Monday, March 15, 2010

Charles of the Dairy Product


Yes, it has come to that point. The point where we cannot even mention the words Chuck E. Cheese without having Serious consequences.
Today we went there to celebrate Emily's 4th Birthday. It was just our two families, nothing too crazy, but BOY, were my boys happy to go. We only mentioned in passing that we were going, and Chris was Bouncing off the wall. As I said we knew that we had to use the words as a code, so we've been referring to the plans with other words.
So at first we tried to refer to it as the place of the Animatronic Mouse, but he knew Mouse. He thought Mickey, but when you come to the words, Go, See, Mouse. That'll cause a meltdown. So we began to refer to the place as Charles of the Diary Product.

Happy Birthday Emily!

The kids had a ton of fun riding the rides. It was fabulous when Charles himself came out to bring the cake, and sing to Emily.

But Sam had the best time when the music started playing, he did the Happy Dance.

And it was such a fine time had by all, followed by a nice 2 hour nap for all 3 of us. Happy Day.