Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sam learns to read!


Tuesday was a pretty chill day for Sam and I.  Chris was still in school, and we didn't have anything on the calendar.  So we stayed home all day and I worked on organizing camp pictures, doing the rest of the laundry, and getting a bit caught up on blogging, and  not very successfully either.  I kept getting distracted by fabulous things, like This:  

Sam is reading.  A couple friends told me about an app, Hooked on Phonics for teachers, so I snatched it up, and this was the first day Sam used it.  He blew through 3 units in one day, he was reading like a maniac.  He's gotten such a great start reading at preschool, they recommended keeping him reading this summer, and this is going to be a great way, he loves the app, so he is learning to read like a madman.  He'll be reading just like big brother in no time!