Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Live Free or Dye


Big Doin's Today.

Chris was invited to a birthday party for a school friend this afternoon. The boys were INSANE! There was a gammit of boys ages 2 and up, and they took over a gymnasium, with lots of toys to play with. Chris is in the Green, assaulting a boy who was wearing one of those tunnels you normally crawl through. Amazing how wild a boy can be when armed with a golf club.

Or a Red Car. I guess being the smallest boy around has it's perks. I didn't yell at Chris to get off the top of the car, I probably should have. Terrible Mommy I know. But they weren't able to get going very fast with 2 kids on the car.

I had to worry more about Sam, because this little maniac wanted to chase bouncy balls all over the gym, and chase them, and bounce them himself. He was a maniac, and with him, he didn't care that 8 year olds were bouncing giant balls in his vacinity. He had no fear.

I didn't mind letting Sam get a little crazy today, because this was really a Good Day for Chris.

Chris got to start of the day by dying eggs with friends. I had the setup ready for an hour before people arrived, and it was the longest hour of his life. He couldn't wait to Dye Eggs for Easter!!!

Poor Sam on the other hand was not up for egg dying, he spent a significant chunk of time in his high chair...observing. Not very cheerfully, I might add.

Chris has grown into Quite the Big Boy this year, he was even able to pull the eggs out of the Dip himself. Sniff. He only cracked a couple.

I let Sam hold one. Oh, the Joy. And then he slammed it down on his high chair tray. Maybe next year little boy.

It got pretty crazy once our friends arrived to dye eggs. We had a couple different things going, we had 2 "sets" of egg dip. One came with sport wraps and stickers, and the other with sparkly glitter paint. The girls went for the glitter. Mommys loved the sport wraps!

But I also borrowed a method from my friend Carla, who borrowed it from Martha Steward, Silk Dyed Eggs. As Chris would say, Step 1. Pick a tie!

We picked a silk tie, cut a swatch, wrapped the egg, rewrapped in white cotton, and boiled it in vinegar water for 20 minutes. Unwrap, and poof you have a nifty patterned egg.

I have so much fun doing eggs, but this year Chris really joined me. He reported to Daddy as soon as we got home, how he made eggs with Friends. And how he had a great time. I'm not exactly the hostess with the mostest, but I had a pretty good time making my boy happy about Easter Eggs.