Saturday, March 20, 2010

Glitz and Glam


Another Busy Day at Chez Willman.

We accomplished Everything today we wanted/needed to do. We were hosting the Appetizer course for the church Progressive Dinner...which involved a lot of cooking prep for Eric, and me herding some kids. But we were able to get them fed and napped just in time for the BU game to start.
And Butler Won!


Well, Gordon Hayward being OUR BOY, he's from Brownsburg, and goes to our church, the entirety of the progressive dinner folks were sitting in their cars listening to that last seconds of the game. Someone inside was streaming the game, and when it ended there was mass car exodus as all went to 'celebrate'.

Hosting Appetizer, we didn't have to leave home, everyone came to us.
The Theme this year was Black and White: Glitz and Glam. I LOVE our Church's Progressive Dinners! It's a relaxed atmosphere, where we get to visit folks' homes, and talk to them for longer than just sharing the peace, and without having someone yell MOMMY throughout the meal. Really getting to know and enjoy our church family better. And oh how the Laughter abounds! Chris didn't care once I told him that church friends were coming, but that there weren't going to be any kids. Our boys got to spend the evening with Grandma and Grandpa which thrilled them to no end. Chris helped pick out black and white napkins, and I found some "Bling" at the supply store, some fake plastic rings we gave out to every lady that walked in to glam it up. They were a big hit! It was a little hard to plan food but we decided to do Black and White foods.

Our menu consisted of:
Tuxedo Pizza - pizza crust with black bean and garlic paste, covered with mozzerella, and black olives. Quite nice, but not as good as...
White Dip - Swiss cheese dip (not quite the one that Kroger sells) hot cheesey oniony goodness! With Black (pumpernickel) and White (french) breads to dip
Black Dip - Dark chocolate and cream, intended to be fondue, but ended up thicker and fluffier, which was fine to go with the strawberries, bananas, apples and marshmallows to dip in it.
Drinks - Of course we had Black and White Pop (Coke and Sprite!) and since it was the Church Progressive Dinner, where the phrase Drinks Around really started, we made cocktails
Black and White Russians - Kahlua, Vodka, and Cream for the white ones. We have almost a full pitcher leftover...and Eric gave up Alcohol for Lent.
So, who wants to come over for White Russians?