Friday, June 27, 2014

Squirrel Proof


For our Anniversary, Eric got me (us) a "Squirrel-proof" bird feeder.  I had my doubts, I must confess.   But while we were gone, Eric put up the birdfeeder out back, in place of my lovely See Rock City birdfeeder.  And I'm happy to say it works.  Sunday morning, we watched a lot of "LBJ"s (Little Brown Jobbies) get some snacks.

We even got some pretty visitors.  We got a chipping sparrow and a nuthatch.  It was very obvious seeing them together, that one was brown and one was not.  They weren't inclined to be too friendly.  But the boys and I were having a lot of fun watching.  They kept wondering if it was the same nuthatch that kept coming back, and I think it may be.  What do we get?  Fat birds. 

Well, while we were finishing up our breakfast, we had a squirrel come out and get close.  Then she ran away.  I think it might have been Miss Whitetail.  We haven't seen much of her at our house, but her very light tail is very noticeable.  I've seen her next door and down the street.  The squirrels like our neighborhood.  Well, as much as I like that pretty white tail (well, almost white), I still don't want squirrels at my birdfeeder.  She was smart, took some seed droppings and ran.  

Someone else wasn't so smart.  
As you can see, the birds can sit on the tiny stick perches, and the seed is available to them.  

But here's the great thing.  Once someone more than 1 pound pushed on that perch...say a big fat squirrel, the act pushes doors down, and the squirrel is shut out!   So you see above here, the squirrel reaches for the seed that is visible. But as he grabs....

Bam!  Shut out!  

I loved it. The boys and I got such a big kick out of it.  It made my day. 
I think this photo could be an advertisement for it! 


Unknown said...

I agree those photos should be on their advertisement.