Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Toes


In my exhaustion last night, I forgot to mention that I got dolled up for the festivites. I put on a Skirt (OH MY!!!) and Girly shoes...though I did discover a significant LACK of good makeup around here.
This was the first time I'd worn girly shoes (my Dansko Mary Janes) since I'd broken my pinky toe. And I wasn't Miserable! Hooray. There for a while I couldn't even wear my birky sandals, and though I have put on my sneakers a couple times I hadn't braved Girly Shoes. This was significant. The toe was rubbed pink by the end of the night, but it wasn't bone pain. I think my toe has just changed shape. Permanently. So it sits in my shoes a little strangely now. And that's ok. It's healthy, and not miserably in pain.
So today I kicked it up. I cracked out my new 'Easter' shoes that I got on our girls' day out in February. New Sandals. Non-birkenstock sandals. No, I couldn't wait 2 more weeks. And the whole look made all the more cute and springy happiness by my new happy toes. My friend Colleen and I escaped for a pedicure and dinner on Friday night. Again, my first Pedi since the broken know I wasn't letting anyone near that toe. And after being split a couple times, and other gnarly toes, well it was getting pretty ugly. A Pedi was Absolutely Necessary. And it was Good.
So now I am giving my toe the good bill of health. Though I still warn Chris not to step on my foot..but really shouldn't he be avoiding stepping on my feet anyway?

Hooray! I have happy healthy Happy Toes.