Saturday, March 13, 2010

Party On Ems


Today was the 4th birthday party for Chris's best friend Emily.

How refreshing it is to go to parties now, where the kids actually like the cake, and are excited about opening presents, as opposed to birthdays where they just want to eat icing, or spread it in their ears and all over their faces, and just want to play with the wrapping paper and crawl in boxes.

These kids had a wonderful time with the cake as well as with their Party Favors. See Chris and Emily having a blowing contest. They were About Cute.

Meanwhile, Sam is eating table foods. Also refreshing, but no cake for Sam yet....a mere 2 more weeks! He ate the entire top half of a hamburger bun, this Boy likes Bread! However, we gave him a baby carrot to chew on, and he LOVED it! Until he dropped it on the carpet.

The best thing was how excited Chris was to go to this party. He told ME where he wanted to go shopping for Emily earlier this week. Kroger. So we drove to the Kroger strip mall, and I asked him if he wanted to hit Kroger or the Dollar Store (which I know has a few more toys than Le Krog) He chose the Dollar Store, and we all went in while he hunted up and down the aisles for a present for Emily. She almost ended up with a toothbrush, a blaster, a hand towel, and an empty squirt bottle. But finally, Chris decided the Perfect Present for Emily was a Pink Butterfly Net.

She seemed happy with his decision.

Chris helped Sam choose a giant bubble wand for Emily, but after she opened his present, he seemed especially infatuated with the accompanying bottle of bubbles. He wouldn't put it down.

Going to have to teach this boy a bit more about the Joy of Giving. But at least Chris is beginning to understand it. Both my boys had a great time helping friends celebrate, and we had a great time with all their friends and family who have become our close friends too; this whole evening has just made me smile.