Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Blankee

Yes, I know I'm 34 and 5/6 years old, and I shouldn't have a blanket anymore...but I did. Do. Did. Whatever. I'm getting rid of it, but before I do, I have to take it's picture. Is that Sad? Perhaps. Do you have a blankee? Perhaps it's remnants of losing my baby blankee and the subsequent trauma from when I was 5, I don't know.

My sister got me this awesome throw when I was in college, it was all happy moons and stars, and blue and gold, with a bit of red. Though this side is the yellow and red side, the opposite side was heavier on the blue. But it was very appropriate for a member of Delta Delta Delta. Our pins were crescent moons with 3 stars, all symbolic stuff. But anyway, she got me this blanket which was by far the most awesome throw rug EVER. It was double sided, the only doubly thick throw I've ever seen, it couldn't have been cheap...especially for a poor high school student like my sister, it was a treasure. And it is soft, and snuggly. Was it extra snuggly because I snuggled the crap out of it for years? I don't know. But Even Chris would snuggle up underneath it on the couch.

Slowly over the years, (it's been 15 or 16, the threads have come out of it. Now they are spreading all over the house, the back side (had giant holes in it, see where the giant red space a the bottom, and now when I curl up with it, I get threads between my toes, or feet in holes. This morning, I found Sam eating a long long string. It was a sign. Time for the Blankee to go. I confess I'm bummed about it.

So yeah Li, I loved this blanket, it had a good life. Thank you Blankee.