Sunday, March 14, 2010

Animal Crackers


How's this for Crazy. BOTH my boys ate the same thing for lunch today: Yo-baby yogurt and Animal Crackers. Now if we can only get all 4 of us to eat the same thing.
We got a bit close this evening. We took the boys to a Family Trip to Costco. The two of them sat semi-sweetly side by side.

The only bump was when Sam wanted Chris's pen, and list. Chris made a grocery list...the only item on it: Chips. See the pen in his pocket...just like Daddy. They started to balk, but I started to wave my hand over their mouths, to make them make Indian voices. They loved it.
From there we had supper together at McAlister's (yeah Sweet Tea!) and my elder boy ate tortilla soup dipping chips in, and the younger ate lots of bread, and applesauce, and shared big brother's teddy grahams. Totally ate the stuff from a kid's meal! Eating meals. Together. My boys are growing too fast!