Friday, March 12, 2010

My Prince


Chris did NOT have school today. The MOPS gals were predicting it weeks ago, but I had no paperwork to tell me he didn't. I didn't confirm it until checking with the busdriver Wednesday. However, we had MOPS today, and it was the first time since last year Chris got to come along. He was thrilled to see his friends, he'd missed playing with them. I could hear him growling with Joy across the church! I even left the room at one point to tell him to calm down and stop yelling. Didn't work though.
And when I went to pick him up, he was covered in marker and wearing this crown. A crown that he'd made.

I smiled then and can't help but smile now. He is my Prince. I'm sure there is paperwork somewhere telling me what they learned with the crowns, but I wasn't paying attention, too much insanity as we left, and we brought the Julius' girls home with us for lunch and some play. Unfortunately, his crown didn't survive the length of the play date. But that's OK, A. I got this picture, and B. he doesn't need one to be my prince.
Everytime I see a kid in a homemade crown I remember when I went on a spiritual retreat, when we discussed how we are ALL royalty. And for those of us that can't have a fancy jeweled crown, even if it's homemade, or nothing there at all, we are all Princes and Princesses. Follow me here: If God is our Father, and Jesus is The Prince of Peace, and he is our Brother, than we are all Princes and Princesses in the Kingdom of God. Quite a pleasant thought.
And I saw Chris in this crown, and couldn't help but just think YUP! He's my Prince in the kingdom of God. Handsome Prince. With magical powers. I find him learning more and more each day, and he's so very smart, now he's really applying it. But I also remind him of all the magical things about him that make me so proud of him. How he is Brave, and Strong, and Kind, and has Magical Hugs. He really is My Prince.