Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Liam


What a Beautiful Day! The sun must be shining for the birth of Baby Liam. Our friends Ben and Amy welcomed their son William David Pfanschmidt Meyaard into the world at 5:57 p.m.
He was 8 pounds, 2 ounces, and 20.5 inches long.

I got to escape while Chris was in school to run up to the hospital to visit. I got to hold the baby! Amy looked great for having just labored for 12 hours with 0 painkillers! Superchamp!

And Baby Liam...he's Beautiful. He didn't open his eyes for me, but his hair is thick, and a lovely shade of brown with blondy highlights. It stands up in just the right places. People would pay Good Money to get a hairdo like that. I couldn't tell at first who he looked like, Ben or Amy, but the more I looked at Ben, the more I saw it, he looks like Ben. We took Bryn home from school and I was looking at her newborn picture, and Holy Cow, Liam looks like Bryn!

He has these tiny hands, and he kept trying to stick them into his mouth. Can you see Sam in the background? He was mowing down on Saltines that Ben gave him...Loved Them...totally kept him distracted from mean old Mommy NOT letting him out of his stroller in the hospital.

And these ears! They are So Sweet, the size of only the first knuckle of my thumb. Was Sam ever this small? It seems like so long ago, instead of just shy of a year. But Sam loved Liam too. He moved on from his crackers to try to hold Liam. And he got mad when I wouldn't let him.

He seems like such a good baby, he likes to sleep with his Mommy. Mommy and Baby were so very sweet together. He looks like such a deep thinker, he kept making these deep thinking faces, like he was dreaming about how to achieve World Peace.

Today, I got to hold a sweet beautiful baby, and I must confess, it really makes me want another one. He was so tiny I could hold his little bottoms in my hand, and hold him like a football while bending over to pick up various things Sam would throw overboard. And when I look like a miracle like this one, you can't help but want to share it, or
sing and shout with Joy!

It's Always a Good Day when prayers are answered, and we've been Praying for Baby Liam for a long time. Praise the Lord for the happy health of Amy and Baby!