Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Day. Sunshine.


That song has been stuck in my head all day. At last, we're all feeling mostly healthy, at least mostly healthy. For some reason, my mildly annoying cough has flared up into ultra annoying since my bout with the stomach flu, so I started drugs today. Hope it helps. Anyway, at least the temps outside reflect our insides. They predicted rain, and it looked like it was going to this morning, but it must've gone around us because it got Gorgeous! It got up to 70 today! Happy Day.

So when Chris got home from school, we all went for a walk.

He really wanted to do the work, to push the stroller, but you know, it's hard for me to get that bad boy going very far, let alone a sweetboy like him. So part of the time, he pushed....

Part of the time he walked along side, or ran along side, so that he could stop and see the sights, like our pond fountain, and our pond NOT covered in ice!

And part of the time he rode. He's beginning to tell directions. He's a little fuzzy on right and left, batting about 50%, but it was fun to go around the block and see. I use the term see loosely, we've been in the cloudy darkness or indoors so long, all this bright sunshine blinded us. But boy it Felt NICE!

Only trouble is, after just a quick jaunt around the block, my hip was acting up already. Please pray I get healthy enough to do the whole March of Dimes March for Babies, as it may be problematic for me to work up to 5 miles. It looks like I'll need lots of support, Prayerfully as well as financially.