and couldn't be steered away. He's a bit stubborn. Once big brother was sent off to school, he reverted to traditional Sam behavior...playing while Mommy is in the shower. Today a plunger joined me, and Sam's hair got soaked as he pulled the curtain away, and while I was getting ready, he DOVE into the dog's water bowl, leading to a change of clothes, which made him much madder than just being wet. He doesn't like when we take his toys, like toilet plungers, remote controls, or dog food dishes, away. And he can get pretty vocal about it. He doesn't mind being cold and wet though. He is really going to enjoy this summer. actually was giggling while we were outside today, even though it was only 40 degrees, he was happy for sunshine. He's my sunshine.

I don't think he appreciates all this birthday hullabaloo. We'll find out tomorrow when his family and friends come over for his official Party. Today though, he was not a fan of the hat we got him. He yelled about it...initially.

But he warmed up to it. He seemed/seems most content doing the things HE wants to helping Mommy with the dishes. His new toys are nice and all, but give him a dishwasher full of silverware any day. Or any other thing that forces Mommy to say NO to him.

We went out to lunch at McDonald's with friends to give Sam some chicken nuggets. He ate so very well. Daddy joined us at McD's. Daddy took a half day today to play with us all and celebrate Sam's Day with us, and it was so much fun to have us all together. Sam was most content to have Daddy feed him steady stream of chicken nuggets, french fries, apples, and watching all the kids around him play. He's a keen observer.

After doing presents at home, we started thinking about what he would like to do for dinner, we thought if Sam had his way he'd visit Minnie Mouse. As she's not nearby, we thought, OH we'll go to Red Robin, and get the bird to see him. We went, Sam was enjoying himself, but turned out the Bird doesn't work on Friday nights. Pook for Mommy and Daddy. Sam didn't care.

Sam got some cake, balloons, and people singing to him. When the crew sang for other people, he loved it, but when the tables were turned and they were singing to him, he hated it. Is he shy. Um... No.

Maybe he doesn't want to be the center of attention, just the attention of a small group of friends....which, as it happens, we were blessed to pass the day with today. Just as Sam liked. It was touch and go for a bit when Mommy accidently let go of his balloons. But give him cake and icing, and let him go at it, and he's content. Initially Daddy gave him a plastic fork to help with bites, but Sam was most content doing it himself. Can you say STRONG WILLED?

Of course, his preference for weaponry and silverware, is not limited to baby forks, no he discovered Mommy's butter knife, and would bang it on anything that made a good noise. As a matter of fact, his Kindermusik teacher sub last night, said he seemed to have a "natural gift" with percussion. Yup. That's My Boy!

I'm so very proud of him. This First Year has been so crazy amazing. Wonderful and Wondrous. He really is such a wonderful blessing to our family. He may be strong willed, and opionated, but he's so wonderful. It may be hard sometimes, but Nothing worth having is Easy.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I've been trying to post multiple times lately, but blogger keeps not letting me. Happy Birthday Sam!


amypfan said...

Nice job, Eric--you really can't see my bandage in the McD's shot!! :)