Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Thirteen


Am I crazy? Yes. Knowing we had mere moments before torrential rains hit, I took the boys downtown to meet some friends at the Zoo...and their kids!
Though we didn't go into the Zoo, we specifically hit the White River Gardens, because the Butterflies are open again. I got a number of cool pictures of flowers, butterflies, and of course, our beautiful children.

1. We got there just in time to spend about 2 seconds outdoors with the flowers outside, just enough to let Chris run around. But as drawn as I was to the daffodils....

2. It's the Pansies that hold a special place in my heart, they were the flower for my sorority, Tri Delta.

3. The Butterfly exhibit was FULL of Orchids though, just Gorgeous!

4. First we had lunch just outside of the butterfly exhibit where the kids could play around a bit. And so they did.

5. The Mommies and babies hung out too. This is Sam meeting his new friend Nathanael. I think 10 months makes a big difference to Sam at this point though, as bummed as he was his new friend couldn't play, he drowned his sorrows in eating Jimmy John's Bread (Yum-O!) and broccoli cheese baby food (ew.).


6. Surprisingly, Sam LOVED the Butterfly exhibit. He was spotted reaching out trying to catch the butterflies. I just saw him watching....

7. The older kids just wanted to run around having fun. We managed to stop them from throwing things in the pond for a picture, but they were happiest running around, pretending to be Scared by the jumping butterflies...though I think it was the butterflies that were scared of these wild kids.

8. The kids all seemed very interested in the butterflies in their case, where they are constantly coming out of their chrysalises, and the workers let them out. We didn't see any get freed, but the kids had fun counting the ones that were up and out, and waiting to dry off a bit before taking off.

9. Mommy had fun taking pictures of cool butterflies.

10. I wish I knew what the names of these were. They were so neat.

11. Check out this fella, who was pink and creamy, but had almost clear panels in his wings. He was camoflaged so well, I hadn't noticed him at all the first time I'd been in the area, he was pointed out to me.

12. Now this guy is the Blue Morpho Butterfly. I learned that from Diego.

13. And this is Why they are called the Blue Morpho butterfly. This guy was just sitting there, wings wide open, and I got him justt minutes after arrival.

I have spent MANY times visiting there, eyeballing this type of butterfly and never managing to get a good picture. But this one, now I'm happy with that. This is my new favorite!

And P.S. while butterflies and flowers are great, it was the Bulldogs that seized this day! Go Butler!


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE that picture of Sam watching the precious!

amypfan said...

Bryn, too, loved the "blue and brown" butterfly and couldn't stop telling me about it. Thank you so much for taking her!!