Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Day for a Walk


What a GORGEOUS Day!!!

It's one of those days to just Love Spring. Made all the more better when friends come over to play. The Boys' friends, Brett and Parker came over to play.

And although the younger crowd (meaning all the kids but Chris) were shy, Everyone had a great time on our walk. There was Shyness, most likely because we don't get to play often enough except when we're on Spring Break! Sam got a little rise out of Parker, but instead of being friendly as we first thought, he was pulling her hair. He loved her beautiful soft red hair. I'm just proud of her, she didn't haul off and deck him; she could have. Totally understandable.

We took full advantage of the lovely day to go for walk...up to Sweet Home Chicago.
Chris and Parker HAD to sit next to each other, not that they were playing together, just being sweet.

Sam was still a bit too young for his first Chicago Style Hot Dog, but that didn't stop him from eating the crap out of the yummy extra poppy seed hot dog bun we got for him.

It was a Great Day for a Walk. For Friends. For a Good Lunch. We're really having a great time on our Spring Break this week!


Kathleen said...

What's this about going to Sweet Home Chicago without me?!? I see how you are...