Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sam Flirts


Sam is in a Kindermusik class on Thursday mornings for the young crowd. Today the the other kids were absent, so it was Sam, and 7 month old Zoey. Sam likes Zoey. He was trying to play with her. He took a rattle and shoved it into her face. It was a shove of great joy. Then at one point, they were rolling balls to each other. The cutest thing of all was when he crawled to her (she doesn't crawl yet) and patted her on the head.

I went for the camera, but as soon as the phone came out, Sam went for it. My fault. He'd been half way to falling asleep on the way to class and I let him play with my phone to stay awake. So he just wanted to play with it. That was until I took him for haircuts, then he was having more fun there than with the phone. So perhaps I haven't created too much of a monster. ....
Well, just a Flirty Monster.