Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Thirteen


Today the boys and I went to the Zoo. It was a rare opportunity to meet up with friends, Lauren, who used to be Chris's OT, and her daughter Sonya. The Temp went up to the mid-70s, and flowers were blooming...ah yes, it was a beautiful Spring Day. I'm Loving April!

1. When we first arrived, we waited by the Seals and Sea Lions for our friends to arrive. Chris had fun trying to identify seals or sea lions.

2. Love the look on the Polar Bear's face, like he's saying, come on kids, smile already and go away. They boys were not interested in smiling.

3. As we were leaving Oceans, a crowd gathered by the back door, a Sea Lion had come out with his trainer, right there on the sidewalk, and they were giving a bit of a show. We were 10 feet away from a real live Sea Lion, and the boys LOVED it!

4. My babies checking out the babies...giraffes, that is.

5. Chris, Lauren, and Sonya, jumping on the rhino rope bridge. Repeatedly. They were hysterical!

6. My little monkey watches the Little monkey on the rock on the other side of the tree.

7. Sonya decided that was was bothering Sam was the great need for Fruity Cheerios. An exercise in Sharing, and she did great!

8. No visit to the zoo this time of year is complete with stopping off at the Gardens to see the Butterflies. The kids found this one just chilling (yes it was still alive) on the ground. And they exercised Great Willpower in not touching him.

9. Chris checks out the Butterfly case, he's counting them, but he told me he wanted me to take a picture of the pink one.

10. Gotta stop and smell the hyacinths, even the kids couldn't resist. Though honestly, we didn't have to get down on the ground, the smell was strong enough just walking outside.

11. So Sam didn't care about happy flowers. He wanted to play with the mulch, and after some serious investigation, try to eat it.

12. Cuddly Boys

13. Sweetboy Brothers.

This is my new favorite picture.


Kathleen said...

Pic #13: "Sweetboy Brothers," also known as "Christopher and his clone!" :)